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About Bed Bases

Even though this might seem counterintuitive, one thing that plays a major role in how productive you are is how well you sleep. In fact, the quality of your sleep matters more than how long you sleep. Having a good bed base can dramatically increase the quality of your sleep.

Bed bases are also called bed frames and mattress foundations. Not surprisingly, the most important function of any good base is to provide an even and balanced support directly underneath the mattress. So, it is a mattress foundation that really holds up the mattress. However, a base can be so much more than that. Read this article to find out more about bases. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you are making the purchase. Because these bases are not cheap, it is imperative to invest your money in a good model.

Different types of bed bases

Not all bases are created equal. In terms of comfort and functionalities, some of them are evidently better than some others. In order to choose a mattress foundation that works for you, it is essential to know the difference between different types of foundations and their features. Only then will you be able to pick the mattress foundation that combines the right set of features. Here are the four most common types of bases that people use. You will also find a few tips that you can use while shopping for these bases.

Adjustable bed bases

This type of base features foundations that are actually movable. Using this function, you can adjust the base to your comfort. But keep in mind that not all adjustable bases are the same. The degree of adjustments you can make and also the overall sturdiness of the base varies between models. The main reason to use an adjustable base is that it lets you tilt up the upper half of the bed so that it becomes easier to use it as a recliner. This is also helpful for patients who are bedridden for an extended period of time.

Box spring bases

This is basically a rectangular wooden frame with padding on the top and an array of springs beneath it. At first look, it is easy to confuse a box spring base with a mattress. But the mattress goes on top of this base. Because of the presence of springs underneath the mattress, this ensures more even support of the mattress and also helps it to adapt to the body of the person lying on top of it. Most box spring bases are at least eight inches high. It will give your mattress surface a bit more height than otherwise.

Low profile bed bases

Low profile foundations are not entirely different from box springs. The major difference between a low-profile base and a box spring is that the former has a more traditional look. Such bases combine a four-inch wooden frame and a smaller four-inch version of a typical box spring on top of the frame. They also tend to be as wide as box spring bases. But because the size of the springs is smaller, low profile bases do not provide the level of the springiness of a box spring base. So, why should you choose the low-profile base instead of a box spring? Well, low profile bases are much cheaper than box springs.

Bunk board bed bases

If you want a bed that sits at a low height, then bunky bases are a great option. Unlike box springs or low-profile bases, there are no springs or other complex mechanisms inside bunk boards. Basically, it is just a solid piece of wood or MDF that is cut to support the mattress. A layer of smooth cloth on top of the board will protect the material of the mattress from pulls. This cloth will also keep the mattress from slipping off the base. When you lay the mattress on top of it, the base almost disappears beneath the base.

Tips on how to buy Bed Bases

Finding the right type of base can be harder than you might think. Because there are so many different models that vary from each other in material, design, and size, it can be really hard to find the one that fits your needs perfectly. This is especially true if you are buying it for the first time. However, it all gets easier if you know what criteria to consider in a base. Here are some tips that you can follow while shopping for beds bases.

  • Type of the base – First of all, you should decide what type of base you want for your mattress. Consider the kind of aesthetic you want and also the functions and features of the bases. Think about how you would be using the base as well while deciding the type of the base. To a large extent, the cost of the base will depend on the type of base that you are buying.
  • Size – It is essential to get a base that confirms the size of your mattress. If the base is smaller than the mattress, it will cause the mattress to hang out of the base and will deform the shape of the mattress. If the base is larger than the mattress, the surface of the base will be visible, and it makes the bed look unsightly. Generally, it is not so difficult to find a base of the correct size because bed bases and mattresses come in standard sizes.
  • Material – The most popular material for bases is wood. Then there are steel, plywood, and MDF bases. This gets even more complicated because each type of wood is different. Teak and mahogany are expensive and durable. But there are also really cheap woods as well that might not fare well when it comes to durability. If you are buying a plywood bed, then you should always look for the best quality plywood bases.
  • Durability and cost – For most people out there, a base is more of a functional item than anything else. Therefore, you better get something that you wouldn’t have to replace in a really long time. The trick is not to compromise on the quality of the base. Whether it be wood or plywood, always look for models that offer acceptable built quality. But that doesn’t mean you should always go for the most expensive one. With a bit of searching, you will be able to find a really good base for affordable prices.

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Question & Answer

What is a mattress foundation?

Just like the name says it, a mattress foundation, or a base, is simply a platform for your mattress to sit on. Regardless of what type of foundation you choose, it should provide even and adequate support for the mattress. While the base itself will not affect the comfort of the bed as much as the mattress itself, the type and quality of the base will have at least some effect. Therefore, the first priority for a base should be its ability to support the mattress evenly. Then come the comfort and other additional features.

Do you need a box spring with slats?

If your bed already has a built-in wooden slat, then a box spring is not necessary. However, you can still use a box spring to increase the height and sturdiness of the bed. Box springs provide more cushioning than slats, though. Slats can provide adequate support to the mattress even without a box spring. That being said, there are some slats that are designed to support box springs and not the mattress. This type of frame will have the slats fixed far apart from each other. For such frames, it is necessary to use a box frame.

Are adjustable bed bases worth it?

Adjustable bases do more than just support the mattress. Having an adjustable base makes it easier for you to read and watch TV while you are in bed. Also, if you are a back sleeper, raising just the top portion of your base will put your head in a more comfortable position. Although there is not enough evidence to prove it, some people claim that an adjustable bed can ease snoring and acid reflux. So, whether or not the extra money you will be paying for an adjustable base will be worth it or not depends entirely on your personal preference.

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