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Tots require a lot of stuff- and as newbie parents, you all know that this usually isn’t a do-it-once shopping experience. From diapers to clothes and age-appropriate playthings, as parents, you have a lot of things to consider. One, and most among them is the baby’s sleep time. You should have baby furniture that gives them a good night’s sleep.  This is where the baby boxes enter. These baby cardboard boxes make your baby’s sleep-time worthwhile. In this post, we shall look at various aspects of baby cardboard boxes and some useful tips on how to buy cardboard boxes online in the UAE

Typically, a baby cardboard box for a newborn is a place for the baby to sleep in. But what’s so special about the baby cardboard box? Well, the basic reason for using these boxes is to get yourself a cheap and easy way to avoid having a baby sleep in the parent’s bed. Besides, these boxes tend to be way better than other places. Other places pose a threat of accidentally smothering to your baby’s face with pillows, blankets or parental body parts. The contemporary baby cardboard boxes help families prepare for the arrival of their baby. In short, it gives them a safe and comfy place to sleep in. There’s a lot more that you need to know about these boxes. Let’s check them out. 

The different aspects of the cardboard box for baby to sleep in 

These essentially are simple, non-toxic cardboard boxes that include a fitted sheet and a firm mattress. Apart from offering your baby a comfy, safe place to sleep, the box also is a great choice for parents who do not have adequate space for a crib or a bassinet. Besides, every parent knows that it’s dangerous for the baby to sleep in a bed. Although it comes in a simple cardboard type structure, you’ll still find some cuter versions of the basic model. Most of them tend to be cheerfully decorated for a cool look. Below we’ve compiled a few more facts and aspects of the baby cardboard box that you ought to know before choosing it. 

The brief history of the Finnish cardboard box

Have you ever heard about the Finnish boxes? For decades, the Finns have given every expectant mother in their country a new baby cardboard box. This tradition of the Finns dates back to the 1930s. The box is designed to give all children an equal start in life no matter what their background is. The mothers had a choice between the baby cardboard boxes and opting for a cash grant instead. However, most opted for the box, as it offered mothers what they needed to look after their munchkins. Nevertheless, this simple and smart idea caught on beyond Finland. Now you can buy them online. You can even find free box programs popping in Canada, England, and now in the UN as well. 

The contents of the cardboard box crib

Initially, these boxes were a gift from the government, it still is in someplace. However, expectant mothers who stay at places where this isn’t an option can buy them online. The baby cardboard boxes usually contain a small mattress, bedding, a sleeping bag, bathing products for the baby, bodysuits, as well as nappies.  With cosy bedding and mattress at the bottom, the cardboard box becomes the baby’s first bed. Several children have their first naps within the safety of the box’s four walls. Fact is, it’s like a starter kit of clothes, toys, and sheets that you can even use as a bed. Some even say, this bed allowed many nations, including Finland to achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates. 

The safety of the cardboard box baby bed

Generally, most countries across the world consider boxes to be safe. But are they really good for an infant to sleep in? Recently, the American Academy of Paediatrics weighed in on their safety. The verdict – they aren’t really sure! However, currently, there isn’t yet enough evidence on the potential dangers of using the baby cardboard box for the babies to sleep in. In fact, their popularity and effectiveness in offering the babies a safe sleep environment have surpassed the knowledge of the safety the board has. In short, you can confidently buy a box if you’re expecting a little munchkin. 

Guidance to parents who choose to use a baby cardboard box

There are certain things, you as expecting parents must keep in mind if you choose to go with the baby cardboard box. Firstly, beware that there’s no direct evidence that the use of boxes will reduce infant mortality. Also, remember, some boxes may be of higher quality and offer you more safety than others. Moreover, you should always ensure that the bedding and mattresses offered with the boxes are of the best quality. Any substandard mattresses may fail to provide your babies the desired comfort and sound sleep. Apart from that, use the boxes for your baby’s daytime naps only and do not leave the baby unattended or out of your view.

Tips on how to buy Baby Boxes online

Buying baby products is always an overwhelming process. Considering the numerous options out there, nothing seems to change in the case of the baby boxes too. However, this need not be the case if you know what to look for when buying the baby boxes online. To make things easier for you, we’ve listed here a few useful tips that’ll help you easily navigate through the numerous options online, and get the best cardboard box baby crib for your babies to sleep in.

  • Know your requirements – This is always the first step in choosing any sort of furniture. Well, nothing’s different for boxes too. Although the boxes tend to be more like a goodies box, you still need to know and understand what you want before you begin your search online. Every box is different, and not all of them might suit your needs.
  • Consider age – From babies to toddlers and older kids, your children pass through various phases of life. Thoughtful manufacturers have created age-specific boxes. And as parents, you must know that not all things suit them at every age. Therefore, it’s best to consider your tot’s age before you pick a baby cardboard box.
  • Explore your options – By now you must’ve figured out that there are numerous options of boxes out there. Some are large, and have several goodies, while you’ll also find compact bassinet sized boxes that house thoughtful items. Therefore, try and explore as many options as you can, so that you can easily buy your pick.
  • Check out the goodies – All boxes are different from one another, although the idea behind each one of them remains the same. Some are best for keepsake, while the others are an ideal choice for gifting to the parents-to-be. Make sure to check out the various items that come inbox. Try and pick the boxes that suit your tot’s age and buy the ones that you require.
  • Keep an eye on the quality – Be it a keepsake box, a subscription box, or a normal bassinet sized box, you ought to look out for quality. Only a superior quality baby cardboard box offers you, your desired items. One of the best ways to ensure that you have first-hand quality boxes is to pick them from well-renowned brands online.
  • Consider the price – Each baby cardboard box comes in different sizes with different goodies in it. Apparently, you’ll find them at different price tags too. You’ll find both expensive and economical options. Hence, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you start exploring the numerous options online. You can also get a few cheap baby cardboard cribs for sale if you’re a serious economiser.
  • Read online reviews – Apart from buying from the best brands, one of the best ways of evaluating your pick is to look up a few reviews about the product online. Several parent-to-be, serious buyers take time to review the product they buy online. Try and pick those boxes that come with a maximum number of positive feedbacks.

Indeed, these tips ensure to get you your best boxes. However, in the end, everything boils down to your personal preference. Besides, you also need to make sure that you’re buying something that fits within your budget without compromising on the quality. Of course, several popular brands bring you a plethora of premium-quality choices, but you should be able to understand and study the pros and cons of each one before settling in for a choice.

Question & Answer

When should you get a baby box?

Ideally, it’s best to get your baby cardboard box when the expectant mothers are close to their due date, usually at about 32 to 36 weeks. This is also the ideal time to gift any expectant mothers close to you. However, many a time, you can also buy them a little early if you’re someone who organises things a little early. This way you can check out the quality and durability of the box before your baby arrives.

Where to buy baby cardboard boxes online in UAE?

Certain governments, like the Finnish, offer expectant mothers free baby cardboard boxes. However, you can also purchase them if you like. You can find several online stores across UAE that offers some stylish boxes. If you’re vigorously looking out for one, then do check out the options on Our product search engine offers you the biggest collection of chic and comfy baby boxes for your munchkins to sleep in. What’s more, you can buy their highest quality versions from the top-rated brands and on your favourite online stores right here with just a click.

An always-thoughtful way of welcoming a new addition and celebrating the arrival of your little one is with the best baby boxes. You could buy them as a gift for your loved one and also always get them for yourself. Either way, pick something that fits your deal. So get started and explore the baby cardboard box option right here on