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About Rice

Rice is one of the all-round and significant food that people consume widely over the world. It is easy to cook, and you can incorporate it into different kinds of dishes. It could be a dessert, main dish, or sides. Here comes an interesting fact for all the party people! You may or may not know this, but you can even make alcohol from rice! That’s right! It is a part of the food & beverages all over the world!

There are different kinds of grains available in the market. The one you choose depends on the dish you are making. Since there are multiple varieties available, each one has a unique characteristic and use. For example, if you are looking to make ghee rice or saffron rice, you must buy the best basmati rice. For a healthier option, you will find rice for diabetics and rice for a keto diet. You can purchase them online in the UAE from On our product search engine, there are over 500 brands and stores from which you can choose. Some of the premium brands are Silver Swan, Pearl Swan, Manna, Green Valley, Daawat, Uncle Ben’s, and Royal. Here, you can also purchase the cheapest rice online in the UAE. You get to select from shops like Jumbo, Kcallife, Menakart, Newchic, Virgin Megastore, & more!

Types of rice

Rice is differentiated based on length, shape, texture, colour, and aroma. It is available in three sizes where the short ones are wide. They have sticky texture after cooking, and you can use them to make sushi. Medium ones are wider than short-grain, and they are less sticky. Long-grains are the best ones. They are fluffy and light after cooking, and they look better than the others. The nutritional value is the same in all the types, but the prices may differ. If you wish to buy rice for sale online in the UAE, you must go to To select the best read on to know about some of the commonly used variants.

Basmati rice

This name is pretty common in every household. It doesn’t matter if you are a grain lover or not. This name is known to all. Basmati is a long-grain with a flowery aroma and nutty flavour. It is fluffy, and you can see each grain separately! It has less starch in it, which makes it a healthy option. Not only is it available in white colour, but it is also there in brown colour. For health-conscious people, it is the best brown rice available. But brown basmati takes longer to cook as compared to white basmati. You can consume basmati with various curries and dishes.

Jasmine rice

When you are bored of eating the same old dishes, then comes the saviour. Jasmine rice is long with a distinct texture, flavour, and fragrance. Its colour is similar to the colour of the jasmine flower. Its scent is so strong that people also call it fragrant grains. You will find it in three colours, i.e. white, brown, and black. All three colours have the same aroma and flavour. But nutritionally black colour is better than white and brown. Also, there is not much of a difference in the cost of the three colours. On, you will find cheap jasmine rice but of good quality.

Glutinous rice

Also called sticky rice, it is sweet, and you will find it in many kitchens! It is effortless for you to notice these as they are incredibly moist in texture after cooking. The stickiness comes from the lack of starch and gluten, making it a healthier option. It has a negligible amount of fat and cholesterol. But so is the amount of protein, minerals, and many other vital nutrients. It is available in both short and long grains, and you can use it based on the dish you are making. You can use it to make stuffing and desserts.

Japanese rice

Japanese rice is a prevalent food ingredient of the Japanese culture. This cuisine is full of dishes that you can make from rice like sushi. You may be wondering, to make sushi you need sushi rice. Fortunately, it is just Japanese rice with seasonings based on vinegar! Like regular rice, they also have two variants, i.e. long-grain and short-grain. You can use long one to make desserts and short grains for dishes. It would help if you kept in mind that they are not interchangeable. Keep in mind to not use short ones to make desserts! That will ruin your dish and waste your efforts!

Tips to buy Rice online in UAE

With so many varieties of rice, it may get tricky for you to select the right one. Even if you choose the right one, there are still so many things which you must know. Since there are so many options available, each one has its unique characteristic. But no need to worry! We will help you in making the right choice and not waste your hard-earned money! Go ahead and find out the basic things that you need to remember before purchasing rice.
  • Physical characteristics- When you purchase rice, there is no way to be sure it will be perfect. If you are planning to try a different brand, the first thing that catches your eye is the appearance. Physical characteristics are the only way in which you can check the quality. Some of the traits are size, shape, colour, weight, chalkiness, and more. One of the vital features is the length. Rice that looks long becomes even longer after cooking and are non-sticky. Shorter grains are sticky and stout in shape.
  • Colour & texture- The colour is also an important thing to look for while purchasing grains. If you find the colour has deteriorated, that means there was no proper storage. The colour should be white or brown and not yellow! However, choosing too much white is also not appropriate as that may be due to added chemicals. Sometimes the sellers mix it with bleaches to increase its shelf life. Along with colour, you must check for the texture as well. It means that the grain should be robust, and it should not break if pressed.
  • Trusted store- You should always purchase from a trusted store or brand. If you carelessly buy from any store, then there is no guarantee of the quality. But if you are buying from your regular store, you can at least be sure of the quality. Sometimes the available rice is old and has fleas. If you go to a new store, then you might not know the storage methods. Some sellers mix old grains with the new ones to sell them. Therefore, go to your trusted store and check the grains for lice before purchasing.
  • Aroma & price- To choose the best quality, check the fragrance of the rice. If it is highly fragrant, then you must avoid it as that may be the artificial aroma. Makers add the fragrance low-quality grains so that people buy them without hesitating. Similarly, if the smell is musty, even then you should avoid buying it. Look for a grain that has a standard and subtle fragrance. Even if you select the perfect grain from your trusted store, never select cheaper ones. The higher the price, the better is the quality.
We hope we were able to help you in selecting the right kind of rice. Purchasing them is a tough call to make, as there are so many parameters to keep in mind. The tips mentioned above will aid you in buying the best. Along with those tips, remember to purchase grains that are already clean and free from impurities. Hence, you will save time when you start cooking! For example, to cook Spanish rice, long grains with subtle aroma and light white colour should be your first choice.

Question & Answer

Which rice to use for cooking risotto?

Risotto is a dish made primarily from rice along with the broth. It is an Italian dish that literally means rice. It is a popular dish that people love all over the world. The perfect rice that you can use for cooking risotto is short in length and white in colour. Shorter grains absorb the liquids and let out starch that gives them a sticky texture. Earlier, Italians used saffron to make risotto so that it gets the perfect colour. But now white ones that are round in shape and short in length are used.

Which rice is good for weight loss?

You may already know this that rice is available in several varieties. They differ based on length, colour, taste, and many more features. The myth is that it is not healthy food. But some have fibre and antioxidants that make the ideal choice for weight loss. To lose weight, you need a vitamin, fibre, and mineral-rich diet. Brown rice has all the essential nutrients that aid in weight loss. It increases metabolism and has fewer calories as compared to other varieties. Remember to consume it with other protein-rich foods to lose weight.

Which rice to use for cooking kheer?

Kheer is a traditional Indian dessert which people consume on special occasions. You can also call it rice pudding or payasam. You may make kheer using other ingredients like vermicelli.  If you want the rice and milk to be separate, you must use long grains like basmati. If you like it better when it is mushy and mixed well, you must use short grains with a pleasing aroma. You can use any rice for making kheer depending on how you like it. Short grains ensure that they don’t separate from the milk. On the other hand, the strong aroma makes the kheer fragrant and tempting!