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Luscious cream or milk drinks are a nice treat every now and then. Besides, the flavour possibilities are nearly endless. This means choosing the best one that suits your taste isn’t easy too. In this guide, we shall look at some of the popular milk-based beverages that you can try out if you’re a milk lover. Plus, we also give you a few tips on how to pick the perfect one for yourself from the top 10 milk drinks out there.

So what exactly are these milk-based drinks? And do you use cow’s milk alone for making the milk drinks? Or can you use other alternatives? Typically, a milk-based beverage relies heavily on cow’s milk. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. Today, you can find several low-fat options as well as various other alternatives. In fact, many use just a tiny bit of milk to add a rich texture to their cocktails. Whereas, there are a set of milk drinks that are dominated by pure cow’s milk. Some of the best milk drinks for toddlers have a heavy milk base. That said, let’s check out a few such milk drinks that you can try out.

The various milk-based drinks to savour

As stated earlier, milk-based drinks are available to you in a plethora of options. Not only can you use different types of milk bases but you can also add in different flavours, fruits, and nuts to make your perfect milk drinks. By the way, you can also serve them over ice in an old-fashioned glass, or have them piping hot. Apart from that, you can also decide on what type of diary you want to pour into your drinks. The cream usually produces the thickest drinks, whereas milk-based beverages vary from whole to skim. Let’s now look at some of the milk drinks that you can have.

The Nestea milk tea

The Swiss brand of cold beverages and iced tea from Nestle is one of the finest players in the market when it comes to milk tea. If you’re looking out for the goodness of real brewed tea with milk then this milk tea from Nestea has to be your first option. At only 57 calories a cup, this milk drink offers you not only taste but also several health benefits. By the way, this milk tea comes in several flavours ranging from caramel to melon fruit that suits your taste. The wonderful aroma of sweet flavours creates a rewarding time out experience with a drink that’s naturally good for you.

The Complan milk and powdered drinks

Complan, Horlicks or Bournvita are some of the powered milk-based beverages that are apt for your children. Well, adults too can have it, as it poses several health benefits. Most of these milk drinks are specifically designed to provide you with balanced nourishment. Not only are they a rich source of antioxidant vitamins, but they also provide high-quality protein. You can also find gluten-free options that are suitable for vegans. With so many benefits in place, many health care professionals even recommend drinking powdered drinks. 

The coconut milk drink

Squeezing the flesh of the fresh coconut produces coconut milk. It has a pleasant flavour and is also a perfect non-dairy milk alternative. However, you can only consume it if you’re free from any tree nut allergy. Most coconut milk that you find in packages contains an adequate amount of water to give it the real cow’s milk consistency. On the other hand, canned versions of coconut milk tend to be thicker. They’re ideal for culinary purposes because they’re higher in fat and have a more distinctive coconut flavour.  

The Oatly chocolate milk

Every kid’s favourite milk beverage – except there isn’t any milk in it. This chocolate oat drink is full of oats and they contain protein, carbs, fibres and some healthy fat. And if that’s not enough, the product also comes with calcium and vitamins to make up enriched beverage options for your children to drink and grow in a healthy manner. Plus, what’s amazing is that the cocoa used in the product is always UTZ certified. This ensures that the product undergoes sustainable farming practices and fair working conditions.

Tips on how to buy Milk Drinks online

We live in a land of numerous choices, particularly when it comes to milk drinks. You now have a dazzling array of milk drink options. This not only includes various milk options but also several flavours. To add further complexity, you’ll find cow’s milk with extra protein and lower sugar options. So how do you choose the milk drink that best fits your taste buds and also your nutritional needs? Simple – just follow the below tips.

  • Know your needs – Which flavour do you like? Do you prefer powdered drinks? Or perhaps you’d want a plant-based milk drink with a few nuts in it? Either way, it’s very important to figure out what you like and what you don’t even before you start your online search. Sorting out your needs prior to your online search makes your buying process a breeze.
  • Research a bit – Understanding your product before you purchase them online is the key to any successful buy. Try looking out for the best sellers, manufacturers’ and places from where you can buy the best options. Therefore, it’s important to do a thorough investigation of the milk drinks you’re planning to buy.
  • Explore your options – As we mentioned before, milk-based drinks come in a variety of choices. Besides, you could also make a few on your own. Nevertheless, the store-bought one tends to be the finest. However, you should which one suits your taste for maximum indulgence. For that, you must check the different options available out there on the market.
  • Opt for fresh milk – Remember, any milk drink tastes better if you have the freshest milk as the base for the beverage. Of course, the ones you buy have an expiry date on them. Moreover, the milk base the drinks use tends to be fresh and of superior quality. However, it’s always better to ensure that you have the best quality milk for making your drinks.
  • Read the label – Every milk beverage bottle comes with a description and the details of its inside contents. It’s better to look at the details. It not only helps you to refrain from the ones that don’t suit your taste but also makes sure that you stay away from any choices that might put your health in danger like allergic reactions.
  • Check out the flavours – You’d find numerous options when it comes to milk beverage flavours. From simple chocolate to malt, soya, strawberry and oats the list seems to be endless when it comes to the flavours. Make sure that you have your preferences in mind before you begin your search. Knowing which flavour suits your taste makes it much easier for you to choose the one.
  • Consider the price – Milk drinks in general aren’t pricey. However, you might find a few expensive options depending on the type of milk used and the flavours added. Therefore, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you begin your online hunt for the best milk drink. This not only helps you pick the best but also enables you to refrain from unnecessary spending.

Milk beverages are a source of energy, nutrients, and immense taste. There are milk drinks for weight loss and you can buy probiotic milk drinks too. But, either way, you ought to choose the right one that suits your taste. We hope the above tips will be your guiding light when you’re on a hunt for the best milk drinks out there online.

Question & Answer

What milk drinks are best during pregnancy?

Milk is one of the healthiest drinks that pregnant women can consume. However, there are certain milk-based beverages that are prevalent and are best for pregnant women. Typically, a cup of milk tea is best. Apart from that, pregnant women can have various milk-based beverages that do not hamper the health of the mother and the baby. Also, pregnant women must have milk drinks that have natural flavours. For further assistance, you can consult your gyne. Also, make sure you share your medical history and allergies in detail while asking for such a recommendation.

Which milk drink is the best?

This entirely depends on your taste and preference. Some like to have heavy milk-based beverages. While there are many who’d want to pick a lighter-low fat option. Either way, the best milk beverage is something that’s of premium quality and the one that offers you the best taste. Check out the milk beverage options from brands like Oatly, Alpro, Nestea, Ovaltine, Complan, Horlicks, Nesquik, Rice Dream, and Amul. Luckily, you can find all these products at and in just a few clicks. Remember, to make a choice that best suits your taste. We hope this guide has offered you the right guidance to pick out the best milk beverages online on!

Where to buy milk drinks in UAE?

Several online stores bring to you numerous choices of milk beverages. However, if you wish to purchase a premium quality milk-based drink, then you need to have a look at the options in From cheap coconut milk drinks to expensive vegan milk-based drink options, our product search engine offers you all this and more. What’s more, you get to buy them from popular online brands and stores. Milk and milk drinks are a staple when it comes to the food & beverage industry. And we guess, by now you know which milk-based beverage to buy and which ones to leave out.

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