About Bean Bags

Beanbags are not just another type of comfort chair to sit on. They are comfortable, fun, ergonomic, portable, and above all, affordable. Even if you go for the best of these, you will be paying significantly less than the price of a sofa.

Beanbags started becoming popular in the 1970s. Not surprisingly, that was around the same time as when people were watching television. These sag bags offer a comfortable place to laze while watching TV or reading. These days they are more popular than ever probably because of the rise in console gaming. Some studies show that in developed countries, the average person spends about ninety minutes a day playing games. Read this article to find out more about these floor cushions. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you make the purchase.

Different types of beanbag chairs for your room

If you are looking for a cosy yet budget-friendly seating option for your terrace, then these sag bags are the best choice. You can choose this for your children’s room, game room, teenager’s bedroom, and many more. However, this floor cushion has gone through a lot of changes from plasticky fabrics to wrap in plush or shred foam for a pillow-like feel. So, before you head to shop for the best beanbag for gaming, you need to know certain things about the same. Like, its varied kinds, materials, comfort, design, durability, and size. And make your shopping experiences hassle-free.

Gaming beanbag chairs

This type of sag bag is very popular among casual gamers. And it’s because it is really convenient to put this chair in the middle of the living room and leisurely lay back on it while you are gaming on your console. Unlike round or square chairs, chairs for gamers usually have better back supports. So, the setting position will be similar to a small lounge chair. These floor cushions will also have relatively stiffer back support to avoid causing back pain if you are sitting on them for an extended period of time. Some of them even feature built-in speakers for a better gaming experience.

Round chairs

For most people, this is the type of beanbag chair that comes to their mind when they think about beanbags. Understandably, it is not surprising as these cushions are popular among the masses for their versatility. So, as the name says, round sag bag chairs are nearly round in their shapes. They will look like a really large ball if spread out. One of the main benefits of round chairs is that they don’t take up much floor space. A typical beanbag doesn’t require as much space as a recliner. Yet, they are very comfortable and portable.

Body chairs

Body chairs are much larger than regular bean bags. You can use it as a sofa to lay on or for several people can sit on. The structure of this type of chair will be with an almost flat sitting surface without any back support. Usually, you will also get a few throw pillows with such models. However, body chairs are suitable only for large living rooms. Because they take up a lot of space, body chains can be an inconvenience if you don’t have enough floor space in your living room. Often people tend to confuse body chairs with oversized bean bags. But oversized bean bags are just a larger version of round bean bags.

Novelty chairs

Basically, novelty chairs look different from regular bean bag chairs. Even though they might be functionally almost the same as round chairs, some people prefer them over round chairs for their better visual appeal. Novelty chairs also come in a variety of different sizes as well. The most interesting ones among novelty chairs are the kids’ chairs that come in the shapes of animals, aeroplanes, and footballs. There are other categories of designer chairs as well. These chairs are useful for achieving a unique aesthetic for the home decor.

Tips on how to buy Bean Bags

The best place to shop for bean bags is online. Even though you might find them in some retail stores, it is less likely that you will find a good quality one. But shopping online for a chair has its own challenges. You will have to find the right one out of hundreds and thousands of different models. This is going to be an overwhelming experience. However, it will be easier if you know what factors to consider in them. Here are a few tips that you can follow while shopping for them.

  • Look for the fill material – The comfort and longevity of the chair depend on the filling of the chair. Chairs with polystyrene bead fill are really soft and lightweight. But the downside is that they tend to break down over time. Another option is polyurethane foam. While they are also soft and comfortable, chairs with polyurethane beads are heavy and not very portable.
  • Check its comfort – The external material, the filling, and the structure of the chair dictate how comfortable the chair is going to be. If you are buying a chair to use as a recliner or a lounge chair, then it should have proper back support as well to avoid back pain. In that case, it is better not to go for a chair that is too soft. A firmer chair will be better at providing a good sitting posture.
  • Choose durability – Bean bags can cost you as much as a low-end recliner. When you have so much money for a chair, then you better make sure that it is going to last for years to come. Look for a filling that does not break down within a couple of years and look for an external material that won’t peel off. If there are kids or pets in the house, you also need something that is easy to clean. A fabric chair that absorbs water is a big no-no.
  • Look for the size – Not all chairs are of the same size. Kids chairs are not suitable for grownups. Most bean bags chairs use things like circumference, length, width and height to communicate the size of the chair. However, you can’t directly compare these to the dimensions of a regular chair because bean bags usually have a rounder body.

Apart from all the essential furniture, you need for your home to complete, the floor cushion is a comfy addition. You can place it anywhere at any corner of your room. So, with the help of the above tips listed, you can pick one of your choices. Browse We are the best retail search engine with 500+ brands & shops allied with us. Thus, choose from the myriad collection of products with the best price tag.

Question & Answer

Are bean bags worth it?

Chairs are limited in capability when it comes to adapting to the boy of the person sitting on it, but ben bags can. The soft filling inside them can conform to the contour of whoever sits on them. That is why they are really comfortable even when they feel firmer than the soft cushions of chairs. Also, they can be versatile. You can sit on them, recline on them, or even sleep on them. The bag will change the shape depending on how you are using it. When you compare the price of a bag to a really comfortable recliner, the former is much more affordable.

Are bean bags good for your back?

Bean bags are, in fact, an anomaly among chairs. If you think about it, they do not fit any conventional definition of a chair. But are they really good for your back? Well, there are two things to consider here. One is the quality of the chair itself. Not all of these chairs are meant to be used for long hours. Chairs for relaxing, usually, have nice back support. A good quality chair will curve in such a way to provide optimal lumbar support. But the most important factor is the way you choose to sit. You should assume a comfortable position while lounging on one of these with your shoulders, neck, and back in a comfy posture.

What are the cons of a bean bag?

Despite the benefits of a bean bag, there are also some obvious downsides to them. For one thing, they are not as durable as other furniture. A really good bag will last for about ten years or more. But because of the soft and compressive nature of the beans, the chair will flatten over time and eventually become unusable. Secondly, it is difficult to get up from a bean chair. On a normal chair, there are some solid parts where you can hold for support, but that’s not the case with a bean bag. This makes them almost unusable for older folks.