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There’s no gift better than a box of chocolates! And the best part, it’s a great present regardless of what occasion you’re celebrating. Although you can pop into any shop and grab a box of chocolates, it’s probably not worth your money. Therefore, if you want to get yourself a something that truly impress you and your receiver, you need to up your game when you want to buy chocolates online in UAE. Luckily, we’re here to help you do that! In this guide we shall take a look at some of the best chocolates in the world and a few tips to make them yours!

You probably think that you know everything about these cocoa candies, considering the fact that nowadays they’re widely available. For instance, the higher the percentage of cocoa the more bitter the chocolate, right? Wrong! Not necessarily. Besides, what exactly is cocoa? Cocoa are the primary ingredients in making chocolate making. They’re a kind of beans that come from Theobroma cacao tree. And hence, many refer cocoa as ‘cacao’ too. Nevertheless, when it comes to their variety, our beloved bars have come a long way in complexity and quality. That said, let’s take a look at some of the best cocoa candies out there for you to relish.

The finest chocolates for you to relish

The sheer variety of cocoa candies is nearly endless. From inexpensive candy bars to bonbons and gourmet chocos, you’ll find one that suits everyone’s taste. It symbolises romantic love, and it also depicts luxurious pleasure. You can buy it for yourself or for someone else as a loving gesture. But then, you ought to know which ones to pick and for that you should know a few different options that you can get your hands on. Here we’re rounding up a few best chocolates in UAE to buy from the wide-ranging choice out there on the market.

The dark chocolate

Once considered a rare treat, is now a mainstream in many dishes. In fact, it has become the snack of the choice for many healthy eaters. Besides, it feels decadent, tastes great, and has researched health benefits. Look out for high cocoa content, low sugar content, no added flavour, and processed at low temperatures when you want to purchase chocolates for diabetes or when you have any other health condition. Some of the healthy dark chocolate brands that you can consider buying them from include Pascha, Endangered Species, Alter Eco, Taza, Green & Blacks, and many more.

The best white chocolate

White chocolate has always been a star in the pastry world. That’s because this variation to the cocoa can be a boon to many who prefer an extra-sweet candy. That said, an excellent starter is the white chocolate artisan from Amedei. The price may tend to be a little high, but, it’s worth the money you pay. Further, if you’re looking out for an organic option, then go ahead and pick your organic white chocolate bar from Green & Black’s versatile collection. Similarly, you could also find several top notch choices at brands like Nestle, M & Ms Kit Kat, and many more as such.

The finest candy bars with a touch of cocoa and more

Candy bars are like a royalty in the world of candies. Most of these bars have chocolate, or some sort of filling to make it delicious. While all candy bar is good, there are a few notable ones that you cannot miss out on trying at least once in your lifetime. Almond Joy is one such bar. It’s an ideal bar for those who have immense love for coconuts. But then there’s more! If you love peanut butter, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you bite onto candy bars from Butterfinger. Similarly, Hershey’s brings you it’s finest bar – the cookies ‘n’ crème Bar.

The Belgian chocolate

From Leonidas to Godiva, from Neuhaus to Côte d’Or, Belgium brings you a wide range of cocoa candy brands made by world’s finest chocolatiers. But, what makes them the finest quality of sweets? Apart from the fact that the chocolatiers in Belgium only use superior quality cocoa beans, they also ensure it’s added in high quantities into the chocolates. Further, they use only pure cocoa butter for making any kind of cocoa variations. And yes, it’s true, nowhere else in the world you’ll find such a great variety and above all delicious flavours and combinations.

Tips on how to buy Chocolate online

Shopping for chocolates online is finding a viable online date. Approach the market without a plan, and you’ll easily be duped by the glossy packaging and false claims. Hence, you ought to know what you’re looking for, and you’ll find that perfect ‘sweetie’ with substance. Besides, having a few guidelines before you buy them guarantees to reduce your stress levels of finding the finest option online. That said, here are a few smart tips to help you buy them online in a hassle-free manner.
  • Know the occasion – Chocolates come in a variety of types for various occasion. You can either simply relish on a candy bar to quench your sweet tooth, or gift a box of chocolates to your beloved. Moreover, you can also find different options for chocolates for kids, adults, and people with health conditions. Therefore, it’s to know the occasion which the chocolates are for.
  • Extensive research helps – Understanding the chocolates, their types, the top sellers, manufacturers and history helps a lot when buying them online. The more you know about the product, the better it is. Plenty of knowledge about the product helps you make an informed and wise decision when purchasing them online.
  • Check out the types – As mentioned earlier in the article, you’ll find a plethora of chocolate varieties out there. You might not like all of them. Therefore, it’s best to find out the various types that suit your taste. Try and lookout for their top manufacturers, the different sizes, shapes, and sellers. Knowing the various types always gets you the best among the lot.
  • Keep an eye on the ingredients – It’s best to check the description for the ingredients of the chocolate before you buy them. That’s because, many of you might be allergic to certain components that’s used in the bars. For instance, a few of you are allergic to nuts. In such cases, you should refrain from chocolates that contain them. And for this to happen you should know the contents of the product.
  • Assess the quality – Quality is primary when it comes to chocolates. Only a superior quality product can give you the desired taste. Therefore, you should make sure not to compromise on quality when it comes to cocoas. One of the best ways to do that, is to pick them from well-known brands. Some of the brands you can consider buying them from include Cadbury, Dairy Milk, Lindt, Hershey, Kinder, Oreo, Toblerone, Godiva, M&Ms, and Reese's.
  • Set aside a budget – It’s always better to set a budget for your purchase online. This is because, you’ll find exotic and expensive chocolate options as well as cheap chocolates online in UAE for regular use and occasions. Setting a precise budget for your purchase helps you stay on track and get a chocolate that sits within your budget without compromise on quality.
  • Read review online – Many serious buyers take time to pen down their opinions about the chocolates they purchased online. It’s best to always scroll a bit below the product and take a glance at these reviews before you make the final call on your choice. Go for the product that has maximum number of positive choices.
Chocolate industry is booming and has been bringing in all sorts of chocolates in different, shapes, sizes, and types. This makes it all the more important for you to have a set of instructions to follow when you’re buying them online. Following the above tips will not only make your online shopping a breeze, but it also ensures that you get the finest one to relish on various occasions.

Question & Answer

What chocolates are in celebrations?

MARS always brings in innovative chocolate options, and one such item in their shelf is the celebrations box. The box comes with a tagline ‘share the joy’, and is a box full of mixed chocolates. This large box includes various chocolates like Maltesers, Mars, Bounty, Milky Way, Snickers, Galaxy, Twix, and more. It’s slightly expensive, however is truly worth the money.

What chocolates are gluten-free?

If you’re on a gluten-free diet, then let on having, even thinking about chocolates would seem like a crime! But, that need not be the case because you now have several gluten-free chocolate options out here on the market. Besides, many of the regular candy bars that you have might not have gluten in them. This means, they’re free from wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and more. Some of the popular brands that offer you gluten-free candies include Hershey’s, MARS, Nestle, Tootsie, Smarties, and more.

Can chocolate expire?

Chocolates in general do not have an official expiration date. However, it does come with a sell by date. And that’s because of the other contents that’s included in your candy bars. In most cases it’s perfectly fine to have yours even after the sell by date expiry. But, it’s best to stick to eating the product before that, as it would be fresh and of high-quality.

Can chocolate cause sore throat?

Yes, for some this might happen. The heartburn or sore throat that you experience after eating chocolate is a result of reflux of some of the stomach contents into the throat. Chocolate, sometimes, causes this because it contains two heartburn-triggering substances. They’re theobromine and caffeine. And since, dark chocolate has a higher content of theobromine- and caffeine-containing cocoa solids than milk chocolate, 1 oz. of dark chocolate would have a more potent heartburn-causing effect than milk chocolate.

Which chocolate to use for ganache?

Chocolate ganache is one of the staple component in pastry making. It typically has only two ingredients and that’s melted chocolate and cream. This rich creamy chocolaty mixture is incredibly versatile and you can use them in dessert sauces, truffles, whipped frostings, glazing, and icing. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right chocolate for making the ganache. Generally, you can use bittersweet chocolate, milk, semi-sweet, or white chocolate for making the ganache. From cakes, pies, pastries and chocolates itself, chocolates are omnipresent in field of food & beverage. You’ll find one for every occasion on different online shops and stores. Now that you know, why not buy one for yourself and savour them to your heart’s content? Start your search right here on Choose from some of the finest collection of chocolates from world famous brands here on our product search engine. What’s more, you can purchase them from your favourite online stores too.