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For all moms-to-be, planning the arrival of their little munchkin is a mixture of excitement and stress. This is especially true when setting up the baby room. Yes, it’s fun to set up that perfect baby room that you’ve always dreamed of. But, getting your baby’s nursery comes with a ton of pressure. We’re here to help ease that! In this article, we give you some essential baby room items you ought to include in your tot’s room checklist. Plus, we also give you a few tips to buy baby room furniture online in UAE in a hassle-free manner. So, scroll on! 

Sleep, eat, play and repeat – this is pretty much what your babies will be doing for the first few months. Therefore, you ought to create an ideal space for your tot’s to do that. From the ideal baby bassinets to sleep on to the right lighting and playthings, there’s a lot that you need to do when it comes to tot’s rooms. Setting up a designated space for your babies not only keeps them safe but also helps you tend to them in an easy manner. Apart from that, they make you and your baby more comfortable while sleeping. That said, let’s take a look at the essential items you’d need to set up an ideal room or space for your baby. 

Top essential items for a baby room 

The baby boutiques in general have a score of items out there. All of them seem to be absolutely essential to your munchkin’s future well-being and happiness. But the truth is, babies are simple! Only a few things tend to be genuinely important, and everything else is merely nice to have. So direct your energies to pick out the below essential tot’s room items. The listed items ensure to turn any part of your home – whether a corner in your master bedroom or what used to be your zone out space- into a highly functional baby room! 

The baby room furniture

No tot’s rooms are complete without the right furniture. Any tot’s room furniture is the central piece of the room. Today, you have several pieces of furniture specifically aimed at keeping your baby at peace while sleeping, playing, and eating. Besides, some tot room furniture aids you in feeding and putting them to sleep. One such classic furniture example is the rocking chair. However, one of the must-haves is of course the crib or a bassinet. Whether you choose a simple one or an elaborate version, your kid’s sleeping bed will likely be the focal point of the nursery. Other essential tot room furniture includes bedding, changing table, storage baskets, dressers, and cloth hampers. 

The baby bedroom sets

Sleep for your baby is something that’s very important for their growth. They need to have peaceful and adequate sleep for their body development. This is why you need to channelize your energy in picking the best bedding sets and mattresses for your tot’s room. A clean and dry mattress makes sure that your baby sleeps well. But, remember, you ought to get the right cribbing set too. They not only shield the mattress but also keep the dampness away from the mattress if your little one wet the bed. Apart from that, they keep your tots cosy and warm when they’re asleep. Some of the best baby nursery furniture includes Mickey Mouse themed bedding sets and cribs from Disney. 

The unique nursery accessories

You’ve probably gathered up all the essential items your tot’s room needs. But, don’t forget a few little nursery items for your baby’s bedroom that are sure to make those upcoming days a whole lot easier. Let’s begin with a night light. Of course, your baby wouldn’t be afraid of the dark for at least another year. The light is for you! A nightlight or a dimmer keeps you at bay from stubbing your toes when you stumble to pick your baby at 2 am. A few such unique items for your baby room include one-minute masterpieces, open baskets, a fan, a bouncer seat, sturdy boxes, a baby registry and a journal to pen down memories or note important things. 

The baby room decoration items

You might not care what you do to their room, but it’s the first space you’ll welcome your tot into. And this space that welcomes them into the world should boast a calming, inviting, and fun atmosphere.  Of course, the room also needs to be functional and comfortable too. And to do this, you need to add a few decoration items to your baby room arsenal. One such item is a fun light. The light not only refines your room aesthetics but also helps you to walk in the dark while your baby is asleep. Similarly, you can dress up the changing table, choose fun stickers, ceiling lights, interestingly designed crib, gliders, colourful upholstery, cute storage pieces, and many more as such.

Tips on how to buy Baby essentials online

Search for the baby room furniture or any other items and you’ll be bombarded with numerous products. Indeed, you can be easily overwhelmed with this sheer variety of tot’s room items. A few items are essential, while most of the others are enticing and not necessary. So how do you know which one to choose? Or how can you pick the best one among the lot? Here are a few tips on how to pick your tot’s room furniture online.

  • Know the essentials and non-essentials – The list of things to include in a baby room is endless. From mattresses to fancy lights and bassinets, the checklist never seems to end. This is why you must know how to differentiate between products that are essentials and those that are there for just upping the aesthetic game. Understanding this would make your buying process much easy.
  • Do a bit of research – Even before you start your search online for the tot’s room products, you must conduct thorough research on the products you intend to buy. Try and figure out the best places to buy baby bedding, furniture, and various other tot’s room items before you start your hunt online. The more you know about the product the better it is.
  • Look for various options – Remember, each tot’s room furniture, light, or mattress has several versions and options. Therefore, it would be best if you explore a few options before you make your final call. Try and compare the different versions and then make the final call on the product you intend to buy.
  • Keep the baby’s gender in mind – Are you having a girl or a boy? Even though your babies would be least concerned about the look of their room, it’s in your interest to set up the room in the best possible way. Both boy and girl babies have different likings. For instance, there are colour differences like blue for boys and pink for girls. Hence, consider your baby’s gender before you buy the items.
  • Quality check is important – You do not want to put your baby’s health in jeopardy. Therefore, make sure that any product you buy for your tot’s room is baby-friendly. Look out for the materials, the finish and the colour. In short, you mustn’t compromise on the quality of the products that you buy for your nursery.
  • Go for branded products – One of the best ways to make sure that you have high-quality baby room essentials is to grab them from a reputed brand. Some of the well-known brands that you can consider buying the baby room essentials from include Tommee Tippee, Childhome, Babymoov, Graco, 4moms, and Dorel Juvenile.
  • Set aside a budget – Your tot room essentials come in different price ranges. The price usually depends on the product you’re buying, the brand, the quality, and the place from where you’re purchasing the product. It’s likely that you’ll come across both expensive and cheap baby room furniture. Thus, it’s better to set aside a budget before you head out to buy the essentials.
  • Read reviews online – One of the best ways to understand the quality and performance of the baby room product is to check their online reviews. Many parents take time to genuinely review the product they purchase online. Having a look at those comments and feedback helps you put yourself in their shoes and understand the quality and product you’re about to buy.

Now you know that selecting a baby room furniture or for that matter, any other item isn’t a cakewalk. You should scrutinise and prioritise among the essential things and the ones that are there for just fancy. Follow the above tips to make things easier for yourself. However, in the end, everything boils down to your personal choice. You know better what’s best for your kid. So, be smart and choose wisely.


Question & Answer

What should the baby’s room temperature be?

Keeping your baby safe in your house is a priority. Likewise, you also need to take a few important steps to create a safe sleeping environment. This not only ensures a good night’s rest for the baby, but for everyone around. Keeping your baby’s room cool yet comfortable is one way to make sure that your tot gets a peaceful sleeping environment. It’s recommended to keep the tot’s room temperature between 68 and 72 Fahrenheit when appropriately dressed.

What colour baby’s room can be?

Did you know the colours do not matter to babies when they’re firstborn? That’s because they can see the world only in black and white. But yes, you can introduce a few colours to your baby room, except the colour red, as it creates confusion for the baby when it first sees it. Some of the best and calming colours ideal for the tot’s rooms include subdued blues, muted greens, pale purples, pastel pinks, earthy neutrals, soft whites, and glacial greys.

How to set baby room?

Setting up a baby’s room requires a lot of thought. But it’s fun too. However, the most important part is selecting the essential items for your tot’s room. From curtains to furniture and unique decoration items, there’s a lot that goes into the baby room checklist. Regardless of what you buy, you should make sure that the product you buy is of top-notch quality. Apart from that, you should see what fits your space the best.

Can a baby’s room be too dark?

Daytime and nighttime mean very little to your little ones. So being bright or not wouldn’t change the way your babies see. However, never make your baby’s room pitch black. A moderate darkroom is good for your babies as dark promotes melatonin. It is a hormone that’s crucial for your baby to settle and sleep well for the night. You could install a low voltage light just to see your baby is okay when you wake up in the middle of the night.

So are you ready to welcome your munchkin home? Do you have everything set? No? Check out the baby room essentials on You’ll find various choices to choose from popular brands right here on our product search engine. Better yet, you can purchase them from popular online stores like Mamas & Papas.