Lounge Benches

About Lounge Benches

Lounge sofas or chaise lounge is an upholstered sofa that has the shape of a chair. It is long enough to support the legs.  

The modern French refer to “chaise lounge” as a long reclining chair like a deck chair. Its literal meaning is a long chair. The modern chaise lounge first came forth in the 16th century in France. During the Rococo period, it became a symbol of social status and expensive material was used in construction. Today chaise longue is a luxury item in modern homes and corporate settings. They are a must-have to complement the home décor specifically in the reading and living rooms. At times it is also used as a boudoir chair for bedroom seating. With varying uses and unique demands of each setting and user’s taste, these lounges are available in a variety of options based on size, style, material use and more.  

Types of lounge bench seating according to size  

Skirted, tufted, tight back, slipcovered and much more, you can find a wide range of lounge sofa seating in the market today. Whether you are looking for a cheap lounge bench seating or willing to add some spice to your interior the hardest decision while buying a sofa is to find what type is best for your room and lifestyle. We are here to take the guesswork out of the process. Today we are doing to clear the fog on what are the possible size options you can find for your home. After all, the sooner you buy the right type of lounge couch, the sooner you can decide about the gallery walls, coffee tables and other living room ideas to make it ready for guests. Let’s review some of the possible options you have.  

Traditional chaise lounge bench  

When we talk about the standard home living room layout, a standard sofa will typically size between six and eight feet in width. It also includes the armrests. Traditionally these sofas are 36 inches high and about 38 inches deep. If you are about to place a three-setter chaise bench in an existing room, make sure you have at least 30 to 36 inches of walkway space available. Also, other seating should be minimum of 36 inches apart. As far as the coffee or centre tables are concerned, search for one that is as high as the sofa seat. It should be positioned about 14 to 18 inches away as it will offer easy access to the drinks, snacks and other stuff.  

Petite lounger sofa 

If you are looking for a shallower option with the look of the traditional soda, pick one in petite sofas for living rooms. They feature the same height and length as their standard counterpart. However, this smaller version offers a reduced depth which makes it an ideal fit in smaller residences, one BHK apartment or shared spaces. However here you need to consider a few factors. At first, consider the stature. If the person sitting frequently finds the feet handing in the air while leaning against the backrest, a shallow seat will be more comfortable. Secondly, if you have a variable size of the room, the variety of sizes in petite will sit in well.   

The Grande sofas  

This is an ideal and the most stylish way to add more space for your friends to seat comfortably. However, for these styles, you will need enough space in the room. They generally measure somewhere from 90 to 110 inches in length. With such size, they can offer comfortable seating for four to five adults. Besides being spacious they are also an ideal option for long living rooms. Here they can easily cover up more space and you can deal with the emptiness of the room with a single furniture item. They are also ideal for taller people to lie down comfortably without bending their legs.  

Loveseats or sectional sofas  

If you are working on a cosier room a loveseat is all that you need. Here the depth and height are the same as the traditional sofa. However, with their smaller width, they can save you a lot of space in the room. These sofas offer comfortable seating for two people. These sofas are often used in combination with the L-shaped lounge sofas. Whereas sectional sofas are a colourful option for your family living room seating needs. You can combine a loveseat-chaise lounge with a sectional sofa to adjust more seating arrangements in smaller spaces.  

Tips on how to buy Lounge Sofa online in the UAE

Finding the best leather lounge suites to buy can be a challenging task if you do not know what you want or what should suit your needs. From picking a suitable style to finding the perfect fit for your room space, there is a lot to consider while selecting a lounge bench for your living room. Here one rule is to find the lounge suites for sale according to your family size. You should also consider the available space in the room you want to place the sofa in. below are some other pointers you should keep in mind while buying the best cheap lounge benches online in the UAE.

  • Consider the existing furnishing – You can either build entire room decor based on the lounge benches or can find a matching seating arrangement according to existing furniture in the room. If you are in doubt, look for classic, timeless trending sofas styles as they will go with many periods of redecoration.
  • The intended use – Many people like to have a sofa just to fill in space in the room. Here look and finish are the main aspects people look for. But if you are buying it as a central seating item in your common room, comfort should be your priority while purchasing an item.
  • The size matters – The sofa should fit in your room nicely. And to find a perfect fit, you must get the right measurements of the space you are planning to place the sofa in. While buying online, follow the measuring guidelines and look into the product description section to know about the size of the sofa that you chose to buy.
  • Consider your budget – Furnishing items like a sofa will cost you a serious amount of money. So, it is better to settle for a price limit you can or wish to spend on this item alone. To find sofas within the settled budget, you will need to visit different brands and compare the price and product features.
  • Look at the construction – Comfort is the main thing your sofa should offer you. It comes from both the style of seating and the cushioning it is covered with. Look for a sofa cushion with a regular plumping or one with a combination of foam and feather. You may also want to look at the style of the back on these sofas as they are important.
  • The cushioning – Almost all types of lounge sofas come with one or the other style of cushioning. Some may appeal aesthetically but are not comfortable to use for long hours. Hence, while buying pay attention to the material and style of cushioning and pick one that is comfortable to use as well as add value to the look of your room.

Last but not least is the fabric or material the sofa is covered with. It will define many important aspects like price, finish, look and ease of cleaning. For instance, the leather is expensive but easier to clean and gives a rich look to your room. At the same time, the fabric is cheaper but is difficult to clean if get stained. Likewise, it may fade with time and when come in direct contact with the sunlight. For better suggestions, you can consult the interior experts or search for ideas online to know what is best and trending.

Question & Answer

What is the difference between a lounge and a couch?

By definition, a couch is a seating arrangement with two armrests or none at all. They are tapered at the back to allow for cushioning. Couches have an internal frame that is upholstered with fabric and at times have a spring setting in both back and bottom. Whereas the term lounge is referred to a long chair. It is long enough to provide comfortable seating for a large number of people as compared to sofas and couches. Lounges also have an internal structure covered with upholstered fabric.

Which sofa brand is the best to buy?

Luckily, there are dozens of brands manufacturing and selling home and office furnishing products like lounge benches and sofa with accessories like centre or coffee tables online in the UAE. Some of these brands are known for offering exceptionally high-quality products at reasonable rates. Hence, they are termed best-selling sofa brands. These include Ikea, Freedom, Nick Scali, Crate and Barrel, Ashley, Roche Bobois, Caracole, and Ambient Lounge.

How long should a sofa fabric last?

Generally, if the sofa fabric is of high quality and taken care of properly it will last from seven to fifteen years. However high-quality leather can last even three times longer as a fabric sofa. But in both cases, if you are noticing fraying, and hear weird creaking sounds or experience an uncomfortable sinking feeling every time you sit on the sofa – it is probably the time to change the sofa inside out. You can either get the new cushion and upholstering from a professional or opts for an entirely new sofa.

Where can I buy a lounge sofa online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying home décor professionals advise a detailed market search before picking an item. To do so, you can explore any retail search engine to find top brands selling sofas with add-ons online in the UAE. At, you can not only see all of these top global brands but will also enjoy the help of existing tools to make shopping fun. For instance, the unique price comparison tool can help you find cheaper items from all brands with just a few clicks.

Make your shopping easier and fun by taking the help of such online shopping tools, and save your time to enjoy the final delivered items.  besides the one mentioned above, also gives you access to bestselling products from brands like Elite De Art, Costway, Lounge Lovers, House and Home, and Pottery Barn.