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About Licorices

Do you know that the liquorice (or Licorice) flavour is a part of a wide range of sweets and candies that you commonly see on the food and beverage racks? However, in most cases, the taste is reinforced by aniseed oil. Hence, we can see that the actual content of liquorice is shallow.  

Whereas in some parts of the world the liquorice drops are a popular form of sweets. Today liquorice is sold in different forms. You can find them mixed with mint, menthol, laurel or aniseed and these combinations are the most famous of all. In Finland it is sold as a mixture with salmiak (ammonium chloride), a renowned variant in the Netherlands is also known as salty liquorice. In many parts, the dried roots of liquorice are used as confectionery items. In this case, they are sold as sticks to chew as candy. While chewing and sucking the intense flavour is released.  

Everything you need to know about liquorice 

The liquorice root is believed to be one of the oldest herbs—evidence links black liquorice used in ancient herbal remedies. Southern Europe and Western Asia have been using liquorice to treat different ailments and add flavour to candies, medicines, and drinks. Despite its use for decades, lesser scientific researchers back the root. However, what always rests on the table is it does bring many health risks. Therefore, before you head to buy liquorice candy or Haribo liquorice, let us go through some necessary information about the herb.  

Using the liquorice root 

Medical uses of liquorice date back to ancient Egyptian history. In those times the root was made into the sweet drink for royals and Pharos. Later the evidence shows the use of root in traditional Chinese, Greek, and Middle Eastern medications. It was mainly used for soothing upset stomach, treating upper respiratory issues, and reducing inflammation. However, in the modern day, it is used to treat issues like heartburn, hot flashes, acid reflux, viral/bacterial infections, coughs, etc. With such common uses, the liquorice is available in tablets, liquid supplements, or capsules.  

Potential benefits for skin 

Research has recently shown that liquorice root is a beneficial ingredient in many medical formulae and treatments. At first, it offers many benefits for the skin. It contains more than 300 compounds, some of which demonstrate significant antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects. With that said the liquorice root extracts could be used for treating a variety of skin conditions including eczema and acne. For the same reason, you can also find liquorice gels for treating acne. However, the effectiveness is yet to be tested.  

Reduced digestive issues 

Acid reflux is a common problem faced by people today. Issues like burning or delay indigestion follow it. These root extracts can be used to relieve symptoms of indigestion, including heartburn and upset stomach. To get such advantage, you can take 75 mg capsules twice daily. Doing so for a month can significantly improve the symptoms. The extract can also alleviate issues related to gastroesophageal reflux disease. Studies also suggest that using this root daily can result in some serious health issues as well.

Help in peptic ulcers and cancers 

Peptic ulcers mean painful sores that are developed in your stomach, small intestine, and lower oesophagus. Commonly they are a result of inflammation caused by known as H. Pylori. This root and glycyrrhizin can help reduce the peptic ulcer. Likewise, the licorice has anti-cancer properties and is found to be highly effective for certain types of cancers. Studies show them playing a role in slowing down or preventing cancer cells’ growth in breast, skin, colorectal and prostate cancers.  

Tips on how to buy Licorice candy online in the UAE 

When it comes to edible items, knowledge about each ingredient can be lifesaving information. No matter if you are going to a brick-and-mortar store or exploring shops online to buy the best black liquorice candy, knowledge about the product is important. You should know all the insensitivities the consumer may suffer after eating these candies. Therefore, before you add something to your shopping cart, know what you should consider while buying the liquorice for sale online in the UAE. Here are some pointers to help.

  • Know the needs and sensitivities – Always start by considering the medical conditions (if any) and the consumer’s sensitivities. There are different types available in the market, and the ingredients in some might do more harm than help. So always consider the sensitivity factor while choosing liquorice products for purchase.
  • Look for the brand – When it comes to edible items, compromising quality is never an option. Please consider buying from brands. However, if you have a limited budget, check products on more than one brand. For a quick search, you can consider using the price comparison tool at
  • Know the ingredients – It is always important to read the product description section. This is where you will find all the details about the added ingredients in the sweets. Read the list and quantity of each item carefully. If you are not sure about any ingredient, consult the expert to confirm and buy only if it is approved for improving your health conditions.
  • Customer reviews – Once you get hands-on with a type of product that looks feasible to buy, read the customer reviews to wash off all the remaining doubts from your mind. This section will explain to you much about the usage to care instruction for using the specific product.

Most of the users wish to buy these sweets online in the UAE. But at you can find much more than that including specially made capsules and gels for special needs. To buy an appropriate item, you need to do some market search. It is always a great idea to consult your physician and know what products can benefit you or any elder or child in your family. No matter what your physician suggests, we guarantee that you will find all those products at

Question & Answer

Can liquorice cause high blood pressure?

Yes, medical studies suggest that the consumption of licorice can cause extremely high blood pressure. It can also lead to a dangerously low potassium level that leads to conditions otherwise known as hypoxemia. This is because these sweets contain glycyrrhizin acid that sets off a pronounced chain reaction to biochemical events in the body. These chemical reactions result in causing high blood pressure.

Which liquorice candy is best?

If you like to eat these candies, some items you can buy online include Lakrid’s by Bulow; Lakrid’s B – Passion Fruit Chocolate Coated;’ or Yum Earth, Organic Licorice. Other bestselling items you can buy include Lakrid’s Bronze Chocolate Coated; Candies, Licorice Soft Original by Fazer; Carrefour Licorice Candy Tastos; or Sea Buckthorn Chocolate Coated Liquorice.

Which liquorice is gluten-free?

Gluten related allergies are common around the globe. Therefore, many brand strugglers to offer gluten-free products for users. For the same reason for liquorice, there are many gluten-free items to buy online in the UAE. Some of the bestselling items include Yum-earth organic, gluten-free licorice; Yum-earth gluten-free variety pack; nature’s way licorice root capsules; and DGL extract 500 mg 200 veggie capsules

Where to buy liquorice online in the UAE?

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