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About Cold Foam Mattresses

For many deep sleepers out there, sleeping hot is a nightly frustration that’s a perpetual detriment to an uncomfortable sleep. In such cases, cold foam mattresses can be of immense help. Not only are they the most common type of mattresses out there on the market, but they are also an excellent choice for experiencing a cool and comfortable sleep.

Let’s first answer the most common question – what is a cold foam mattress? These mattresses are most common, and you’ll find at least a layer of this in all mattresses. Typically, the manufacturers make this mattress by foaming polyurethane with a small amount of heat. The foam becomes solid as and when it cools down to room temperature. Most of these mattresses are extra durable, elastic, and flexible. Besides, their numerous varieties ensure they are suitable for a distinct type of sleepers. But which mattress should you choose? The one with a cold foam or the one without it? Well, for you to answer this, you should know more about them.

The various aspects of cold foam mattresses

Modern technology has prompted manufacturers to create several types of these mattresses. Some mattresses complete have cold foam and lack any other foam layers. Other models, in contrast, come with additional two layers. Often, the usual cooling mattresses have memory foam, latex foam, or gel foams in layers. Similarly, you’ll also see these mattresses in two different degrees of firmness. However, this depends on which side of the mattress you choose. At times these mattresses are divided into contour and comfort zones. These help you stabilise your body and relieve pressure points. Below we’ve compiled a few more aspects of the cold foam mattress that you ought to know before you begin your search online.

The numerous cold foam mattress benefits to consider

It is important to know cold foam mattress benefits before selecting one for your family. Regardless of your body’s shape and contours, these mattresses adapt exceptionally to provide the comfort you need. Ikea product is the best type to have if the users are of different ages. Another remarkable thing about foam mattress is that it offers the best sleeping experience for all sleeping positions and body types. If you are always restless when sleeping, this type of mattress is the best option to pick when shopping. Since the product has a soft layer that keeps the spine in the right straight position, you will be free from back pains. The mattress is light, thus making transportation easy.

The finest Meradiso cold foam mattress

With low buying prices and high quality, Meradiso is among the market’s cheap items. The cost of the Meradiso mattress may seem too low to be accurate at, but it is proof of not spending a fortune to get long-lasting spine support. Meridiso cold foam mattress comes with 7 zones of sleeping to ensure relaxation of all the body parts. The foam mattress is a medium feel in terms of firmness. Depending on the manufacturer and retailer, you get different arguments on the firmness of the mattress. In our product comparison site, we test a mattress’s firmness on a scale of 1 to 10 to make shopping easy.

Enjoy adequate pressure and relief with Ikea’s cold foam mattress.

A low-density foam mattress can offer a spring effect but not for long. Unless you are buying a cold foam mattress for a baby, you should go with high-density foam. You can benefit from long-term resilient comfort when you buy high-density foam mattresses, provided the manufacturer uses a suitable thickness. The comfort of the mattress comes from its ability to bounce back after a body puts pressure on it. You will determine how a foam mattress responds to your body by measuring the degree of firmness. For example, a softer version of a high-density foam mattress could relax body pressure through compressibility alone. You can easily find a cold foam mattress at rates cheaper than memory foam.

Cold foam mattress vs pocket spring mattress – The differences

Both foam mattresses and pocket spring mattresses have been in the market for a while now. Though both mattresses offer similar benefits and characteristics, you should know some differences before purchasing either. The first difference in cold foam vs pocket spring mattresses is the insides’ material. A pocket spring mattress has several individual springs in an upright position inside a pocket. It also has a layer of foam on top of the springs providing a soft and comfortable feel. The cold foam mattress, on the other hand, has polyurethane foam layers. Another consideration when comparing the two mattresses is the user needs. Spring pocket mattresses are best for people who need a strong and supportive feeling, while cold foam items are generally for comfort.

Cold foam mattress vs memory foam – the better one?

A cold foam mattress is a staple bedding material for support and comfort layers for over a century now. However, due to technology development, there has been an improvement to enhance bedding materials. Memory foam is one of the best materials to provide a shock-absorbing layer in mattresses. At, you will get mattresses utilising one or both above materials as their core. Therefore, you need to understand the characteristic of cold foam vs memory foam to know the right one to buy. Many manufacturers use Low-density foam as a top layer since it creates a soft feel. In contrast, they use high density to create resistance and resilient core support. The durability of the mattress depends on the density used.

Tips on how to buy Cold Foam Mattresses

One of the worst feelings you can experience is sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. After all, everyone is entitled to a peaceful night sleep after a long day. Also, sleeping on a low-quality mattress can lead to neck and back pain. The solution for this is to select the right foam mattress in the market. At, you can get the best cold foam mattress at an affordable price. Follow the below tips for the best experience when shopping for a foam mattress.

  • Look at the mattress size – When selecting a foam mattress, you should always consider the size of your bed to avoid buying a smaller or bigger mattress. They come in varied sizes that range from 3′ 0″ single to 6′ 0″ king size. It is vital to have a mattress that fit your bed and bedroom needs.
  • Check out the temperature sensitivity – They are famous for their sensitivity to body temperature. During cold seasons, these mattresses become firm and soften when it is warm. The foam mattress will act according to your body’s temperature.
  • Evaluate the firmness – In terms of firmness, you can choose between soft, semi-rigid and rigid mattresses depending on your body shape and structure. Everybody has a distinctive design and specification for proper sleeping materials. You can request a sleeping trial from the sellers as it will help you make the right decision.
  • Consider the thickness – The mattress density is critical since it determines the kind of neck, hip, back and shoulder support you will get. The ideal cold foam mattress thickness should be between 20 and 30cm. For back sleepers, a thicker foam mattress is the best option for back support. A low-density mattress is suitable for people who sleep on their stomachs.
  • Check out the Price – Distinct foam mattresses come at different price tags. You’ll find both expensive and cheap cold foam mattress options out there on the market today. Therefore, you need to consider your budget when shopping for the best foam mattress. For affordability, you can buy cold foam cheap mattresses online UAE and make sure the mattress’s quality corresponds to the price.

If you are looking for ultimate comfort, buy a mattress with at least 10 cm of foam. You should follow the above tips when shopping online as they will help you avoid making costly mistakes like buying the wrong size or low-quality mattresses. Recommendations will play a key role when selecting the right mattress for your loved ones. Other than the above bedroom considerations, you need to select the mattress with many positive reviews and recommendations from your trusted references. Shopping in our online store in Dubai will guarantee quality at an affordable price.

Question & Answer

Where to buy cold foam mattresses online in UAE?

Are you looking for the right cold foam mattress? Search no more. is the place to visit. Our product search engine offers various foam mattresses to suit your bedroom needs, thanks to the high number of retailers on our site. You will also notice that we have a fair price for every mattress you get in our online search engine. At, we offer tops of the class mattress like Ikea cold foam mattresses for comfort and 7 zone support. The earlier you choose to buy with us, the better for you as you can enjoy huge discounts and additional services like delivery to your doorsteps. Moreover, you can also choose your mattresses from top-rated brands like Englander, Tempur-Pedic, Metis, Ikea, MLILY, Deep Sleep, Clevamama, and Milliard right here on Also, while you’re here, do not miss to check out several other furniture pieces from world-class brands.

Which cold foam mattress do I need?

Cold foam mattress comes in distinctive style and design, and each type has its unique benefits. You should ensure that you end up with the best mattress for your bedroom by researching the available varieties before buying. Memory foam is one of the mattresses to consider because its design supports most sleeping positions and body structures. It is made of three different foam types to offer soft to medium body support, preferably for side sleepers. A pocket spring mattress is another foam mattress that can give firm support for a peaceful sleep. However, you should select your preferred mattress based on your needs and sleeping challenges. For instance, the cold foam mattress for a baby would have more atypical features than the one for an adult to sleep in.

How to choose the right cold foam mattress?

Choosing a foam mattress from the varieties in the market is not an easy task for many shoppers. The secret to easy shopping is comparing the available varieties and prices of different retailers. Knowing what you need is the first aspect that can help in selecting the right mattress. Make sure the mattress you select solves all your bedroom problems without costing you more. For example, if you suffer from back or neck pains with your current mattress, you can buy a cold foam mattress with the right density to solve the challenge. Make sure you consider the size of your bed to avoid buying a bigger or smaller mattress.

There are varieties of foam mattresses in the market, but your needs determine the best mattress for you. Other factors to consider when buying a mattress include density, treatments, comfort zone and size. Shop at and enjoy having all these factors available to select the best cold foam mattress. We offer great deals and quality services for every mattress you buy in our UAE search engine. Stop wasting time and start having a comfortable sleep with our high-quality cold foam mattress!

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