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A mattress is meant to give support and comfort while are you are sleeping, and therefore bedding is the start of the bedroom. There are many important components of a well-made bed, but the one that generally receives a little more attention is the mattress topper. Unfortunately is often goes unseen.

Although it is not absolutely necessary a mattress topper can keep you comfortable, cosy and regulate the body temperature while offering extra support all night long. And a well-chosen topper can give you extra years before you need to replace it. Technically speaking, a mattress topper, mattress pad or underpad is designed to lie atop a mattress. They are made of a variety of materials with the intention to offer a layer of comfort, especially when the mattress is worn and became uncomfortable.  Extra cushioning is a major feature specifically if you can’t afford a whole new bed.

Pros and cons of different types of mattress topper

From a king size memory foam mattress topper to gel mattress toppers for queen beds, there is a wide range of options available in mattress toppers. It is obvious that the mattress will lose the cushioning with time, but buying a new item might not be the option to consider at the time. Therefore an alternative is to find a soft mattress topper that will offer all the needed cushioning. These toppers are made from memory foam or latex that can relieve pressure on the joints. They will also provide you with sweet relief if you have health issues like arthritis. But choosing the best one depends on your understanding of different types of products. Here are some best-selling options you need to know about.

Latex mattress toppers

The natural latex is made from a liquid found in the rubber trees. There are many synthetic latex toppers available in the market. So you can buy anything organic or for special skin and health conditions. These toppers are antimicrobial and non-allergenic but you must avoid them if you have a latex allergy. Also, they are firm, bouncy, and offer cool support to painful joints and arthritis.  Natural latex is durable and doesn’t transmit motion. So if your partner turns and tosses during the night, you will not be disturbed. However, they are expensive and you might need to get used to the rubber smell and can cause allergies to some users.

The memory foam toppers

Memory foam is polyurethane that chemically enhances density. They are popular and come in a wide range of thicknesses and densities. They can provide amazing cushioning and support. Moreover, memory foam becomes ubiquitous in products ranging from pillows to bathmats and sneakers. And the reason is that they make floors, shoes, and beds far more comfortable for many people. With a unique construction, they can reduce the pressure on sore joints and people with arthritic. They can also add considerable comfort to an ageing, unsupportive, and hard mattress.

The polyester blend toppers

They are the least expensive mattress toppers available in the market. But they are also the least supportive. The polyester blends are also known as fiberfill and they are a good substitute for people who like the feel of feathers but have certain types of allergies. Initially, these toppers are fluffy and tend to squash down quickly and the user is left with relatively little support or extra padding. They are cheaper and do not have any orders. They are also liked for the softness they offer. But they do not offer a lot of support or cushioning and can get hot. They also get lumpy over time and compress with use.

The feathered toppers

These types of toppers are also known as feather beds. They are much similar to the duvets stuffed with feathers. Also, they are softer giving you a luxurious feel but providing very little support. However, if you are allergic to feathers and down, you should avoid buying feather toppers. But if you buy one, get ready to enjoy the extreme softness, at a cheaper price. These toppers will not retain heat or hinder turning over or moving in the bed. However, they can be crinkly and noisy at times and will require periodic shaking to adjust with the feather in them.

Tips on how to buy Top Mattress Topper online in the UAE

When you head to make a purchase for sleeping items online, you will find a wide range of products including mattress toppers for shoulder pain, mattress toppers for slide sleepers and other specific sleeping habits or needs. No matter what your needs are related to mattress toppers for sale online in the UAE, there are some basic features that are necessary for all. These basic features will define the comfort, durability and effectiveness of any type of mattress you wish to buy. Therefore we are here to highlight these pointers and help you develop a better understanding of the mattress you will soon be having in your bed.

  • The price of the mattress – Higher prices don’t guarantee that it will be better for you. Rather it’s more about your needs. Polyester, plain egg crate foam, and some cotton based toppers are cheaper to buy. Also, the higher the quality of cotton, feather and down, expensive the final product will be. But memory foam and wool are the most expensive items following latex foam mattresses.
  • Must-have features of mattress – No matter what you pick for purchase, firmness, extra support and pain relief are some essential items that you will need to consider. These features become more important if you need extra support for your limbs and back. Memory foam and latex are usually effective as compared to other materials. They are also better at holding shape and supporting the body.
  • The softness and comfort – With a wide range of brands, materials, thicknesses and densities, you should be able to find the perfect level in both comfort and softness. But your level and definition of comfort and softness can be different from the person next to you. Experts recommend buying a topper that can mould with your body or you can opt for low-density memory foam toppers.
  • Density and thickness options – Generally toppers fall in the range of two to 8 inches in thickness. If you weigh more, look for a thicker option. The material with the best range of thickness includes latex and memory foam. Also, the density of the topper will determine how much support you will get. Once again latex and memory foam have the most choices, allowing you to find the right option for your needs.
  • Body heat – Although, it is not a basic need but It is still important for many users, specifically if you are living in a hotter region. These foams contain special insulation materials and gels that can reduce the heat and keep the temperature at a bearable and comfortable level as you sleep all night long in hotter summers.
  • Material and allergy considerations – As toppers come in varying materials involved in their construction, you might need to review their reaction to your body. You should avoid material that can have any negative impact on your body. Likewise, you can find materials that are better for certain allergies. To get such information you can consult an expert for advice or ask your doctor.
  • Portability and cleaning perks – Remember you will be removing the packaging to adjust the mattress in bed and potentially remove it for cleaning. So beware of the overall weight of the topper you tend to purchase. For instance, egg crate is easier to clean as compared to down, cotton or feather.
  • Warranty – The standard warranty for a mattress is about two years from most of the toppers. But it can vary from one to ten years, depending on the brand you choose to buy. You should also remember that there is no replacement just because the mattress is compressed over time, due to your weight.

It is always better to look for brands and products that have won the trust of users. These products always stand among the best selling items with more than a 3.5-star rating. So looking for products based on their rating online. This is an easier way to get hands-on reliable items, quickly. Moreover, you can also look for products from trusted brands. For a better price, you can use the price comparison tool at It will help you find budget-friendly items in lesser time. Compare products from different brands for the price, and features and buy what suits you the best.

Question & Answer

What is a gel mattress topper?

These mattresses are made either by adding gel beads (they are small capsules filled with the gel) to the memory foam, by swirling liquid gel in the memory foam, or by adding gel on the top of the comfort layer. A cooling gel helps in dissipating heat hence allowing the person to maintain a lower body and bed temperature all night long. The memory foam used in this mattress allows better pressure relief as you sleep on a gel mattress.

What is the best mattress topper for back pain?

Among all available options in mattress toppers, memory foam, latex, and poly-foam toppers are the most popular. They are ideal options for people suffering from lower back pain. These types of mattresses can mould according to the sleeper’s body, relieving pressure while supporting the spinal alignment. For such comfort you can look for products like Visco-Soft Select Memory Foam Mattress Topper; The Company Store Loft-AIRE down Alternative Mattress Topper; or Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Topper Supreme for pressure relief.

Which is the most comfortable mattress topper for daily use?

When it comes to mattresses, comfort is the first reason anyone wishes to buy or upgrade a mattress topper. So if you are looking for comfort more than anything else, explore online shops to buy products like Linen spa gel-infused memory foam, Molecule AirTEC mattress topper, Exceptional Sheets bamboo mattress pad or Pure Green latex mattress topper. Or you can explore to find a suitable item from mattress pads like Ultimate Dreams Talalay latex topper, Sleep & Beyond organic merino wool topper, or Sleep Innovations for a peaceful sleep all night long.

How much is a mattress topper?

When you head to buy a mattress topper you will notice that there is a price difference based on quality, size, brand, and material a mattress is made of. For instance, a twin mattress topper will cost you about $280 and the twin XL might come at the same price. But if you buy a full or queen size mattress the price will go up like $359 and $450 respectively. Likewise, there will be a difference in the price of King, RV Queen and California king mattresses.

Where to buy mattress toppers online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying furniture items for your home, both comfort and durability are important factors to consider. You must buy a product that is made of high-quality material and can last with you for years without causing any problem. To find such items you can explore a retail search engine. At you can find products from top brands like Tempur-Pedic, Silent Night, Ikea, Dormeo, Linenspa and many others. Here you can also compare the price and features to buy the best possible option available in the market.

No matter what you intend to buy, the quality of the product is always of core importance. So make sure you have spent enough time and compared products from different brands before placing an order for mattress toppers for your home use.