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When it comes to following a cleaner and healthier diet, meat tends to be a somewhat polarising food. It comes with proponents and critics from both sides of the health spectrum. Even so, fruit and vegetable intake has declined over the past decade, and nearly 60-70% of the population now consumes various kinds of animal flesh. But, given the fact that this era has seen the most obese and unhealthy people, many contemplate on whether or not to blame meat consumption. However, the true culprit is overconsumption. That said, in this guide, we shall talk about the different animal flesh types and their nutritional value. Plus, you can also check out a few tips on how to buy meat online in UAE.

So what exactly does the animal flesh constitute of? Well, animal flesh typically is the flesh of animals that humans can prepare and consume. Across the globe, the term mainly refers to the muscle tissue of mammals or birds. You usually have them in the form of chops, ribs, steak, roast, or in-ground form. In the past, people of different cultures enjoyed having the liver, kidneys, brains, and intestines of these animals. Today, most meat variety comes from domesticated animals raised on farms, mainly in large industrial sets up that often hold several animals at a time. This means that not all animal flesh is similar. Each one is different and comes with particular nutritional benefits. Let’s check out the various animal flesh forms and their nutritional value in the next section.

The different meat varieties and their nutritional values

There are several kinds of animal flesh, and all of them have been part of the human diet for thousands of years. In general, any kind of flesh comes with excellent nutritional values. Plus, it offers a good range of essential nutrients. Some of the well-known health benefits of animal flesh consumption include high-protein, optimum iron intake, availability of vitamin B-12, an increase in lipid profile and cardiovascular health. So what are the best meat for steak? Are all meat for diabetes? Which ones should you buy? To know this, you need to check out the list below.

The pork

Pork is one of the most popular animal flesh across the globe, and you can classify them under red meat. This is mainly because it constitutes large amounts of myoglobin – a protein that’s responsible for the colour. Apart from the bright colour, it comes with several health benefits. Pork is particularly a high source of thiamin or vitamin B1. This plays a crucial role in cardiac health. Apart from that, the flesh has decent amounts of selenium and zinc. They’re responsible for boosting the immune system. Moreover, the flesh is much cheaper when compared to others.

The beef jerky

Well, most of your probably imagine beef when we talk about animal flesh. Well, it’s natural because it’s one of the most prevalent and sought products around the world. Today, you can find several kinds of beef products and cuts. They range from hamburgers to ribeye steaks. But, remember, the nutritional value of the beef tends to vary depending on the fat content. That said, beef, in general, contributes a large amount of zinc, iron, and vitamin B12 to an average person’s diet. And interestingly, one of the main acids in beef is oleic acid that’s a critical product to maintain a healthy heart.

The mutton or lamb meat

Both mutton is similar types of animal flesh. But they come with one fundamental difference. Lamb is mainly a form of sheep less than one-year-old. At the same time, mutton is the flesh of adult sheep. Just like the above-said beef and pork, these too come in various cuts. Perhaps the most popular one is lamb chops. Generally speaking, both mutton and lamb come with good nutritional properties. They contain a broad range of proactive health nutrients, especially selenium and vitamin B’s. The only downside of this kind is that it’s a little expensive when compared to the others.

The turkey meat

Yes, this is probably the most famous white animal flesh when it comes to the Christmas season. It comes with both a deeper and drier taste than the chicken. Besides, it’s also a less prevalent form of poultry. As aforementioned, the most popular form of turkey is the roasted kind that you have during Christmas. However, you can find many other types of processed and unprocessed turkey products. Regardless of what form you buy them, they’re one of the most protein-dense of all animal flesh out there. Besides, it offers an inexpensive source of high-protein.

Tips on how to buy Meat online

When shopping for any type of animal flesh, we all look for the nice, bright red coloured flesh. But, did you know fresh animal flesh actually has a purple colour to it? When you expose the animal flesh to air, the pigments present in it react with the oxygen to form red colour that you usually see. But, then what about the brown animal flesh? Is it spoilt? Read on to see what you must look out for when buying the fresh animal flesh online.

  • Check out the colour of the meat – The perfect colour of the flesh depends on the kind of animal you’re buying. Red animal flesh should be dark in colour and can vary between brown, red, and purple. If it’s brown, it simply means that the flesh has been exposed to oxygen. Similarly, pork should be light blushing pink in colour, while game flesh should have a brownish tinge to it.
  • Smell it – Once you buy the fresh meat, try and smell it. Although not many like to smell the raw smell of the flesh, it’s one of the best ways to determine whether the animal flesh is still fresh. If you feel that it gives out a pungent smell, then you need to stay away from the flesh. Make sure you get a fresh aroma after you buy the flesh.
  • Pick the ones with clean cuts – You can easily spot premium quality flesh by looking at the cuts. Pick the ones that come with smooth, uniformly sized cuts. It’s best to stay away from jagged-edged animal flesh. This is especially true when you’re buying poultry. Butchers do not make clean cuts when it comes to lower-grade poultries.
  • Feel the meat surface – Even though you cannot do this while buying online, you can certainly do it once you have them in hand. If look closely at the flesh, you’ll find fibres. The grain of the fibres lets you know the toughness or tenderness of the animal flesh. If you find coarse grains and visible fibres, it means your flesh is tough and is best for slow cooking.
  • Keep an eye on the fat content – The flesh with white flecks and streaks distributed throughout the muscle tend to be way juicer and tastier than the others. You call this kind of fat distribution marbling. It is well-known for its tenderness and flavour. One such example is the Wagyu beef. It comes at a very high price because of this strait.
  • Look out for the sell-by-date – The best before dates have more to do with the quality than the food safety. The date on the muscle tells you that the product is at its maximum freshness before a certain date. Of course, you can still consume the product after that date. However, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s safe for you to have it or not.
  • Look at the use-by-date – Nope it isn’t same as the sell-by-date! The use-by-date is important, as it’s an indication of how close the animal flesh is to be spoiled. You must always consume the flesh before the expiry date. It’s a very risky business to consume the animal flesh after the expiry date, as it might be spoiled and could cause food poisoning.
  • Check out the packaging – Always take a look at the packaging of the animal flesh to figure any visible dirt on it. Although it doesn’t directly affect the flesh quality, it does give you an indication of how the manufacturers or the sellers handled them. If you see dirty marks on the fresh packaging, then it’s likely that people handled them with the same dirty hands.
  • Consider the pricing – Various flesh come at different price ranges. You can find cheap meat cuts, cheap meats to smoke or expensive beef or turkey flesh. It depends on your preference on what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. That said, it’s best to choose the best quality animal flesh, as any substandard product might take a toll on your health.
  • Do not compromise on quality – Price aside, you shouldn’t ever compromise on quality to save just a few bucks. Always go for branded animal flesh packs. Some of the popular brands that you can consider buying from include Palm, Perdue, Prime Sirloin, Richmond, Rose, Sadia, Sausage Man, Sizzle, and Wild Bills.

Beef, pork, turkey or duck, whichever you wish to buy, pick the best one. Do not buy the animals just because you find them attractively packed. Make sure you understand the various health benefits. And finally, do not over consume any type of animal flesh as anything that’s in excess is bad for your health. We hope the above tips will guide you to your right chunk of flesh online.

Question & Answer

What meat has the most protein?

Typically, all types of animal muscle have a lot of protein. However, the lamb or mutton contains the maximum amount. Turkey is another one that is completely loaded with lean protein. It is one of the healthiest and best meats you can buy—and not just because it’s a good source of protein. you can also go for bison steak, elk steak, beefsteak, and ostrich steak to serve protein demands. Apart from that, some other high-protein foods include lean pork, lean beef, tofu, nuts, eggs, milk, and cheese.

Why meat turns brown?

Typically, the fresh animal flesh tends to have a red colour to it. However, many a time you might also find a brown hue to it. This happens when you expose the animal flesh to air. The animal flesh reacts with the oxygen in the air, and the myoglobin forms the pigment. It turns the meat brownish in colour. But, just because the flesh changes colour doesn’t mean it isn’t safe to eat. However, you should always prefer fresh meat rather than the one that is kept for a long time in your fridge.

Can meat go bad in the freezer?

When it comes to stocking up your animal muscles, there’s nothing as convenient as tossing them up in your freezers. But, how long can you keep them in the freezer before it goes bad? Well, the good news is that you can actually eat the animal flesh as long as you store them at a temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit. But, remember the difference between safe to eat and good to eat. After some time, regardless of where you keep your animal flesh, they will degrade.

Where is meat sold?

Several dedicated meat shops sell fresh animal flesh. But, you could also buy them in various online stores. – a superfast and unique product search engine brings you a wide variety of animal flesh and animal flesh cuts that you can shop for without any hassle. What’s more, you can even buy the best meat grinders for your various needs right here. Apart from that, you get to choose your favourite meats from popular online stores offering food & beverage.

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