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A superior quality mattress is essential for relaxation, excellent quality sleep and general health. You need to wake up fresh and get good body support while asleep. Luckily, you now have the comfort foam mattresses that ensure all this and more. In this post, we’ll look at the types of this mattress to help you make the best choice. Besides, we also bring you a few useful tips that’ll allow you to buy comfort foam mattress online in UAE effortlessly.

Before we dig in more, let’s first check what you can expect from a standard comfort foam mattress. Manufacturers make a regular comfort foam mattress with a layer of polyurethane foam. This foam is also called polyfoam, or PU. Unlike memory foam, polyfoam holds to your weight and still softens up to offer pressure relief. Because of their versatile characteristics, they’re an ideal choice for both singles and couples. Besides, they’re also easy to maintain and durable. No wonder people love them and it’s a prevalent choice among many. However, like any other product, these too have varieties. Let’s take a detailed look at them to help you pick the best comfort foam mattress out there.

Some top-selling comfort foam mattresses for a serene night’s sleep

The comfort foam mattresses have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Manufacturers and retailers take more care and introduce versatile designs of the comfort foam mattress to ensure every person has something they like. From the regular mattress to a more sophisticated and body-friendly choice, you’re in for a treat when you’re out searching for the finest selling comfort foam mattresses online. However, the more options, the difficult it is to choose the best one. Nevertheless, we’ve compiled a few top-selling comfort foam mattresses that you can consider investing in.

Get maximum freshness with the Tempur contour supreme comfort foam mattress

Often, many of us overlook the back support while selecting a mattress . We recommend you buy Tempur contour supreme for its outstanding body support and the ability to distribute body weight on the entire mattress. This comfort foam mattress also has a Smart Climate system that draws away from moisture throughout the night to enhance comfort. Besides, its top cover is cool-to-touch, and you can remove it for easy cleaning. Apart from this, the cover also does not hold odours, allowing you to enjoy a fresh sleep for several days. Above all, the mattress tends to be highly durable and also offers enhanced support.

Choose Zinus Ultima comfort memory foam mattress to handle sleep time sweating

Are you looking for the best comfort foam mattress for people who perspire a lot while asleep? Look no further. Zinus Ultima comfort memory foam mattress is your best bet. This comfort form mattress comes infused with natural seat absorbing ingredients such as charcoal and green tea. Therefore, you have a soft touch when you lay down on it. It is also a good option if you want some relief from the long-standing back pain. This is because it has three layers of memory foam to relieve pressure from your back and a further two comfort form layers for support. Better yet, they’re durable too. You can also move with it with ease as it rolls into a small size.

The Comfort Grande mattress ensures maximum support for couples

Do you share your bed with your partner? If yes, you need a bed that offers adequate support to your bodies without wearing out too fast. One of the best comfort foam mattress brands for enhanced support is the comfort Grande mattress. This comfort mattress comes with a soothing, cool design to circulate the heat out of your body. It also has a cooling gel on the memory foam layer. Besides, to offer maximum support, it is extra thick and has several comfort foams layers. It also comes with sturdy handles for easy moving. Do consider investing in the Novaform Comfort Grande Queen mattress, as it’s one of the best grade mattresses you can find on various UAE online shopping sites.

Add a touch of luxury with a Visco comfort mattress for freshness and comfort

Visco comfort mattress is a deluxe memory and comfort form mattress. Thanks to its combination of 1500 pocket springs of both memory and comfort foams. This feature gives you enough support while offering your more flexibility at the same time. The springs react to the varying pressure at distinct parts of the body for enhanced support. The foam mattress has also earned a reputation for its incredible thickness and exceptionally durable top cover. Above all, they’re an ideal choice for those who love sleeping on their side. Besides, it can also support people with pelvic and hip problems. You can check out our online search engine to get variations of this mattress for your specific needs.

Stomach and back sleepers, get the lucid comfort collection to achieve maximum support

If you sleep on your back or stomach, the gravity acting on your organs can cause significant discomfort. You need a mattress that is soft and moulds around you. One of the comfort form mattresses that you can buy with these features is the Lucid Comfort Collection. The collection has several types of mattresses. However, they all offer support and moulding thanks to their specially made gel memory foam. They easily wrap around your body while sleeping and make you comfortable throughout your sleep. Apart from that, you also have several choices of covers and foam thickness, when it comes to the Lucid comfort collection.

Tips on how to buy Comfort Foam Mattresses

The comfort foam mattresses above are some of the most popular in our shopping search engine . However, there are tens more with similar or better features as them. With such a broad range, you may have problems picking the right comfort foam mattress for yourself. We would like to make your purchase experience easy by giving you proven tips and tricks in mattress choice. Our team has researched the things you should check when buying a mattress from health experts and customers. Therefore, we believe that they will point you in the right direction. Let’s get started below.

  • Consider your sleeping pattern – It’s very important to consider your sleep pattern. If you sleep on your back or stomach, you need a soft bed. However, side sleepers require better support to avoid sinking into the mattress. Go for a comfort foam mattress that is not either too soft or too hard.
  • Check out the size – It is important to determine the size of your bed before your start searching for the ideal comfort foam mattress. You can check the assembly manual that came with your bed or measure it. provides dimensions and thickness dimensions of mattresses for easier shopping.
  • See if you suffer from any conditions – Do you have prevalent back pain? You need a comfort foam mattress that offers enough support. Are you allergic to pollen and dust? Go for a mattress with a hypo-allergic cover.
  • Look at the ease of maintaining the mattress – You need to ensure that your bed is clean. If you sweat regularly while asleep, go for a mattress that has a removable cover. Besides, go for a bed with an easy-to-clean cover that is durable. It should also not stain easily. Otherwise, you can buy bedding and covers on our Dubai product finder.
  • Pick a durable option – The longevity of a comfort foam mattress ranges from about three to ten years depending on the cover material, mattress comfort layer thickness and the way it is designed. You can check user reviews on durability. Otherwise, any mattress with an over two-year warranty is good enough.
  • Go for branded models – Quality is prime when it comes to beds and mattresses. Moreover, only the premium quality comfort foam mattresses ensure high durability. One of the best ways to make sure you have durable and high-quality mattress is to buy them from top-rated brands like Slumber Solutions, Uratex, and Springtek.
  • Read reviews online – Of course, getting a branded model ensures you quality. However, reading through the product reviews online helps you get genuine feedback from customers who’ve tried out the mattress. Therefore, reading through the online reviews helps you with your choice.

Of course, there are much more factors to consider, but these are the prime ones. Following these points helps you easily pick your choice. Remember, various comfort foam mattresses come at different price tags and a wide selection of materials depending on their features. Try and set aside a budget for yourself. This helps you stick to a product that fits within your price range. Visit to explore over 500 comfort foam mattress brands and hundreds of other bedroom items.

Question & Answer

Where to buy comfort foam mattresses online in UAE?

Buy a quality comfort foam mattress at Our platform provides a wide collection of quality foam mattresses like comfort foam mattress for back pain, and more from over 500 brands across the world. These mattresses come at varying prices. Therefore, there is something for you even if you have a tight budget. Besides, there are mattresses with distinctive features for people with problems such as back pain and allergies. In addition, our platform sells other bed items such as pillows, mattress covers, duvets and sheets. On the other hand, you can improve your bathroom with our collection of furniture , table lights and decorations. Start exploring available items today.

Which comfort foam mattress do I need?

You need a comfort foam mattress that combines several types of foams. The ideal comfort foam mattress for sale online UAE should have memory foam. This foam is soft and enables the mattress to mould around your body. Second, it should have a comfort foam layer. Comfort foam is more rigid and helps support the body. Added features such as pocket springs and wicking capabilities enhance the support and take the moisture from your body respectively. Explore our online shopping engine to know the diverse types of foam mattresses available, along with the benefits of each type.

How to choose a comfort foam mattress?

When choosing a comfort foam mattress, you should check various features. First, decide whether you need a soft comfort foam mattress or one that offers enhanced back and joint support. Second, check the material used to make the cover to determine whether it is easy to maintain and wicks the moisture away so that you can have a good night sleep. Third, determine the durability of the mattress by looking at the warranty period offered by the seller and checking user reviews. Fourth, if you have problems such as sensitivity to dust or pollen and back issues, go for a bed that has a hypoallergenic cover for the first case and offers varied or enhanced back support for the second case. You may also compare the prices of different types of mattresses. Several online stores offer you cheap comfort foam mattresses.

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