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About Pastries

The pastry is a dough of water, flour and solid fats like butter that is either sweet or savoury in taste. Sweet types are often described as baker confectioneries. According to many definitions, the term suggests different types of bakes products made from a set of basic ingredients: milk, butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, eggs and shortenings.

At times small tarts and other baked products are called pastries. Other common dishes include tarts, pies, croissants, pastries, quiches etc. They are different from bread as they have higher fat content. This fat content contributes to the crumbly or flaky texture (as in flaky). A professionally baked item is always airy, fatty and light. But at the same time, it is firm enough to support the weight of fillings it contains. While baking shortcrust bread, additional care and skill blend the fat and flour before adding any liquid content.

Best types to serve at a party

Sweets are an important part of any special happy occasion. And making the right type for any dish is as important as the filling itself. Although most recipes include any type available on the chart, it helps to know what type will be more suitable for the specific filling or dish. And for a perfect bake and flawless presentation, it is also important to know to make these different types of these basic bakery items. Here will share some information about how you can choose the best type of cake for any occasion. We hope you can understand the types and make the best choice for your upcoming event.

Shortcrust and Puff Pastry

The shortcrust type is probably the most versatile type of baking item. It is suitable for both sweet and savoury pies, flans and tarts. Plus, there are different ways to make these types. On the other hand, puff type (also known as flaked) is characterized by air and fat trapped between the dough layers. Such a setting gives it a light, crisp and flimsy finish. It is also regarded as a professional product and is really time-consuming yet worth baking. Generally, it is used for savoury pie crusts and wrapping for poultry and meat items.

Flaky and rough puff pastry

The flaky is generally used as a crust of sausage rolls, savoury pies, jam puffs, or cakes. It needs cool conditions for perfect make and keeps in lower temperature during and after making to prevent the melting of fat content. On the other hand, the rough puff is a cross between flaky and puff. It is also ideal for tarts, sausage rolls savoury etc. Both these types need special care and handling skills with an equal proportion of dough and fat content. Besides a consistent temperature, it is also important to roll the bread evenly without stretching it.

Filo pastry

This one, along with the fine shredded Kaddafi type, is made in thin sheets. It is normally used as a casing for different types of delicate savoury, and sweet recipes. They are made with flour that contains a higher level of gluten. Once again, they need a high level of skills and professional expertise to make, basically because of the thing layers that can dry out quickly. To help the bakers at home, many brands offer ready to use filo. But using them again demands some care, like brushing with oil or melted butter right before shaping or cooking.

Suet crust and hot water crust pastry

This is a traditional British item used for boiled or steamed dumplings, puddings roly-poly puddings etc. The most famous kidney and steak pudding are made with these types of crusts. They are made of self-rising flour, shredded suet, and fresh white breadcrumbs. They need to have a light, spongy texture. At the same time, the hot water crust pastry is ideal for eased meat and game pies. They are rich and crispy made of plain flour, egg yolk, salt and lard boiled water.

Tips on how to buy Pastries online in the UAE  

Sweets are an important part of our life. No party, gathering of friends or special occasion like a birthday is complete without something sweet on the menu. However not every time you get the chance and time to bake the best-tasting options for your guests. To save you time and from embarrassment, there are several bakeries offering their services online. And with the help of you can easily buy the best bread online with just a few clicks. However, with so many options, you will need to spend some time choosing the best option for your guests. Here we will share some tips on how you can find the best puff tart to buy.

  • Locate delivery area – offers you ease to buy products from top brands and get them delivered anywhere in UAE. So when it comes to buying this item online, you should check if the selected brand or bakery is offering delivery service in your area or not.
  • Decide our taste – Cake, its slices or tart come in a variety of flavours. So while ordering you need to decide what flavours you would like to serve to the guests. Here you can either pick a flavour based on the existing menu you have, what you like to eat or consider what your guests will like. Also, check what exciting flavours the sellers are offering.
  • Design matters just like the taste – Besides taste the look of the desert plays an important role in impressing the guest. Luckily the entire top brand comes with exciting garnishing and cuts on their baked products. Hence while purchasing pay a little attention to what the final delivered product will look like. You can explore the catalogues of the seller to decide.
  • Pay attention to the bestselling – If you are planning to have variety, consider trying different flavours. But if you are not sure about any particular item, go for the bestselling items available on the list. This way you can surely invest money in the right place and will end up getting lots of compliments on your choice.
  • Consider budget and delivery time – Throwing party costs a lot. Therefore it is always better to set a budget limit and buy each item accordingly. Here at you can use the unique price comparison tool to find the best flavours at economical rates.

Being a pro in online shopping, we suggest you look for top-rated brands and explore bakery items offered. To do so, you can either have a suggestion from your peers or look at the customer review section. To be on the safer side you should always go for the bakeries or brands with the highest customer reviews on both taste and presentation. At you can find all the top-rated ad trusted brands that will shorten your selection and purchase time leaving you free of stress for other preparations.

Question & Answer

What are the 7 main types of pastry sweets?

Although there are different types that you can find and enjoy around the globe, some are equally popular everywhere. These most commonly liked types are: pate sucree; hot water crust; suet crust; filo; choux; rough puff; flaky; puff and shortcrust. As the masses like them, you can easily buy them on any quality retail search engine or bakery online.

Can we count cake as pastry?

Yes, we can sometimes count cakes as a type of pastry or vis-;-vis. In one sense of the word, the baked cake can also be called otherwise. According to the definition, all sweet and sweet food items made of sugar, fat, flour, and flavouring are baked. These include both cakes and types of pastries. So we can assume using both names interchangeably.

What is the difference between pastry and patisserie?

The word pastry is a noun and generally refers to food items that contain some stuffing. According to dictionaries, pastry is baked food that contains items made of flour and fat pastes like pie crust. At times they also contain items like bear class, tarts, napoleons etc. These food items contain a type of light flour-based dough. At the same time, the patisseries are alternative names to places where they are baked.

Where can I buy freshly baked items online in the UAE?

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