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About Corner Sofas

Corner sofas are a fantastic way to maximise the living room space. You can slot one in the corner of the room for minimal impact or use it as a dividing line in an open plan living area or even in the kitchen. No matter how you try to settle it, the best corner sofa inevitably ends up being the most hotly questioned lounging space when it comes to having some relaxing time.

Replacing your existing furnishing items is an easy and quick way to rejuvenate the interior space of your home or office. Specifically, if you consider that many furniture stores, we have online. These stores are offering a wide collection of products online in the UAE. If you can buy a stylish corner sofa with the appropriate size and place it in the right space, you can make the room bigger. It will not only leave the room nicely settled but will also give you a lot of space to move around or let the kids play on the carpet area, uninterrupted.

The reason you should have an L-shaped sofa in your home

Sofas have always been of core importance in modern-day décor and sitting arrangements. By far, they are the most practical item to use in both homes and commercial settings. This is mainly because of their unequivocally intelligent design. From popular features to styles, different types of sofas have already been a staple item in any interior. They are offering comfort and convenience to users across the globe. Surprisingly, they never fail to satisfy both guests and house owners. Yet, the advantages of a corner sofa never end with comfort. There are many more benefits a corner sofa bed has to offer.

Super flexibility

Besides being a staple item sitting, they are ideal for relaxation. Corner sofas are ideal for laying down and resting properly with stretched legs and comfortable support to the back all on one piece of furniture. So, if you do not like to have a footrest with your sofa in the living room, an L-shapes sofa set is what you need to buy. With their spacious design, they are also ideal for sharing without compromising on the comfort of any user.  This is a core reason why these styles of sofas are really famous around the globe. Therefore if you have any sort of limitations in your space, try considering corner sofas for once.

A true money saver

These corner couches are an ideal option to enjoy added comfort, style, and space with a very limited budget. It may sound absurd claim, but the fact is that a corner sofa saves you a lot of money – and in several ways. So instead of buying a convention two or three-seater sofa or an armchair, which are common in traditional arrangements, a corner sofa is something that can offer you the same seating with added capacity. However, with so many options online, you need to dig into the price offered by different brands and choose the one that suits your needs.

Superspace savers

With the extending idea of “multi-purpose”, there are different advanced designs of l-shape sofa available in the market. Most of the modern corner sofa beds with storage come with hidden compartments, foldable armrests, and extendable tables. Hence you will not need to buy any of these items separate from the sofa itself. It will not only save your money, but you will also end up enjoying more space in your room with no (much needed) centre tables etc. Additionally, the unique shape helps to perfectly fit these items in the corner of your room and free the floor space.

Ideal for style-conscious families

The unique design helps the corner sofas to work brilliantly for the families. You can place a large comfy thing to lie on in the common room and see everyone gravitates towards it in the evening or on weekends. This way, it will be great to help family members spend time together. In the meantime, it will be adding aesthetic value to your home. Luckily, you will find many options in colours, material size and add-on features to match your needs. In online stores, you can find everything from sleek minimalistic lines to chunkiness.

Tips on how to buy Corner Sofa Sets online in the UA

A corner sofa can give you a whole new level of comfort and style, but only if you can pick the right type, style, and size from the market. But finding the best L-shaped sofa set to buy online is a challenging task for many. From picking a suitable style to finding the perfect fit for your room space, there is a lot to consider while selecting this essential item. And many people are not sure how to pick the best leather corner sofa sale. To help all such users, we are here to guide you on what you need to know about buying a sofa. So, buckle up to find the best yet cheap corner sofa to buy with us now.

  • Look at your existing furniture – You can either settle entire room decor based on the sofa alone or find a matching sofa according to existing furniture in the room. The latter is always a better option. Luckily, with so many brands, it is much easier now to find an appropriate match for your existing setting and furniture or any size of room and space.
  • Be clear about your intentions of use – Many people like to have a sofa just to fill in the space in the room. Here look and finish are the main aspects people prefer to consider. But if you are buying it as a central seating item in your living room, comfort should be your priority while purchasing an item.  Here you will need to look at the size of cushioning styles with add-ons.
  • The size of the corner sofa – The sofa should fit in the corner of your room nicely. And to find a perfect fit, you must get the right measurements of the space you are planning to place the sofa in. When buying online, follow the measuring guidelines and look into the product description section to know about the size of the sofa that you chose to buy.
  • Consider your budget – Furnishing items like a corner sofa will cost you a serious amount of money. It will add up with each added feature in the sofa. So, it is better to settle for a price limit you can or wish to spend on this item alone. To find sofas within a limited budget, you will need to visit different brands and compare the price and product features.
  • Right- or left-hand corner sofa – Corner sofas come in both left- and right-hand styles. Both styles are comfortable and stylish the same way. However, there is a slight difference in the performance of the two styles that we will discuss in the latter part of the article. Choose what suits your needs and so for the space in your room.

Last but not least comes the fabric or material the sofa is covered with. It will define many important aspects like price, finish, look and ease of cleaning. For instance, the leather is expensive but easier to clean and gives a rich look to your room. At the same time, the fabric is cheaper but is difficult to clean if get stained. Likewise, it may fade with time and when come in direct contact with the sunlight. For better suggestions, you can consult the interior experts or search for ideas online to know what is best and trending.

Question & Answer

Are corner sofas a good idea?

Yes, in many ways the corner sofas are a good idea to add to any home or office interior. They are ideal for lounging in both small and larger rooms and offering comfortable seating to a large group of people. The unique design also adds aesthetic value to any setting. They are also an ideal option for their flexible seating options. They will help you stretch out in comfort on the sofa with a chaise end; hence you will not need an added footrest.

What is the best corner sofa to buy?

Some of the best options that you can buy online include L-shaped corners sofas from R2R Furniture; the Homes R US Garfield Collection Corner Sofa, Grey – 268 x 169 x 84 cms. Or you can also look at options from Avon furniture like modern L shaped corner couch fabric sofa set sectionals loveseats living room sofas l shaped corner sofa in European styles.  Other bestselling items include House by John Lewis Oliver Corner Pack Modular Sofa; Vento Chaise End Sofa Bed; and the John Lewis & Partners Bailey High Back RHF Sofa.

Which corner sofa is best, left or right?

If you are looking at a sofa, facing the long edge, it is a right-handed sofa if the corner and the short edge are at your right. And simply a left-handed corner sofa is the one that has a corner and short edge on your left hand. As most of the people are right-handed and they prefer using the right-hand side sofa. But it also depends on the style and size of space in your room. You can consult online sources to have an idea of which type will sit well in your space. Otherwise, consult a professional expert for assistance.

Do corner sofas save space?

Yes, corner one of the main reasons people prefer using corner sofa is that they offer super space-saving in both large and small settings. These sofas are set in the corner of the room, just by the wall, allowing a free space in the centre of the room. With modern designs, you can also store stuff inside the corner sofa and use it as an armrest, footrest or side table with hidden and extendable compartments on the sofa.

Where can I buy corner sofas online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying home décor items online in the UAE, the best idea is to do a detailed market search. You can explore any retail search engine to find top brands selling corner sofas with add-ons online in the UAE. At, you can not only see all of these top global brands but will also enjoy the help of existing tools to make shopping fun. At you can find and buy products from top brands like Ikea, Habitat, Home Center, Bright House, Tesco, CSL, Flipkart, JYSK, Multi York, or Roche Bobois.

Make your shopping easier and fun by taking the help of such online shopping tools, and save your time to enjoy the final delivered items.

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