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Pasta Free Lasagne
Pasta Free Lasagne
Layers of minced prime beef nestled between tender aubergine in a homemade tomato sauce and topped with aged parmesan.
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese
Whole wheat spaghetti in a rich, minced beef and tomato sauce (with hidden veggies!).

About Pastes

Are you looking for ways to add more flavours to traditional recipes? Think of paste. Here, by paste, we mean everything from tomato Pastes, curry Pastes, shrimp Pastes, vanilla bean Pastes or all types of tandoori Pastes. And we need only one reason to convince you of that. Pastes are true concentrated forms of tomato flavours that help to build flavour in a dish packed with deliciousness.  

Food pastes are semi-liquid colloidal suspensions, aggregation or emulsion used in cooking food. At times pastes are also eaten directly as a spread. Food pastes are highly aromatic and spice and are prepared well in advance of the actual time of use. They are the purest form of any spice, seed or vegetable offers convince in cooking.  Certain fruit preserves, nut and curry pastes are the most common types of pasted used around the globe. Whereas the pastes that are specifically used in cooking are called purees.  

Benefits of different types of food pastes  

Certain pastes are used directly while others are converted to sauces and are used as a garnish or flavoured addition to food items.  Whereas some items like tomato paste (otherwise called ketchup) or prepared mustard are used both as condiments and sauce. Likewise, many pastes are basic ingredients in preparing food. The most notable of these intermediary food pastes is dough. Each of these wide ranges of pastes has its own pros and cons. For instance, food for babies and people in later ages come in the paste to skip the chewing process and easy swallowing.  Here we are going to share the benefits of pastes that are commonly in use around the world.  

Benefits of tomato puree  

Tomato puree or tomato paste is the most reliable source of several nutrients at their purest form. If also features compounds that are otherwise only available in raw tomatoes. Thus is made a healthy addition to recipes. Estimated 1 tablespoon of tomato paste contains about 13 calories and not fats. It means it literally does not contribute to weight gain. The same quantity also offers 244 international units of vitamin A which are important for your eye sights, reproduction, and fetal development. Being rich in Vitamin C it provides much-needed antioxidants that improve the immunity of the growing body and helps in tissue repair.  

Benefits of using red curry paste  

Red curry paste is rich with chilli peppers that are a direct and most natural source of vitamin A, C and D. Besides red chillies are great anti-oxidants, and anti-carcinogens. They are an effective mean to detox the body and boost your metabolism. It also contains turmeric which helps in boosting digestion and helping the body fight certain types of cancers. In the meantime, the garlic in the puree helps in boosting the immune system to fight cold and other related issues. Also, it contains limes and lemongrass that help in fighting basic issues like fever, flu and cold. 

Benefits of using fruit pastes  

Fruit purees are a healthy alternative for many unhealthy yet vital growth ingredients in cooking. For instance, if you are looking to cut calories these fruit purees can be a replacement to oil or butter in many baked products. Besides cutting calories it will also add a unique taste to your food in a healthy way. However, as these purees are the purest form of fruits they might offer more calories than what comes in other types of servings. But the number of minerals and vitamins along with many other important fruit nutrients will remain the same. These purees are also best to intake needed antioxidants and boost the immune system while limiting cell damage within the body.   

Benefits of using nut pastes 

Just like any other type of paste the nut butter are also packed with nutrients. AS they are made of pure nuts, they are rich in natural fibre, proteins and healthy fats that are essential for the healthy growth of mind and body. These pastes also offer nutrients like B6, Vitamin E, niacin, folic acid, zinc, potassium, copper and zinc etc. using these nuts can also help in weight control while staying fresh and energized throughout the day. In the meantime, the antioxidants in these pastes are accompanied with minerals like manganese, selenium, Vitamin E and C. All these elements help in protecting your cells and can be one of the reasons why diet and health-conscious people use them as a part of their daily diet.

Tips on how to buy Pastes online in the UAE

Spices are an important part of any recipe. You can not enjoy any taste without any proper taste in your dishes. Also, it is important to use the right paste, and with any recipe, you wish to enjoy. There is a wide range of pastes available in the market. Each comes with a unique combination of flavours and nutrients. Therefore, buying a reliable option can be challenging at time. Besides the fact that you should what your dish needs, there are few other considerations you must have while making a purchase online. Here we will share some tips on how you can find the best pastes to buy online in the UAE. 
  • Locate delivery area –ae offers you access to buy products from top brands and get them delivered anywhere in UAE. So, when it comes to buying pastes online, you should check if the selected brand or bakery is offering delivery service in your area or not.
  • Decide your taste – Pastes come in a variety of flavours. So, while ordering, you need to decide what flavours you would like to serve to the guests.  Here you can either pick a flavour based on the dish you have, what you like to eat or consider what your guests will like. Also, check what exciting flavours the sellers are offering.
  • Design matters just like the taste – Besides taste the look of the pastes plays an important role in impressing the guest. Luckily, all top brands come with an amazing look, taste, and packaging to choose from. Hence while purchasing pay a little attention to how the final delivered product will look like.
  • Pay attention to the bestselling – If you are planning to have variety, consider trying different flavours. But if you are not sure about any particular item, go for the bestselling items available on the list. This way you can surely invest money in the right place and will end up getting lots of compliments on your choice.
  • Consider budget and delivery time – Throwing a festive dinner costs a lot. Therefore, it is always better to set a budget limit and buy each item accordingly. Here at you can use the unique price comparison tool to find the best flavours in economical rates.
Being a pro in online shopping, we suggest you look for top-rated brands and explore Food and beverages offered on a retail search engine. To do so, you can either have a suggestion from your peers or look at the customer review section. To be on the safer side, you should always go for the bakeries or brands with the highest customer reviews on both taste and presentation. At, you can find all the top-rated ad trusted brands that will shorten your selection and purchase time, leaving you free of stress for other preparations.   

Question & Answer

What food comes in paste form?

There is a vast variety of foods that are also available and used in paste form. for instance, in fruits and vegetables, we can witness tomato paste along with other items like Amalga, eggplant, date, manioc, guava, hilbet, hummus (made of olive oil, salt, lemon juice, garlic etc.), pesto, and others. While in grains you can find paste of farina, millet, polenta, pamonha etc. Likewise many nuts and seeds are also available in paste form including almond butter, cashew butter, lotus seed, tahini, peanuts, walnuts and more.

How many types of pasts are there?

There is a wide variety of pastes that you can find as a part of different recipes and traditional flavours around the globe. However, all these types majorly fall under certain basic types? They are named as hot-water paste, French paste, short pastes, tart paste, short puff paste and mouilles pastes. All these pats have a variety of types under them that are used in different parts of the world.

What is a meat paste called?

Meat paste is also known as MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat) or MDM (Mechanically Deboned Meat). It is a paste-like product that is made by forcing pureed or ground pork, beef, turkey, chicken, or mutton. In this process, the meat is processed under high pressure through a sieve shaped device that separates the bone from edible meat tissues. At times this meat paste is also known as white slime. This type of paste includes skin, nerves, bone marrow, blood vessels, and scraps of meat remain on the bones.

Where can I buy paste online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying food and beverages online, you should always look for a reliable source like This is where you can find high-quality products from top trusted brands like Patak's, Mae Ploy, Blue Dragon, Kcal Life, and Ameri colour, Jamie Oliver, Superstore, and Aroy-D. To make your purchase easier, you can take help of an efficient price comparison tool and choose pastes that match both your cooking and budget needs. Moreover, at you can also compare, explore and buy pastes online from brands like Maesri, Nielsen Massey, Waitrose, Oldfish, Blue elephant, Hot Thai kitchen and Lobo.