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About Tub Chairs

If you search for a comfortable seating solution for your hotel, restaurant, or home, you can never go wrong with tub chairs. They offer luxury and comfort simultaneously with their look and supportive structure. You can find them in many colours, materials, sizes, and shapes to suit different environments. Let us explore how to go for the best.

A tub chair is an oversized rounded upholstered chair with a semicircular back extending to arms. Unlike regular chairs, they do not have separate arms. These seats have become popular in recent years. You can spot them at many places ranging from restaurants and hotels to offices, homes, and even nightclubs. They are known for their comfort. The deep structure allows you to sink into the cushion and the supportive back is perfect for unwinding after a long day. They can even shine your receptions areas with their bright shades and exotic patterns. On this page, we will unveil many more things about them so that you can choose the best variety and best-priced tub chair.

Things you need to know about tub chairs

Tub chairs are popular for all those places where a person wants to sit in comfort. It is primarily a choice for people who have contemporary interiors. Due to its unique curved shape and tight appearance, it is preferred by many. If you run a hotel or restaurant, then adding a couple of tub chairs can break up common chairs, tables, and other furniture in the space. Seats at seminars, conferences, and weddings let guests get a comfortable spot to remain seated for a long time. Since there are many types available in the market, it is natural to get a little confused. Let us explore some of the popular ones in detail.

Leather tub chairs

A leather tub chair is not less than a fashion statement for your interiors. It is affordable, stylish, and also, compact. However, choosing leather can get you a bit overwhelming experience when you do not know much about leather. There are different types of leather tub seats you can find. PU Leather seats are water-resistant and have a high fade resistance. It is not difficult to maintain them. Bonded leather, on the other hand, comprises varying degrees of genuine leather along with other substances. The same gives them the look and feel of real leather. However, the cost is not that much. Bycast leather is another type that comes in a glossy finish. You can also find real leather models.

Velvet tub chair

Velvet is soft and plush. You can find velvet tub chairs in deep and rich colours. If you are expecting a high level of comfort, then this should be your choice. However, velvet can be a bit tough material to maintain. With prolonged compression or folding, the piles may get affected. Speaking of cleaning, you have to dry clean them mostly. However, velvet is both classy and soft in looks. If your other furniture follows the same pattern, then you can go for it. Alternatively, you can opt for chenille fabric that is strong upholstery fabric. The best part is that it looks different in different directions. This is because the fabric reflects the light differently.

Chrome legged and Swivel tub chair.

You can find a tub chair in different feet and base options. The feet may range from plastic to polished chrome and even a swivel base. A chrome legged chair is one of the common choices. It may add some weight to the chair, but it also keeps the power to transform a basic style into something special. The same give your chair a premium contemporary look. You can also go for the best swivel tub chair that can rotate 360 degrees. With this feature, you will catch different sights around you without having to leave your seat. It can also prevent neck problems.

Tips on how to buy Tub Chairs online in Dubai

Tub chairs can be found in various options ranging from plain leather varieties to velvet, chrome feet and even swivel options. You can also find them in different colours, sizes, shapes, and materials. It is natural to feel a bit confused looking at so many options. So, how to know which one would work the best for your space? Well, if you keep certain factors in mind, your shopping journey will become effortless. Go through the below tips that will help you buy a tub chair online in the UAE.

  • Consider material – You can find tub chairs in materials like leather, velvet, plastic, and many more. However, your choice depends upon your personal preferences and also existing décor. If you are looking for a contemporary look, the leather will work. On the other hand, for soft and plush chairs, you need to go for velvet.
  • Consider the size – It is an important factor to consider, especially if you buy multiple chairs. Look at the space you have. Based on that, look for an appropriate size. An oversized chair will create unnecessary clutter. So, if a small one can do that function, then go for it in the case of compact areas.
  • Consider the colour and finish – You can find them in a wide range of funky colours as well as subtle ones. Your selection depends upon your existing décor and the place you buy it for. For example, the leather looks classy for restaurants and clubs, whereas, for homes, you can go for velvet, chenille, and other fabric choices.
  • Go for a trusted brand – If you want a long-lasting and classy piece of furniture, you should go for trusted and popular brands. They have ace designed working with them who keep comfort and trends in mind while designing the chairs. Some of the best tub chair brands are Natuzzi, Ikea, Bloomingville, Muuto, and Mahmayi.

Now that you have collected a lot of information about tub chairs, you must be eager to get one. The good news is that you are in the right place. On our product search engine , i.e., you can find a wide range of options. You can find some of the popular brands here. You can browse the varieties effortlessly, and if you feel overwhelmed, you can set your preferences like price, brand, and sellers to narrow down choices. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and go for the right one keeping the above tips in mind!

Question & Answer

Where to buy tub chairs online in the UAE?

If you are looking for a high-quality tub chair online in the UAE, then you have reached your destination. Here on, you can find a wide assortment of options offered by the best brands in the industry. Not just a wide collection, we also have many features that would support your buying journey. You can apply filters to narrow down your searches and price comparison to look at what is under your budget. So, go ahead and have an amazing experience!

How to choose a tub chair?

There is a wide range of tub chairs available out there. So, it’s natural to feel confused. If you want to choose the right model, you need to keep certain factors in mind. The first consideration should be the material. They come in materials like velvet, leather, plastic, and more. The second consideration should be the size. Choose the size that best fits the available space. It would help if you also considered the brand. Go for trusted brands to get a reliable and lasting product.

Which tub chair do I need?

The best tub chair for you will be the one that best suits your requirements. They come in a lot of sizes, shapes, and materials to suit different requirements and aesthetics. For example, if you are looking for soft and plush options, then velvet is the best. On the other hand, if you want to make a classy addition to your restaurant or club, you can go for leather varieties. If you are looking for cheap and lightweight options, then plastic tub chairs can be your choice.

We hope that this detailed guide takes you to the right selection of the chair. However, if you wonder where to begin the search, you will be glad to know that you are in the correct place. On our retail search engine, i.e., there is a huge collection of tub chairs you can find. Find wooden tub chairs, leather varieties, tub chairs for office and many more right here. We have more than 500 online stores here that offer quality at affordable prices. So, go ahead and grab the best one before stock ends.