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About Folding Chairs

A folding chair is folding light, portable and can be squeezed into a smaller size for storing in the stack, on a cart, or in a row.   

Folding chairs are commonly used for seating in remote areas or where there is no permanent seating facility available. It also includes indoor and outdoor events like; graduations, funerals, sporting events, religious services or competitions, etc. These chairs are also used for home or any other situation that requires extra seating temporarily. These may include parties, card games, or adding extra chairs to the dinner tables. These chairs typically weigh from 2 to 5 kilograms and are available in various styles, sizes, materials, and folding mechanisms.   

Types of foldable chairs   

Foldable tables and chairs give the best solution for any indoor and outdoor event. These events can be parties at home, get-togethers, or meetings. In any case, foldable chairs are a cost-effective and practical product to use. There are many types of folding chairs available in the market. And we can use different ways to classify these portable chairs. However, in any case, they are the most space-saving seating choices for the n-number of guests. Besides portability, these chairs are also economical to buy in bulk and easy to store and manage. Here are some material options you can buy for your personal use.   

Plastic folding chairs  

Rental companies and event organizers widely use these types of folding chairs. They are easy to wipe and clean, and you can use them at all sorts of parties without despoiling them because of stains or drink spills. Most of the designs have moulded seats with a backrest and tubular frame. You can fold these chairs flat, making it easier to stack them in piles when not in use. These are the cheapest of all the material types available in the market. They are also durable, and if stored away from the sun, they can stay with you for years. However, when it comes to aesthetics, they are not so good looking, and you might need to explore other options.   

Metallic folding chairs  

Metal folding chairs are the next popular material option in this type of furniture. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With the all-metal construction, these chairs are durable and sturdier. For their durability, they are a popular choice among event managers, meeting halls, and churches. However, they are heavier due to the all-metal body and thus not ideal for rental companies. Due to material, they are also harder to make a stack without sliding. These chairs are available in padded, plain painted steel, or cushioned seating.   

Wooden folding chairs  

Wooden folding chairs are indeed a step up from the plastic type of seats, obviously because of their look, finish, and feel. And there are not many folding chair types in the market that can beat the natural feel you can get from a wooden chair. One advantage of getting a wooden bench is that you have different options in wood, including beech wood, oak, birch, etc. however, they are heavier in weight and demands special care to stay longer. Also, as compared to plastic chairs, they are difficult to stack and store. They will also take more space for stacking. While scratching, there are higher chances of scratches on the wood that will ultimately damage the finish.   

Padded folding chairs   

For higher end-events, you can use padded foldable chairs. Due to added material, finish, and other production costs, these chairs are the amount the most expensive types of folding chairs that you can find in the market. Here the seats are either made of metal, resin, or wood. But all these seating come with a cushioned texture on them. These cushioned seats are suitable for fancy events or where they are meant to sit for long hours. The padded surface provides the comfort needed for an extended period of seating.    

Outdoor folding chairs   

A portable camping chair is the right item when you are heading out for a hike or a family picnic time. These lightweight folding camping chairs offer a higher portability level and are easier to take with you on finishing or any sporting event. These chairs fold into a narrow cylindrical object and come with unique carrying bags for comfortable hold, storage, and transportation. In unfolded form, you will get a cushioned station and back made of flexible fabric and mesh. Some designs also come with dedicated sections to hold your drinks and keep everything organized and contained while enjoying the surroundings.   

Tips on how to buy Folding Chairs online in the UAE

Homes are places near to everyone’s heart. However, each home and office has its unique demands when it comes to comfortable seating. Therefore, when its time to buy furniture, there is no one style of item that fits all the users. This is the reason why the manufacturers, brands, and sellers offer a wide range of furnishing products online. So if you are about to buy something like folding chairs for your home and office, here are some standard pointers that can help you make a smart decision while picking cheap end foldable chairs to buy online in the UAE.

  • Decide the material – These chairs come in a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Each of these is subcategorized based on the type and quality of materials. It is important to know what material will suit your needs the most. You can either consult a professional or look for advice from your peers on that.
  • Pick a brand – Furniture is all about the aesthetics, looks, finish, and details of any item. But it also demands a higher quality of material and makes. Brands may cost a bit more on each item, but they are worth investing in. Therefore, we recommend our buyers look for products from top trusted brands available at
  • Settle a budget limit – For added security, finish, style, and higher quality of make and material, brands are bound to charge a bit extra. But investing in these products is always a worthwhile decision to make. The competition of prices between different brands can offer you an edge to buy a cheaper item online.
  • Know customer opinions – To ensure that you are investing in the right brand and product, look for what other customers have to say. While buying online, you can go to the customer review section to read the comments about the performance and quality of the product to choose to buy.

In the end, it is important to look at the functionality of the chair. As obviously, it will not just be a decorative item that will take up space in your home. It must be made of a durable material and must have the ability to deal with the weight of a normal, healthy person. And the best way to find a reliable item is to explore the market in detail. This is why is here to help you by providing easy access to best-selling products from top global brands in just one click.

Question & Answer

What is the most comfortable outdoor folding chair to buy?

Some of the bestselling items that you can buy online for your next outdoor venture include; ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair, Coleman Camping Chair With Cooler; Trek ology YIZI GO Portable Camping Chair; ALPS Mountaineering Folding Camping Chair, or the  Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair. In the meantime, you can also check Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table and appropriate options from top brands online.

How does a folding chair works?

The chair turns its functional mechanism into an aesthetic feature. When folding or unfolding these chairs, the aesthetic features become an additive value. Also, the sliding system that locks the chair in respective fold helps the user with a gentle click to inform and confirm the position. And if we speak of the overall design and the form language, the chair holds minimal yet honest expression with a solid, steady, and simple design.

Who makes the best folding chair?

Many brands and manufacturers are selling top quality folding furniture, including tables, chairs, and more. Some of these brands are known and trusted for their quality products, durability, fine finish, and exceptionally lower rates. Some brands that make the best folding chairs include Ikea, Cosco, Decathlon, B & Q, Menards, Academy Sports, Habitat, Anthropologie, and Ll Bean. Luckily you can find all these brands online selling quality within your reach.

What is the lifetime of a folding chair?

The lifetime of a folding chair depends on the make, material, and the care you offer it after purchase. It also depends on how you stack and store it and what cleaning methods you use to clean the chair. For instance, if you buy branded items in metal or plastic and keep them away from direct sunlight and rust, they can last with you for decades.

Likewise, for wooden folding chairs, life depends on the care and the type of wood you buy. We wish you a successful buying venture. Explore the Furniture section at now to make most of your money.