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About Bonbons

Chocolate making is more science than art. The different melts, shapes, flavours added and the molecular bond that gives shape to your final piece all differ and bring out different chocolate. And one such blissful delight that you cannot miss out on when talking about sweets is the bonbons. These sweets aren’t actually hard to buy. However, you ought to know a few aspects about them before you buy. What exactly are they? How do confectionaries make them? Are they similar to truffles? Let’s answer all this for you in this guide, plus offer you some quick advice on how to purchase some of the best bonbons in the world. So enjoy the read!

First things first, let’s get to know what these delicacies are. Bonbons are confections within a thin chocolate layer. It comes with an oozy filling that spills when you take a bite. By the way, when it comes to fillings, the sky is the limit. From oozy ganache to caramel, fruit purees and more, you’ll find all kinds of fillings. Originated in the 17th century and used within the French royal court for the first time, it spread to other European countries by the middle of the 18th century. According to French law, the original bonbons must consist of 25% chocolate. Further, they can come in several forms including bite-sized chocolate, a mixture of chocolate and other edible ingredients. This means you’ll find several choices. So, let’s get to know a few of their types to make your buying process a breeze.

Varieties of bonbon chocolate that you can savour

You’ll quite often encounter the term ‘truffle’ when you’re out hunting down the best bonbons to buy online. But do not be fooled, bonbons and truffles are two different things. True truffles are a type of bonbon that comes with a ganache filling and is usually rolled in cocoa powder. Bonbons on the other hand are decorated with bright colours. Plus, they come in different shapes. They can be round, square, cone-shaped, and so on. Moreover, as mentioned earlier they come with different fillings and not just ganache, like the truffles. That said, let’s take a look at the different flavours of bonbons.

The strawberry bonbons

The strawberry version of bonbons is classic hard candies. Each piece of the candy comes with a delicate crunchy shell that’s filled with a delectable sweet strawberry flavoured filling. Individually wrapped in a unique, charming strawberry wrapper they’re an old-fashioned favourite. In fact, you can reminisce about stealing treats from your grandma’s candy dish in your childhood days. By the way, you usually buy them in bulk as these candies tend to be small in size.   Moreover, each candy weighs just about 5 pounds.

The original bonbons

As discussed earlier in the article, the earliest bonbons were probably created in the 17th century by the Parisian royal court. When it comes to entomology, the name originated as a child-like play on the French word bon (it means good in English). But even as the decades roll on, the goodness of the original bonbons remains. That’s because of its unique taste. The traditional bonbons come with a thin chocolate outer layer. However, it has an oozy filling that you get to savour when you take a bite of the sweet.

The lemon bonbons

Who doesn’t love a lemony twist to their chocolates? The sweet and sour taste – we all do love them. The lemon bonbons come with original soft centre toffee sweet with a lemon filling. Yes, there are many flavours of the bonbons out there. But these ones seem to be the best among them. The lemon casing has a good lemony flavour and is made with real lemon oil. The middle part of the candy is a firm toffee and thus gives it a brown colour. All in all, it’s a delicious chewy delicacy that you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re out searching for perfect bonbons. By the way, it’s best for vegan lovers.

The coconut bonbon

If you’re a coconut lover, then these bonbons are a must-try. This version of bonbons comes with a chocolate shell and coconut filling. The crispy texture of the coconut melts in your mouth just when you toss them in your mouth. Besides, the rich, chewy, and super moist centres of candies are filled with butter, coconut, and condensed milk. By the way, the shell that coconut filling can be dark chocolate or any other chocolate that suits your tastes. They’re a great treat to have during the Christmas season. And the best part of all this is that you can make them at home with few ingredients.

Tips on how to buy Bonbons online

Considering the sheer variety of bonbon options online, it’s better to buy them online. However, with more and more online shops offering a plethora of choices it’s quite common to get confused about which one to buy. Well, you can turn around this situation if you know what you’re looking for. Here are a few tips that’ll help you buy bonbons online in UAE in a hassle-free manner.

  • Know your needs – Even before you start your online search, it’s important to figure out your needs. Are you planning on gifting the bonbons? Or perhaps you wish to display bonbons for the candy bar? Either way, it’s better to know the purpose before you buy.
  • Do a bit of research – Research is vital to a successful online purchase. Make sure to dig deeper into the product. Understand the ingredients, wrapping styles, and varieties. This allows you to easily sort out the ones you want and the ones you don’t.
  • Look for a reliable store – Many online stores today offer several varieties of bonbons. However, remember not all of them are premium quality products. This is why it’s vital to choose a reliable online shop that offers you only the best of the bests.
  • Everyone like variety – Of course, the original versions of bonbons are great. But, it’s nice to experiment with various flavours once in a while. And fortunately, bonbons come in a variety of flavours too.
  • Look at the brand – Go for the online shops that offer you branded products. That’s because the well-known brand brings a wide range of high-quality candies in all possible versions. Although they seem to be expensive when compared to the others, the price is justified.
  • Keep an eye on the ingredients – Those of you who’re allergic to particular ingredients should always check the contents of the candies. After all, you do not want your purchase to go in vain just because you’re allergic.
  • Check out the pricing – Bonbons come in different flavours and fillings, and thus they’re priced at different rates too. You’ll find expensive ones as well as cheap chocolate bonbons. You could always get the bonbons for sale if you’re a serious economiser.
  • Check what others have to say – Reading online reviews is one of the ways of finding out the quality of the product. Besides, several online buyers take time to pen their genuine experience with the product. Reading a few of them gives you an idea about the product.

Of course, you now know what to look for when buying bonbons online. However, in the end, all that matters is the quality and your taste preference. If you have these two things sorted then you’re on the right path to finding your perfect bonbons online. Then again, the final choice always lies in what suits your taste. We hope the above tips will guide you in the right direction.

Question & Answer

How to make bonbons shiny?

Correct tempering the key to a shiny bonbon outer layer. And controlling the temperature of the chocolate that you’re supposed to layer the bonbons with is important to get the right tempering. One of the simplest ways to temper chocolate is to never let the melting chocolate heat higher than 91-92 degrees. Most manufacturers use this method to make their candies shiny. You too can do so, if you’re making them at home. For more recipes, you can look at the online sources and food bloggers and vloggers.

Can you freeze bonbons?

This depends on how the manufacturers have made the candy. If they’re shelf-stable then you can treat them in the same way as you treat any other sweets or chocolates. This involves making sure that the candy doesn’t melt, and putting them in the fridge. So, yes, you can freeze them if there’s a need to do so. For more assistance on how to save any type of sweet, you can consult any expert baker. The storing process and temperature vary according to the ingredients used. So it is important you store a sweet the right way to keep the taste and texture for long.

What are bonbons made of?

We did discuss this a couple of times earlier in the article. The bonbons comprise an outer thin layer made of chocolate. You can make this layer with any type of chocolate. Further, the candy has a gooey and oozy filling. Just like the outer layer, the fillings too can be of different flavours. Some of the common flavours include strawberry, lemon, toffee, caramel, coconut, and the chocolate itself. You can choose the one that best suits your taste.

Which bonbons are best?

The best bonbons are those that offer you immense taste, quality and a high aesthetic appeal. You could make them at home, but nothing beat store-bought versions. They’re precisely made with the right amount of everything. However, only the best quality ensures you all this. You can consider popular brands like Eiffel, Bassetts, Vimto, Pascall, Arcor, Barratt, Bon Macaron, Coop, and Hostess when you’re buying them online. Else you can explore our retail search engine to find best selling sweets and other products while staying within your budget.

Where to buy bonbons?

Several online shops and physical stores sell a plethora of delicious bonbons online. But, you need to make sure that you buy them from a reliable store to ensure the quality of the product. If you’re in search of such a platform then check out Our product search engine brings you some of the most flavoursome bonbon candies online. You can compare the price of various candy choices and pick them from your favourite online stores with just a click.

Are you ready to tickle your sweet tooth with bonbons? We bet you’re. So get started and shop for some of the delicious options from popular online shops and brands right here on And yes, do not miss to check out the other food & beverage options to buy here.