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About Lollipops

A lollipop is a type of candy that usually consists of a hard mixture of sugar that is mounted on a stick and is intended for licking or sucking.

There are many informal words used for lollipops around the globe. These substitute names include sucker, lolly or sticky pops etc. As it is a widely liked form of candy, we can find them in many different shapes and flavours. According to historians, the idea of a lollipop- or a hard sweet treat on a stick- has been there for more than millennia. However, each Egyptian, Arab and Chinese culture had its forms of lollipops. But as per the records, the modern-day lollipop was invented by George Smith. Reportedly he came up with the idea after seeing someone putting honey and caramel on the stick- the idea stuck around to date.

Reasons lollipops are the best type of candies

Lollipop candy is the best and the most selling type of candies you can find around the globe. And without any doubt, there is no other type that can come closer to the lollipops. This is major because of the variety of sizes, flavours, and shapes available around the globe. And the amazingly refreshing flavours also make them a perfect summer treat. And with increasing demands, you can find a wide variety of lollies around the globe including jolly rancher lollies, Dum-Dum, swirl lollies or caramel apple pops. Here are some of the many reasons why you should have a Lolli in your bag all the time.

They can stand the heat

Unlike gummy candies, popsicles, or ice creams that can quickly melt in slightly higher temperatures, a Lolli can last longer. So at times when the prior mentioned sweet treats can be a mess on hot days, it can be the best and the easiest way to keep your sugar level managed on the go. Also, unlike melting ice creams of gummy candies that will melt in the sun, a Lolli can leave your hands clean and won’t stick to your hands. Here you can try Hot-pops that come in different flavours with chilli on one side and a sour flavour on the other. This sweet and sour combination is prevalent in Mexico.

They are an ideal distraction

There are times when you need fun, flavour and adventure in your life without much effort. Or at times when you have to stand in line for hours to get your things done. They can be a great yet delicious time pass. Many people love enjoying them on slow days at work or while counting hours until you reach the road trip destination. A long-lasting flavoured Lollies can keep you distracted from many things for quite some time. With lesser stress of things coming up and long hours to wait, these pops offer considerable peace of mind. This is one of the reasons why adults and kids alike appreciate the tasty distraction.

A great flavoured gift idea

You can put lollies in your little prince/princess birthday party piñata, or even in the guest treat bags. Or you can serve some fancy customized lollies to your wedding guests as a party favour. You can also put them as a quick snack option at the summer get-togethers or reunions. Undoubtedly, people of all ages love to have and enjoy lollies as they make an affordable and delicious gift. To give a try to the idea, you can think of getting rainbow lollies or chocolate lollies for your guest at the upcoming gathering. Otherwise, you can pick big lollies in flavours like bubblegum, lemonade or sour green apple.

Variety in Shapes – Flavors- Sizes

Just like the way holidays allow you to spend your time in new places, they serve you the opportunity to treat your taste buds. They are sleek, generally smaller in size and still can serve you as many flavours as you wish for. The smaller size allows you to carry more than one flavour in your pocket, backpack or small purse. For added fun, you can choose from different shapes and colours to boost your mood. Or you can explore you find lolly with multiple flavours on one stick. Other pops will have lasting flavour. Or they will have exceptionally vivid colours and exotic tastes from around the globe.

Tips on how to buy Lollipops and gumdrops online in the UAE  

When it comes to buying food and beverages online, quality is always of core importance. Just like any other edible item available online, you can use a retail search engine to find the best sellers. At you can find the best melody pops or unicorn lollipops price in the UAE. However, not all options are suitable for all age groups or occasions. This is why buying a suitable option can be a task to deal with.  In this section of the article, we are going to share some thoughts on how you can buy a suitable lolly from available options online.

  • Look for an age-appropriate option – Age is of great importance as not all types, flavours and ingredients are suitable for toddlers or kids at an early age. So before starting your search, consider the occasion and the type of age group of guests you are buying pops for.
  • Look into ingredients – Always read the product description section carefully. This is where you can find the complete list of ingredients that are added to the product. For kids, it is always better to buy products with lesser preservatives and more organic items.
  • Packaging – The look and feel are essential if you are buying for a special occasion. For birthday parties, you can look for spiral pops as they come in vivid colours that can attract kids. Likewise, for adults, you can choose different sets of flavours and packaging.
  • Focus on details – Here you will need to consider the size and shape of the pops. Luckily at you will have the freedom to pick different flavours, sizes and shapes of pops. For variety on your table, pick different sizes and shapes.
  • Brand – As we are talking about edible items, quality is of great importance. Low-quality items can cause any harm to the consumer. However, buying high-quality items can cost you a bit extra, yet still, it’s worth investing in pops from top brands.

When transacting for your order, do have a look at the customer reviews about specific brands or products. A rule of thumb is that the products with higher customer reviews will be better. But reading the comments of previous buyers will give you a better idea about the taste and other specifications of the products. We will also recommend you to look at more than one brand before purchasing as there can be a price difference in many products.

Question & Answer

What are the best lollipops for toddlers?

Besides many other, Saf-T-Pops are one of the ideal options for young children. These pops come with an enclosed pouch and safety loop handle that offer the parents complete peace of mind. These pops are ideal for toddlers and are also known as lolli-pops with loops. Another common name is doctor pops. Other bestselling items for kids at early ages include Yum-Earth Organic pops, Variety Pack; Koochi-Koo Sugar-Free Organic Pouch; and the Zolli-pops Clean Teeth.

Why is it called a lollipop?

According to the book, “Food for Thought: The Extraordinary Little Chronicles of the World” the inventor George Smith named them “Lolly Pop.” Later these candies on sticks were registered and trademarked in the name of “lolli-pop” in the year 1931.  According to records, the term “lolli-pop” is derived from “lolly” means tongue and “pop” meaning slap.  Referring to the literal meaning of the term, they are still known as lolli-pops.

How many types of lollipops are there?

Today these sweets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours that account for about 100 different types. Whether you wish for tootsie pop, charms pop pops with a cricket inside you can find them all. Some lollies come with filling like bubble gum or flavoured soft cadies. At the same time, others have two or more flavours on the same stick. Many items have unusual items like mealworm larvae that are embedded in candy. You can explore to find and buy different types of candies.

Where can I buy lollipops online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying high quality yet cheap food and beverages online in the UAE, always find a reliable retail search engine. Just like many users across the UAE, you can trust This is where you can find top brands like Dum Dums, Jolly Rancher, Blow Pops, Lifesavers, Smartie or Sweetarts. You can also use the price comparison tool to compare products with brands like Jelly Belly, Starburst, or Warhead.

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