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Outdoor seating, including garden chairs, has come a long way since the wooden benches. Whether you are looking for chairs in cane or meshed in powder-coated iron, there is a lot to treat you.

Every home expert will agree that buying outdoor furniture is a natural extension of the house’s indoor look and architectural style. So If your house is modern, you will need to pick chaise, chairs or tables with modern aesthetics. But if your home is like an English cottage, choosing a similar outdoor furniture style is important. Fortunately, with so many brands and manufacturers, there are myriad options that vary in shape, colour, material and style. So no matter what you do, try to buy an appropriate item to offer your optimum comfort. It would help if you thought practically before buying any outdoor furniture item.

Things to consider before buying outdoor furniture for your home

Whether you live or your priorities, choosing the best outdoor furniture is all about the research and how educated you are. You should know how the material compares in durability and how it will impact your budget in the long run. Luckily outdoor furniture makers offer a wide variety of options to match the needs of each user. For instance, we can find fantastic style and material options for garden chairs, including hanging egg chairs, rocking lawn chairs, or wrought iron bistro sets. However, no matter, if you will buy a complete garden furniture set or just looking for a group of patio chairs, here, are some points that you need to keep in mind.

Be in the know

First of all, you need to be sure of exactly what you need to buy. The demands for garden furniture vary for every customer and garden. Some brainstorming is of core importance before you head to start a search on a retail search engine online. It would help if you also considered that you are buying this furniture for your outdoor family living, big parties, or barbecues. So the choices of every single item must be according to the needs and size of the family. Likewise, it would help if you considered how much space does your garden have. An ideal outdoor furniture item will be the one that matches your needs and looks aesthetically good in your garden.

Prepare to shop

It will be of no harm if you take some time out of your busy schedule and measure the area you want to settle the furniture in. make sure you have all the width and height of the dedicated garden area on a piece of paper. As you head to search for possible options in a garden swing chair or metal lawn chair and table sets, keep comfort as your priority. Also, do not underestimate the flexibility. Lightweight materials like aluminium or polyethene make it easier to relocate the furniture according to weather conditions. Such items are also easier to store in winter. Although you can find plenty of bargains in the market, investing in high-quality material will always make sense.

Trust in the experience and save space.

As in online buying, you will not check the product before buying, so dig and trust other consumers’ experiences. The best thing is to search for products with higher consumer reviews and recommendations. Finding such an outcome is easier if you are buying on the right platform like You must read the customer comments and reviews in detail before proceeding with the purchase. Also, make sure you are buying a product as per your garden’s size and space requirements. For example, buying bigger chairs for a smaller or closed space will make it look cluttered. You can look for wall-mounted, around the tree or foldable items to save and alter space as per the occasion’s needs in such cases.

The care plan

Taking care of outdoor furniture is as essential as taking care of indoor items. Instead, we can say that they need a bit more attention. If you can look after your outdoor furniture nicely, it will last with you for decades. And for proper care, it is better to pick an easy-care material with a simple design. Some material options that you can consider include all-weather wicker or teak. You can buy something made of plastic, natural wicker, resin, or painted timber for less weather-resistant items. Also, make sure you have enough space for stacking the chairs one over the other. Otherwise, buy foldable items to store easily in any room.

Tips on how to buy Garden Chairs online in the UAE

There are many garden chairs for sale online in the UAE with various garden sizes and styles. Finding the right one that meets your requirements and falls within your budget is a task to deal with. But regardless of that, it is incredibly imperative to find a comfortable and affordable chair at the same time. This is possible only if you know what criteria to consider in these chairs. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for beach chairs.

  • Materials – Garden chairs use teak, wicker, plastic, wood, steel and aluminium for construction. The material has an impact on the price of the product. Plastic is the least costly item. At the same time, aluminium chairs are expensive but durable. On the other hand, wooden chairs offer superior aesthetics but come with added cost and weight.
  • The seat’s height – The height will define the level of comfort you can enjoy while sitting. And for the chair to be comfortable, the average size is important. Some models, like backpack chairs, reduce the height to make it more portable and lightweight. While that makes it easier to carry, the downside is that the chair becomes less comfortable to sit on.
  • Padding on the chair – The padding on beach chairs varies greatly depending on the model. There are chairs with heavy padding to those models that do not have any padding at all. Padding is necessary for sitting for an extended period. If your chair doesn’t come with padding, you can always use a separate cushion to make it more comfortable.
  • Frame strength – The strength of the frame determines how much weight the chair supports. For example, a chair with a plastic chair will not have excellent frame strength. Therefore, the weight they can help will be significantly less than a chair with a wooden or aluminium frame.
  • Weather conditions – As we speak of padding in garden chairs, look for chairs with removable cushions. It will allow you to take the cushions inside when there is rain or snow in the winter. Even on extreme summer days, when you cannot store the chairs in the shade, you can keep the cushions away from wrecking in the heat.
  • Brand and price – The price of a garden chair will vary based on the material, size, style and other features. In the meantime, it also depends on the brand it comes from. So the best way to buy a branded item at an economical price is to explore more than one brand and make a wise buying decision.

Besides garden chairs , you will need a lot of other handy items to furnish your outdoor areas. These include tables and much more. Luckily you can find all such products at . It will also let you compare the prices and features of different products and pick the best one among them. So, don’t forget to check out all the other amazing products from the Furniture category to decorate your home with the best.

Question & Answer

What is the most comfortable garden chair to buy online in the UAE?

If you seek comfort during leisure time in the open air, buy options like Tori Rocking Chair or Copa Garden Hanging Chair. Other options you can consider to buy include RAVEN Teak And Metal 3 Seater Garden Bench; John Lewis Venice Steamer Sunlounger FSC-Certified Chair; Copa garden dining chairs; and Kettler LaMode Comfort Lounging Chair. Some consumers also recommend buying items like Itapema stackable garden armchair, Anchor Garden Chair, or Plant Theatre Hardwood Garden Sofa Armchair.

How much does garden chairs count?

The price of a garden chair depends on many factors. First of all, it depends on if you are buying a single item or going for a pair or set of chairs. It also depends on the material, the size and the style of the chair. The price of garden furniture also varies according to the added features and the brand it comes from. In general, you can find a garden chair for as low as AED 250 in UAE. But when buying a specific item in terms of style or material, you will need to dig deep at to buy economical items.

What is a zero-gravity garden chair?

This is a special type of garden chair that comes with a lot of health benefits. With this chair, you will be suspended in a position with no gravity force on your body. These recliners work by reclining the body into a special position by distributing the weight across the chair. Some of the best zero gravity chairs that you can buy online include RIGOROS Zero Gravity Reclining Chair and Paradiso Camping Steel Chair Recliner available on Carrefour.

Where to buy garden chairs online in the UAE?

Garden and open-air seating is common all across the UAE. Therefore, there is hardly any place in the UAE where you can not find a garden area. For this reason, there is no shortage of stores offering high-quality latest design garden furniture in brick and mortar and online stores. However, you can easily search and buy products from top global brands on a retail search engine in just a few clicks. For instance, at, you can find products from brands like Keter, Outsunny, Kettler, Gardenline, or Ikea.

There are more than 500 shops and brands offering garden chairs on Shops. ae. Explore them from shops trusted by all. These shops provide chairs from brands like Sams, Menards, and B & Q in price that you can never imagine.

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