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Every one of us has memories of our childhood which might differ from others. But what remains the same is those childhood treats, favourite sweet dishes or grandparent’s unique recipes after dinner. Yes! We are talking about desserts. However, these sweets can be anything from confectionary to wine to conclude a meal. And it is most prevalent in Western countries. So, let’s delve more into it in the next section!

It is quite interesting to know that every country in the world has some sweet dishes. So, whether it is eating as a snack, going along with midday tea, or enclosing a good meal. Thus, in Spain, we have Brazo de Gitano; in Slovakia, we have Makowiec; in Puerto Rico, we have Banana Bread; and so on. Besides, there are some other popular desserts that are prevailing worldwide. And they are pie, bread, ices, pastries, or a cake. However, the word is derived from the French word desservir, which means clearing the table. So, we believe in a worthy shopping journey. You need first to get in-depth knowledge of the intended product. Thus, before you seek the best desserts in Dubai, you need to go through the entire article. So, keep reading!

Things to know about the healthy desserts to fill your appetite

Desserts or a sweet tooth is meant to be palatable! Although it’s eaten after the meal to wrap up the course. However, many people worry about their weight as they think it comes with high calories, fat, etc. But you can always make a smart choice and substitution for high calories food. Thus, it’s essential to understand what’s healthy when you look for the best healthy desserts. For instance, some of us might avoid gluten food but accept sugar content. At the same time, some might consider pro-diary as healthy. So, study the different kinds of sweet tooth to satisfy your soul. Keep reading!

Chocolate cheesecake

Are you fond of chocolate cheesecake? Then, you can try this sweet tooth for your next dinner party. However, you can choose to buy this mouth-watering & easy recipe for quick baking. It is a perfect combination of light, fluffy cream cheese and rich chocolate on oreo crust. Besides, this sinful combination of dark chocolate and tangy cream cheese gets prepared in a few minutes. And the best thing is you can keep it in the fridge or freezer for more days to eat. There are many online shopping platforms that can choose to buy desserts online in the UAE.

Keto desserts

We all know sweets & treats are hard to resist, yet they don’t come in low carb. But you can choose to make your treats without getting a sugar rush and feeling bloated. So, you can try the best keto desserts dishes at home without compromising on your diet. Some of the dishes are cakes, cookies, ice creams, and brownies made from sugar substitutes. Apart from that, creamy cheese, chocolate is preferably sugar-free, full-fat dairy products, coconut flavour, and many more. Some of the recipes also contain natural sweeteners and berries to add colour.  


Baklava is the eminent sweet tooth of Iranian, Turkish, and Arab cuisines. It is more of a layered pastry made with filo pastry. And it’s filled with chopped nuts, syrup or honey. However, the traditional Turkish baklava is made of phyllo dough, crushed pistachios, and butter. The syrup is also added, which is made with sugar, water, and lemon juice. Thus, if you seek to buy desserts for diabetics online in Dubai, this sweet tooth is the perfect one! It is low in calories, and it’s free from both trans-fat & saturated fat. At the same time, the honey in it helps in controlling the blood sugar levels and fights cancer.

Tips on how to buy Desserts online

Nowadays, the trend is staying and eating healthy! Thus, getting rid of junk food from your diet and more focus on eating healthy food. However, the desserts are some of the dishes which can easily lose your focus. But the exception is there always! And you can choose healthy & nutritional sweet tooth after a meal. So, you have fresh fruit salad, fruit tart, chocolate banana bites, chocolate truffles, and many more. However, you also need to keep in mind that the healthy sweet tooth definition varies from one another. Some might consider sugar-free dishes are healthy, whereas some might consider omitting less fat as healthy. Therefore, you face a lot of confusion while selecting the best vegan desserts. So, we tried our best to help you out by listing the tips & tricks to follow up while you shop online. Have a look!

  • Decide on types – You will get innumerable choices while looking for keto desserts for your family’s health. However, there are many sweet dishes that come with the sugar substitute. Thus, you don’t consume excess calories or saturated fat. There are also certain sweet-tooth dishes that comes with natural sweetness.
  • Check healthy or not? – While you move to buy healthy desserts online, you must come across many choices. However, basic nutrition concerns should be calories, saturated fat, and sugar, ranging from fair to extreme. Some of the saturated fat is found in chocolate which has little or no effects on arteries. In contrast, some chocolates are loaded with calories and fats.
  • Look for the expiry date – There are many times we neglect checking the date of expiration while shopping for the blueberry cheesecake ingredients online. And later, we face serious consequences when our health gets affected due to our carelessness. So, it’s advisable to check on the expiration date before you select it from the shopping cart.
  • Compare the price online – When you decide to purchase cream puffs or chocolate pie online for your get-together party. You get lots of choices in it from different brands in different quantities. But what sets you back is the price of this sweet tooth on various online platforms. Thus, there are many online platforms that allow you to compare the prices among different brands.

That’s’ all! We hope you enjoy reading the whole article while learning about desserts for a healthy diet. However, the choice of the sweet tooth depends on your selection and liking. So, have you chosen any of them? No! Then, commence with your shopping spree now along with It is the best retail search engine with 500+ brands & shops allied with it. And you explore a mind-blowing collection of products with the best price in the market.

Question & Answer

What dessert goes with pizza?

Planning for a pizza party but don’t know what desserts to go along with it? Well, it’s relatable. Pizza is one of the popular Italian dishes worldwide with different flavours. However, ending your party without a sweet tooth seems incomplete. Thus, we bring you a list of desserts to try with your favourite pizza. And they are a cup of ice cream of any flavours from chocolate, vanilla, butter pecan, peppermint, and so on. Or you can try sorbet if you want the goodness of ice cream but don’t want to indulge in fat. It isn’t rich and creamy, yet it’s healthy if you try it with fruits. However, you can try chocolate chip cookies if you prefer the simple sweet dish to end your meal.

Where to buy desserts online in the UAE?

Online shopping has become one of the easy ways to shop for your favourite desserts. You get relief from hovering from one shop to another for buying your choice of a sweet tooth. Besides, you get to shop from renowned brands which offer different discounts on different quantities. Again, the brands come with varied ingredients and flavours to match your choice. Thus, you need a reliable online platform like We are the best UAE online shopping with more than 500 brands & shops allied with us. And you explore an excellent collection of products and enjoy exciting offers which are best in the market.

Why is a dessert served last?

As per the latest research, our appetite fades after consuming the same kind of food a lot. However, the sweet tooth dish tricks our brain into wanting more food. On the other hand, we need a variety of food dishes to feel happy. And that’s the reason sugary & creamy sweet tooth is much needed after a meal. You wouldn’t eat again after you are done with your meal. Thus, your body is open to sweet dishes like a fruit tart, chocolate banana bites, chocolate truffles, and so on. The glucose stimulates the relaxation of the muscles in the stomach. And that’s why you can eat more sweet dishes, but you can’t eat another savoury plate meal.

Which dessert has the least amount of sugar?

Desserts are meant to break your diet. And some of them are chocolate cheesecake, chocolate pie, blueberry cheesecake, and so on. However, you can choose the ingredients from top-notch brands like Oreo, Nutella, Cheesecake Factory, Danette, and so on. But we didn’t realise that these dishes added too much sugar. An average person eats around 17 teaspoons per day, which is more than recommended. However, you have choices on other dishes which contain less sugar and are healthy. They add essential nutrients to your body. And those healthy after meal dishes are fruit tart, keto desserts, and so on.

We know shopping for your choice of after-meal dish isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard. So, follow up on the tips & tricks part to guide you on your shopping spree. However, the price of the product varies with its quantity and the ingredients. Thus, keep all this intact on your mind and shop along with us! Scroll through the amazing collection of food & beverages products. Plus, get incredible discounts & deals to add spark to your shopping bag. Hurry!

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