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If you have ever observed an office chair closely, you might have seen all the small intricate parts in them. Unlike old simple chairs that consisted simply of a platform to sit raised on four legs, modern chairs consist of hundreds of complex chair parts.

One of the most common types of furniture that we see almost everywhere is a chair. In fact, these are more ubiquitous than tables. While you need them to efficiently use a table, a table is not necessary for a furniture item. So, why are parts important? Well, because many times, it is not the entire chair that gets broken. Rather it will be some part that looks insignificant that breaks and renders the whole unusable. If you are able to identify the broken part and replace it, you can effectively extend the life of the chair. Read this article to find out more about various parts. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices while you shop for them.

A simple guide to buying chair parts

The complexity of chairs varies quite a bit depending on the type. Even today, there are options that are a single piece of moulded plastic or metal and do not have any distinguishable parts at all. However, those kinds of furniture items have limited features and are often less expensive. On the other hand, ergonomic items and sofa sets do consist of numerous small and large parts. That means you have to have at least a tertiary knowledge of this furniture item to be able to figure out the broken part and replace it. Here is a brief guide to help you do just that.

Office chair parts

What makes office chairs different from all other types of the furniture item is the level of complexity in their construction. Unlike a regular dining chair, office chairs will have hundreds of tiny components. However, not every single one of these parts is replaceable, especially the small assembly of gears inside the chair adjustment mechanisms. But the bigger parts are all replaceable; the adjustable armrests, back support, height-adjustable legs, and swivel base. Some chair models have finer adjustments than others. Moreover, the type of adjustments that each one of them uses will be different as well.

Wooden chair parts

People have been using wooden items for a really long time. In fact, the very first furniture item that humans used to sit was made of wood. Because of this, wooden ones are generally simple and cheaper than office furniture items. Most of the time, such a chair will only have specific wooden pieces joined using screws and nails. All of these also means that the number of replaceable parts in a wooden chair is also limited. That being said, parts like cushions, wheels, and sometimes arm rests are replaceable. But it also depends on the type of chair and how all of them are joint together.

Living room sofas

Sofas are a vital part of any living room. Furthermore, they are very different from chairs. Sofas provide a great deal of support, and the majority of a sofa is actually the cushion itself. Also, sofas tend to be pricier than even office-based items. However, that is understandable as sofas sets can easily seat five or seven people. One part of the sofa that will require replacing is the cushion. Cushions tend to catch dirt, and it is hard to get stains off of them. Also, the frame of the sofa will also need replacement after some time.

Replacing the parts

Finding the right replacement part for the furniture item is only half of the job. After that, you have to fit the part on the furniture item. Depending on the part and the type of furniture item, this can be either done by yourself or will require professional help. The ones that are easiest to repair are modular items like the ones that you find in IKEA stores. In such furniture items, you will be able to disassemble the parts without any kind of specialised tools. Expensive office furniture items also often come with replaceable parts. However, it is common for such furniture items to have four to five years of warranty as well.

Tips on how to buy Chair Parts Online

At first replacement parts might look like pretty simple items. However, finding the right kind of parts can be much harder than you might think. This is because of the sheer variety of parts that exist out there, and oftentimes the differences between some parts can be hard to tell just by looking. But finding the right parts is going to be easier if you know what factors to look for in them. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for parts online.

  • Compatibility – The first thing to think about while buying a replacement part for anything else is compatibility. This is important because otherwise, you won’t be able to get it back to its proper working condition. As these furniture items from popular brands come with a model number, finding compatible parts is not as hard as it sounds.
  • Material – These parts may come in a variety of different materials. Even though most of them will be some kind of steel, keep in mind that not all steels are of the same quality. The durability and strength of steel depend on the composition and also the manufacturing method.
  • OEM vs Third Party – These days, you will be able to find third party parts for a fraction of the price of OEM parts. But the chances are that they are of a lower quality than that of the OEM parts. If you are going for cheaper third-party parts, you might be able to save in the short term. But as those parts end up breaking again, it will cost you more in time and effort.
  • Warranty – Check whether the parts come with a warranty. Luckily, parts from original equipment manufacturers do offer a warranty most of the time. On the contrary third-party parts hardly ever come with a warranty. Having a warranty is very desirable because if the part breaks before the warranty period, you might be able to get a free replacement.

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Question & Answer

How to choose the right parts?

The first step to choosing the right parts is obviously to figure out what parts you want to replace. Instead of buying all kinds of replacement parts, finding out which part is broken and buying just that part will help you save a tonne of money. After completing this first step, now you have to make sure that the replacement part that you are going to buy is suitable for the furniture item that you want to fix. It can happen that the part might look almost similar to the one for your furniture item, but there will be slight differences in dimensions.

Why are chair parts expensive?

If you have ever shopped for parts, the chances are that you might have gasped at how expensive they are relative to the price of the furniture item itself. If a furniture item costs seven hundred dirhams, the replacement part might cost around fifty or a hundred dirhams. Well, this is because of supply and demand. Not a lot of people shop for replacement parts. Because of this, manufacturers produce these parts only in limited quantities. Because of this, the cost of the parts will be relatively high. This also applies to the replacement parts of machines and electronic gadgets as well.

Where to buy chair parts online in the UAE?

When a furniture item fails, you don’t always have to throw it away and buy a new one. It is much more economical and kinder to the environment if you can simply replace the broken part of the furniture item and extend its life. Fortunately, there are numerous places offering parts in the UAE. But one of the best places to shop for them is of course It is incredibly easy to search and find the right replacement parts using our retail search engine. Moreover, you will be able to find them for really affordable prices as well.

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