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They’re tiny, and they’re often overlooked and unappreciated. Yes, we’re talking about those shiny little metal hardware nuts that you can possibly see on every piece at your place. Without these fasteners holding things together that you see today would be rendered useless. Now, this means they’re quite important in any kind of project, and even a tiny wrong move can make your product fall apart. This guide has some important and fun information about the hardware nuts that’ll guide you through buying hardware nuts online in UAE.  

Do not mistake these hardware nuts for their tiny sizes, as they have several uses and long-standing history. These fasteners were invented as early as the 1st century. The Romans used to secure chariots, bind windows, even build machines. The very first versions of hardware nuts had square heads, unlike the ones that we see today that have hexagonally shaped heads. Now you know that these fasteners have come a long way through different evolutions. Well, of course, it’s for good, as today you have several options with excellent finishes and in different materials. But history apart, there are several types of nuts out there. Let’s look at a few of them in our next section.  

The various type of nut bolts for different purposes  

There are many different types of hardware nuts. You can select them based on their materials, heads and even sizes. Some of the most common types that you can consider buying includes anchor, carriage bolts, elevator, flange, hanger, hexagon, huck, lag, plough, stud, timber, T-head, and U-bolt. Each of these models has different features and characteristics. Thus, you can use different ones for various purposes. However, finding out which one suits them best for what purpose is a challenge. However, understanding the various types and their uses can make things simpler for you. Below we’ve compiled a few popular ones and their uses.   

The standard nut 

A standard hardware nut is a type of fastener with a threaded hole. You always use these and other models of hardware nuts in conjunction with a mating bolt to fasten multiple parts of pieces together. The combination of these two tools stays together with the help of their head’s friction. Besides being reliable to put together two pieces of any materials, these fasteners have several other uses. Their unique design makes it easy to assemble and dissemble with little or no effort at all. Further, their high strength makes them an ideal tool to hold high loads. And in the event that they become loose over time, you can easily tighten them to their original strength.   

The hex nut 

One of the most common types of hardware nuts are hexagonal nuts or commonly known as hex nuts. They’re hex-shaped and come with internal threads. You use wrenches to drive them on. For similar reasons as the bolts, the six sides of the hex fastener give the tool a good granularity of angles. However, more corners could be vulnerable to being rounded off. Furthermore, it takes only a sixth of a rotation to obtain the next side of the hexagon. Thus, the grip of the tool tends to be optimal for any use. With such features in place, you can use the hex models to fasten them onto a hex cap screw, socket cap screw, or bolt. Besides, you’ll find different variations of hex models.   

The eye nut 

Eye hardware nuts are fasteners that come with a looped head. They’re designed to receive a rope or a hook. Their unique structure makes them an ideal product for various applications. Besides, the loop heads of the fasteners can either be round or oval. Many models of these fasteners come with load rates. And such load-rated models allow you to utilise them for vertical lifting. However, we wouldn’t recommend them for angular lifts. Also, those models that aren’t load-rated can be utilised in tie downs and for guiding wires. This means they’re not rated for lifting applications. Furthermore, these fasteners differ in terms of material and finish too.   

The wing nut bolt 

When it comes to fastening, one of the major models that have become very useful in the recent past is the wing nuts. As the name suggests, these fasteners have protrusions on their head. This makes it easier for you to open and close them by hand. Most of the time, they’re perfect without the use of any other fastening tools such as spanners or bolts. However, it’s always important to know how to use them to ensure that you get the most out of them. Because of their peculiar structure, you can use them in places where you want to open and fasten the material with ease. A good example of this is when you need to fasten a lid on specific machinery.    

Tips on how to buy Nuts

Nuts and bolts are an integral part of any DIY project or construction of different things. Of course, by this time, you know that there are several types of fasteners. But what you do not know is how to pick them correctly. You shouldn’t just go with anything that you see. For that, we’ve listed a few quick tips that’ll help you purchase the best nuts and bolts for outdoor use as well as for indoor uses in a hassle-free manner.

  • Figure out your needs first – Sorting out your needs is the first and foremost thing to do before you start your online search. By understanding the project, you can determine what kind of fasteners are needed. Are you planning on building a simple device? Or do you wish to carry on with an extensive and huge project? Either way, you need to sort out your requirements before you start your search.
  • Research is the key to a good buy – Having adequate knowledge about the product you intend to buy is the key to a successful and hassle-free shopping experience online. Try and get to know the trending models, the different types, and the popular manufacturers that offer premium quality fasteners. Keenly read through various other facts about the product for an easy buy.
  • Explore the available types – As mentioned earlier in the article, hardware nuts come in various types. From hexagonal heads to different materials and small sizes, you’ll find them in different materials, head shapes, and sizes. This means you should carefully understand the different types to get the perfect one to suit your project needs.
  • Look into the features and characteristics – The descriptions, features, characteristics, and specifications are crucial when it comes to online shopping. Apparently, you cannot hold the product in hand and assess its worth when it comes to online shopping, which is why you must carefully read through each line of specifications given online.
  • Keep an eye on the quality – Regardless of what you buy and from where you buy, you should purchase the best quality versions of these fasteners. You do not want your created devices or things to wobble away after a few weeks. Therefore, make sure you pick the premium quality hardware nuts. Some of the best hardware nuts brands from where you can buy the nuts include names like StarTech, Mercedes-Benz, MSC, AccuScrews, Lalizas, Unistrut, APC, CPI, Crosby, and DIN.
  • Pick an affordable model – You can purchase expensive hardware nuts as well as cheap nuts in Dubai. You’ll find them in every price range, which is why it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you start your search. Setting a specific budget makes your buying process simpler. Plus, it also saves you a lot of time and effort, as you’ll be sorting out the product based on the budget and thus narrowing down your options.

Now you know that buying the hardware nuts isn’t as simple as it seems. However, with the right knowledge and the tips above, you can certainly achieve what you want. Just be sure not to jump on to a model that only pleases your eyes. Be diligent and carefully investigate the different features and characteristics of the products too. You could also get the best hardware nuts for sale if you wish to save a few bucks and still get the best.

Question & Answer

How is nut & bolt manufacturing done?

The making of hardware involves a long process. In most industries, manufacturers use raw materials like stainless steel, aluminium, and plastic to make these fasteners. From resourcing raw materials to experts that will build these hardware pieces efficiently, every step in the manufacturing is equally important. The materials used in making these fasteners tend to be strong, reliable, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and 100% recyclable. The experts making these have a keen eye that most hardware come out perfect. If you are interested in seeing the visuals, you can go ahead and watch a video online.

Can you use nuts on screws?

You cannot directly put the nuts onto the screws. You might require the help of the bolts to place them tightly onto the screws and keep them in place. Besides, you also need to look at the compatibility of these fasteners with the screws. Remember, not all the nuts to the bolts and screws. Hence, make sure you keep an eye on these factors before you try to fit in the hardware nuts onto the screws. The compatibility will not be an issue if you check out specifications before buying. Even though these nuts and bolts are small pieces, it doesn’t mean you should not spare enough time for the purchase. Remember that even a big project relies its durability on its hardware. So, keep this in mind and do not compromise with quality just to save some bucks.

Where to buy hardware nuts & bolts?

Today you can find several fasteners including the nuts, screws, and bolts online, that too on many online stores. The sheer variety and options make it difficult to choose the best one, as you must go through millions of sites and products. Well, you need not do that anymore, when you have This superfast product search engine, allows you to browse the best of the bests, compare prices, and purchase the perfect hardware nuts from your favourite online stores. What’s more, you can buy many other tool accessories right here on from over 500+ online brands and shops.