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About Iced Tea

No other soft drink can be more relaxing and fulfilling than a bottle of iced tea during the peak of summer. If you want to make it even better, then have a couple of cookies as well with your favourite refreshing ice tea.

People love to drink this tea more during summer, to cool off and to rehydrate. However, there is no time of the year in which you cannot drink it. Having a hot cup of tea or coffee when you are enjoying the sun does not sound great right. The hot beverage will not go well while you are already out in the sun. In those situations, iced tea is the go-to option. Grab a bottle of tea when you are going for a hike, at the beach, or packing for a picnic trip. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this drink. Having a better understanding of them will help you make the right choices when you buy them.

Four best-iced tea brands

One main advantage tea has over coffee is that you can add a lot of different flavours to tea. You can add a dash of lemon juice and brew lemon tea, add some ginger extract to make ginger tea, and so on and so forth. This level of flexibility does not exist with coffee. Well, that is not to say that coffee is inferior to tea though. Because different teas vary from each other quite a bit, it can be confusing at first. Here is a list of the four best bottled iced teas that are in the market as of now. This article will also give you a few tips that you can use while you are shopping.

Pure Leaf Lemon Iced Tea

What makes this tea very attractive to most people is that it tastes exactly like what people expect lemon tea to taste like. So, there is nothing polarising about this tea. Even though this tea is unlikely to have a cult following, this is a safe bet for most people. So, if you are buying iced tea for a bunch of guests and you don’t know what they might like for sure, then go for this. Pure Leaf Lemon iced tea tastes lemony, but that does not mask the taste of real tea. The sweetness level of the tea is also perfectly balanced, and nobody will find it overwhelming.

Tazo Lemon Ginger Iced tea

Iced tea is better if it has a bit more extra flavour than regular tea. In the case of Tazo tea, besides the lemon flavour, there is also a dash of ginger. One thing that most teas get wrong is that the taste of spice in those is a bit too overwhelming. Sometimes the taste of ginger might be too tangy. But this is not the case with this tea. The taste of ginger in it is subtle and does not overwhelm the person who drinks it. Overall, this tea provides a very refreshing experience. Most people will like this tea and find it pleasant to drink.

Lipton Lemon Tea

Lipton is a very popular brand when it comes to regular tea. Interestingly, they have also made their mark among tea as well. When it comes to the taste of this tea, it closely resembles the regular black tea flavour by the same brand. However, this one also contains a lemony flavour to it, but it is very subtle. To complement the mix of these two flavours, there is also a decent amount of sweetness to it. However, if you are not used to having your tea very sweet, you might find this tea a bit too sweet for your taste.

Gold Peak Iced tea

People who do not like the sweetness level of Lipton can go for the tea by Gold Peak. Similar to Lipton, this one is also lemon flavoured. Another difference this tea has from other ones is that it uses real sugar for sweetness instead of corn syrup. This difference does reflect the overall taste of the tea, but for some people, it might be hard to tell the difference. The colour of Gold Peak tea is darker than other brands. But this is because of the special type of tea leaves that is used for brewing the tea and is not because of any food colour.

Tips on how to buy Iced Tea

Finding the right type of tea might involve more work than you might think. There are plenty of brands offering tea. Even though you can rule out a lot of them because they are knock-off brands, that still leaves hundreds of them. Choosing one out of all these and making sure that you and other people you are buying it for will like it can be a really hard task. But if you know what factors to look for in tea, it can be a bit easier. Here are a few tips that you can follow while you are shopping for them.

  • The flavour of the tea – Although there are plain teas, they are not as common. Most of them are flavoured tea rather than plain. And the most popular flavour of the tea is, of course, lemon. And it is common for lemon tea to include other flavours such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and a few other spices as well.
  • Sweetness level – Unlike when you are brewing tea at your home, this tea comes with sugar already added. So, you cannot adjust the sweetness level afterwards. Therefore, you have to make sure that the sweetness level of the tea is suitable for your taste and not too underwhelming or overwhelming. But how do you know if the sweetness level is right for you? Well, you will have to try it out to know for sure. Otherwise, read online reviews of the tea.
  • Read the ingredients – It is common for these teas to contain a few other ingredients as well apart from tea leaves, water, and sweetener. This tea will contain other ingredients for flavouring and also different sweeteners than sugar. The sweetener can be either a natural sweetener like sugar or corn syrup, or any artificial sweetener. If you don’t want all the calories of natural sweeteners, you can easily find a bottle that uses calorie-free artificial sweeteners.
  • Check the expiry date – It is considered to be a soft drink. But the teas do not have a really long shelf like sodas or other carbonated drinks. Therefore, when you are shopping for this tea, you should always check the expiry date of the product. However, the way you check the date when you are shopping online is different from the way you would check from a physical store.

There are many other soft drink options besides chilled tea. These include colas, juice drinks, iced coffee, citrus drinks and many more. But the best part is that you can find all of them easily using our shopping search engine. That way, you can compare the prices and features of different products and find the best one among them. Also, don’t forget to check out other amazing products from the Food & Beverage category.

Question & Answer

Is iced tea bad for health?

In order to know whether this chilled tea is good or bad for your health, you need to look into the ingredients. The key ingredients of almost all chilled tea are tea, water, sweetener, and flavouring substances. The overall calorie content of the tea will depend a lot on the type of sweetener. If it is sugar or corn syrup, the calorie level will be more. But it will not be as much as that of a carbonated drink for the same volume of the drink. Then there is the tea. Even though there is nothing harmful about having tea once or twice a day, overconsumption of tea can cause some temporary health problems. Tea also contains oxalic acid, which can cause kidney problems if you consume too much of it.

Can you make iced tea at home?

Yes, there are multiple ways to make iced chilled tea at home. The easiest way is to use tea powder. That way, you don’t have to do the job of flavouring the tea yourself. You can either make hot brewed tea or cold-brewed depending on your personal preference and convenience. The hot brew is the fastest method. In this method, you can prepare the tea on a stove then cool the tea in a refrigerator. To make cold-brewed tea, you have to use cold water. But because sugar and tea take longer to dissolve in cold water, refrigerate the cold water with sugar and tea powder in it for around thirty hours.

Can you make iced tea in a coffee maker?

That depends on the type of coffee maker you have. Some coffee makers are designed for instant coffee, and some others are for making ground coffee. You cannot use instant coffee machines for making tea because tea powder or leaves require more time to transfer the flavour to water. But you can make a typical drip coffee machine work. To do that, you need to fill the machine with cold water instead of hot water and then place the tea powder in a paper coffee filter. Then wait for the water to run through the machine. Refrigerate the tea for a few minutes before you have it.

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