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About Beach Chairs

There are various types of outdoor seating. Beach chairs are just one of them. And as the name indicates, they are primarily built for the beach. One might not think that there will be a lot of variety within these chairs. However, there are many kinds of beach chairs out there.

Beach chairs promise to make your day out on the sun-kissed beach full of fun. But the question is, what type of beach chair should you choose? Should you choose folding beach chairs, canopy chairs, or beach chairs with footrests. Your choice can significantly impact the experience you have at the beach. It will dictate the level of comfort, portability, and the type of activities you can engage in at the beach. Read this article to find out more about these chairs. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are shopping for them.

Different types of beach chairs for your backyard

One of the essential things one should have during a beach trip is a comfortable chair with a relaxing seat and good back support. Most beach chairs use back support of plastic, linen, or any other fabric that is easy to clean. Usually, chair frames will be of steel, wood, or aluminium. Beach chairs today come in various types tailored to suit various needs. Also, you can use these chairs for lounging in the backyard, or at the poolside, as well. But first, you need to have at least a basic understanding of the various types of beach chairs. We’ll cover the main styles below.

Folding chairs

This is the simplest and most popular type of beach chair. Therefore, you will see these chairs on pretty much all the beaches. These tend to be very lightweight and use minimal amounts of upholstery. The seat height will not be too high or too low. These chairs use materials like aluminium, plastic, and wood for the frame as they help to keep the weight to a minimum. Since these chairs follow a simple and bare-bones seat design, most of them will not have any kind of adjustment mechanism that allows you to alter the angle of the back support. That being said, these chairs are also really affordable.

Sand chairs

These are similar to loungers on the beach but offer a more attractive design with graceful curves. They are both elegant, simple and less bulky than loungers. Another benefit is that the simpler design makes sand chairs lightweight and more portable than lounge chairs. Even though saint chairs are not as comfortable as loungers, the frame and the support mechanisms of these chairs offer a little flexibility that makes up for the lack of heavy padding. Also, a lower height to width ratio means that sand chairs are much more stable on loose sands.

Lounge chairs

This type of beach chair sits low to the ground and has a long, and intricate frame. When you consider the design, these are similar to the expensive Chaise lounges that people use in their living rooms. You can find these chairs with and without padding. Models that feature padding cost more than the unpadded ones. Their biggest benefit is that they’re really comfortable. Loungers allow you to lie down and work on your tan or sit up with your legs out to enjoy the sight of the waves. Some lounges also come with pillows for extra support and even Zero-G seating. But keep in mind that the cost of the chair increases with the number of features.

Backpack chairs

While most beach chairs tend to have some level of portability, backpack chairs take this to the next level. These chairs use ultra-light material for both frame and seating. The padding on these chairs will be pretty minimal to reduce the overall weight. You can still find a wide variety of aftermarket cushions, though. Because these chairs have very little height, they sit very low to the ground. As such, these are suitable for short-duration seating. Even though they are easy to carry around, backpack chairs are not comfortable for long term seating.

Tips on how to buy Beach Chairs online

As there are so many different variations of beach chairs, finding the right one that meets your requirements and also falls within your budget. But regardless of that, it is extremely imperative to find a chair that is comfortable and affordable at the same time. This is possible only if you know what criteria to consider in these chairs. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you are shopping for beach chairs.

  • Look for the materials – Beach chairs use materials like moulded plastic, wood, steel and aluminium for construction unless we are talking about hammocks. In general, the least costly of these is plastic chairs. Aluminium chairs are pricier but are more durable than plastic. Wooden chairs offer superior aesthetics but are heavier and more expensive.
  • Check on the seat height – Consider the height of the chair. For the chair to be comfortable, it should be of a comfortable height. Some models, like backpack chairs, reduce the height to make it more portable and lightweight. While that makes it easier to carry, the downside is that the chair becomes less comfortable to sit on.
  • Select the padding – The padding on beach chairs varies greatly depending on the model. There are chairs with heavy padding to those models that do not have any padding at all. Padding is necessary for sitting for an extended period of time. If your chair doesn’t come with padding, you can always use a separate cushion to make it more comfortable.
  • Choose the frame strength – It is the strength of the frame that determines how much weight can the chair support. A chair with a plastic chair will not have a great frame strength. Therefore, the weight that they can support will be significantly less than that of a chair with a wooden or aluminium frame.

Apart from all these factors, price is another essential factor which you need to keep in the mind. And the purchase needs to be made according to your budget. So, to shop for your required furniture to decorate your room, choose It is the best product search engine with 500+ eminent brands & shops allied with it. Thus, you get to explore the brilliant collection of products with the best price in the market. Happy shopping!

Question & Answer

What is the most comfortable beach chair?

Out of all the factors that you should consider in a beach chair, comfort is of prime importance if you want to use the chair for a long time. So, what kind of chair will give you the best comfort? Well, if you are looking for the most comfortable, you should get a lounger chair with thick padding. While loungers are also available without padding, they are not as comfortable as the models that have cushions. However, the downside of such a chair is that it tends to be heavy and might not be as portable as a regular folding chair.

Are beach chairs worth it?

The reason why people visit beaches is to relax, wind down, and have some fun time. Also, if you want to spend a few hours at the beach, then you better have something comfortable to sit on. While you can sit at the beach if you have a large towel or a mat, sitting down at the beach like that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. That is when you really need a beach chair. A beach chair will offer you a comfy place where you can sit and read a book or work on your tan lines. As beach chairs are not that expensive, it is really worth buying a set for your beach trips.

Where to buy beach chairs online in the UAE?

Dubai is a city of beaches. Within a hundred-mile stretch of the city, you will come across a dozen different beaches. For that reason, there is no shortage of stores where you can find beach chairs in Dubai. Luckily, you can find some really great beach chair models on What is even better is that it is really easy to search and find them using our retail search engine. Also, you will get them for affordable prices. Time to time, you will come across promotional offers that offer these chairs for incredibly low prices. Some of the best brands you can choose from include IKEA, Sams, Bed and Bath, Academy, Menards, and B and Q.

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