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About Marzipan

Marzipan is a confection made of honey or sugar and ground almonds. They are sometimes augmented with almond extracts and oils.

Generally, marzipans fall under the category of sweets . The most common uses are seen in chocolate-covered marzipans and small size imitation of vegetables and fruits. They are also used in baking biscuits or rolled into thin sheets. In modern confectionary, they are ideal yet expensive items for icing cakes and as a glaze. They are highly in demand for wedding cakes, birthday, Christmas and other special occasion cakes. At times marzipan paste is also used as an ingredient as banket or stolen. On special occasions, they are also used as a traditional treatment for Christmas or in tortels.

Everything you need to know about marzipan

Almost marzipans are a mixture of two main products: ground flour and almonds. At times sugar syrup is also used instead of powder sugar. At times certain types of nuts are also used in making marzipan with some unique taste. Although we do not have the real information of where and when it came into existence but it is assumed that it came from somewhere in Europe, France, Estonia and Hungry. Along with many other countries, it is a traditional product of Christmas in the Netherlands, Germany and Norway. But before you start using marzipan sweets, here is some basic information that is important for you.

Properties of marzipan

It is an important part of modern confectionery items. In many parts of the world, it is quite popular in rolls with peanuts. One of the basic ingredients is sweet or bitter almonds while the other one is sugar. At the time the almonds are replaced with other types of nuts or come in a combination of different types of nuts and almonds. The taste varies based on the type and quantity of nuts added to the marzipan. Likewise, different flavours give corresponding odours and dyes. Overall speaking, today we can find about 500 different species of marzipan around the globe.

The common uses of marzipan

As it is mainly made of almonds, it has a sufficient amount of content of vitamin E, which is almost equal to walnuts. The natural content of marzipan makes it extremely antioxidant and helps in fighting nervous tension and stress. Also based on different uses of this delicacy, you can use them as a healthy part of your daily diet. For varying taste and variety in intakes they are used as cake or pastry filling and decorations; as a fond and basic ingredient in candies and many other types of confectionaries. The use of marzipan also varies from one part to the other across the globe.

Potential harms of marzipan

As almonds are the basic content of marzipan the calories content will be appropriate. Estimate, 100 grams contains almost 480 calories. So using a large quantity can have a negative impact on the figure. Therefore if you are trying to lose weight, using it cannot be a great idea. However, studies also state that formulae contain a higher amount of carbohydrates and fats. Also if you are allergic to almonds or any type of nuts, it should be out of your list. However, for allergies from specific nuts only, you can change the nut ingredient whilst still enjoying the amazing taste.

Creative benefits of marzipans in baking

As they are versatile in taste and ingredients, they are appreciated by many across the globe. And with the increasing demands and ease of use, they are helping bakers to be creative. You can use it just like a play-doh for adults and make tiny Christmas trees or succulents. You can also colour them with any fondant to mimic animal, vegetable or any decorative item your main course. Even if you want to entertain your wedding guests with a unique taste, it is here to help. Or you can use them in princess cakes with chocolate marzipan or build a unique Disney inspired castle cake for your little one.

Tips on how to buy Marzipan online in the UAE 

When it comes to serving your guest with something unique and delicious, you will need to put in a little more effort and money. Good quality and tasty products will always cost you a bit more than many ingredients that you will need for baking. But if you have a limited budget buy marzipan almond paste online from a trusted seller. At you can find several brands selling the best marzipan to buy.  However while choosing the best product online, you need to be careful about certain elements. Here we are going to share some thoughts on how you can make a smart purchase online.

  • Quantity and weight – First of all you need to decide the quantity you will need for specific baking needs. It may depend on if you are using it along with other ingredients or you want to make some independent cookies with it. The quantity will determine the weight you will need.
  • Look for the trusted brand – When it comes to food and beverages, quality is always important. Settling for lower quality to save some bucks is never a good idea. Always look for products from top-rated brands. Check for the available options on different brands and choose one that suits your needs.
  • Price – When you head to buy from brands, there will always be an additional cost. But paying a bit extra is worth it as it will save you from later health issues. However, at we are keen to help our customers find the best products at lesser rates. All you need to do is to use the unique price comparison tool to find cheap items from top trusted brands online.
  • Expiry date – It is made of nuts and other ingredients that may expire or change taste with the passage of time. Even if they come with strong preservatives, they will have a limited life. So it is better to buy a limited quantity that you won’t need to store or discard after some time. So look at the expiry date that comes on the product packaging before you buy.
  • Customer reviews – There are dozens of companies selling them online. Each comes with its individual USP. Besides choosing the best brand, you should also pay attention to what users have to say about the specific product. Try to buy a   product with higher customer reviews and ratings online.

In the end, you should consider the ingredient sensitivities if you have any. It comes in different types of nuts. So if you are keen to use it in your baking, look for products that do not contain any harmful materials.  You should also keep the fact in mind that there will be a change in taste with the ingredients. To find a variety of products online, explore and buy the best possible flavour for your next gathering.

Question & Answer

What is the difference between Marzipan and almond paste?

Although the main ingredient in almond marzipan and almond paste is raw almonds, they still vary from each other. According to experts, they are two entirely different creatures as marzipan is sweet, smooth. It is often dyed and moulded into shapes. Also, it is used to cover the sweets just like fondants and eaten raw as well. Almond paste on the other hand is coarser and less sweet. It is also used as a filling for baked goods or an ingredient in different recipes.

Can you eat raw Marzipan?

Yes, you can eat it in its raw form. They are versatile still underused because most people do not know the uses of different types. Despite you can eat it raw, it is not recommended in many cases. This is mainly because of the raw ingredients used in making marzipan. As it contains a high level of nuts, they can cause allergies, health issues and much other sensitivity in people with different health issues.

Why is Marzipan so expensive?

It is expensive because of the almonds in it. Generally, the best marzipan to cover cakes is 1 part almonds and 3 parts of sugar. It is flexible and smooth, hence easier to craft in any shape or size. The common price for these types of cakes is about 100 USD for 14 kilos. This is a considerably high cost when we talk about cake decorations. The higher cost individually is the reason why custom cakes are expensive.

Where can I buy Marzipan online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying high quality yet cheap food and beverages online in the UAE, always find a reliable retail search engine . Just like many users across the UAE, you can trust This is where you can find top brands like Marzipan World, Ritter Sport, Dr Oetker, Acorns, and Coop. You can also use the price comparison tool to compare products with brands like Lakeland, Love Marzipan, Martha Stewart, or Miss Marzipan.

Besides you can also explore and buy products from top shops and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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