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About Crackers

Crackers are usually savoury food items enjoyed plain, with a hot drink, or added to recipes to add the crisp. There are many combinations than just these. Eat them any way, they add to the relaxing time you want to enjoy with your favourite snack. So, do not buy them in a hurry. You can experiment a little and buy something different from usual. If you are indeed looking to buy crackers online or the ingredients to bake some, you can explore our shopping platform to fulfil both these needs.

Crackers are flat biscuits, but their varieties are endless. They come in shapes and sizes with unique tastes. You can pick a different variety every time you shop, and that is not us overexaggerating. The ingredients used in crackers have been continuously experimented with. If not ingredients, you will find a different flavour of your favourite cracker launched by the brand. However, it is up to your personal choice. Some of you like to stick with one brand or ingredient, while some like to buy a different product every time they shop. For both these buyers, it will be good if you get to know more about these crackers. It can happen that you are missing out on a product you would love to have.

Why crackers and why not biscuits!

Crackers because they make a crack sound when you eat or break one piece into two, and that is the only reason for the name. The term is interchangeably used with biscuits, but not all biscuits make a crack sound. Both these products can be staple foods, snacks, gift items, dietary products, infant foods, or even cat and dog snacks. There are products with chocolates and creams as one of their ingredients, so they are borderline with confectionery as well. When they are served with cheese and spreads, they are called water biscuits. Every other cracker or biscuit is made with flour, although the type of flour can be different, thereby creating unique tastes. They also have low moisture content, which is important to give the products longer shelf life. You can now get to know some types to grab the best crackers online in the UAE.

Graham crackers

The name is such because this product comes from graham flour, which is coarse-ground flour of whole wheat. This food item is sweet flavoured, and out of all flavours, honey and cinnamon are most common and popular. Apart from this terminology, there is an interesting story behind these graham crackers. The person behind the name is Sylvester Graham, who preached to people to follow a vegetarian food diet and other lifestyle practices, which according to him, was how God wanted people to live. This is why the marketplace at that time got flooded with Graham crackers, bread, and flour. In modern days, these crackers have versatile use like crusts for pies or a base for cheesecake. S’mores and mango floats are other popular delicacies made with these crackers. You can find more recipes online, find the ingredients on our platform, and bake some.

TUC biscuits

TUC brand is worldwide famous with availability in over 50 countries. With that fact, you can contemplate the reputation and acceptance of the brand. Here’s an interesting story behind the name – TUC was just named after MR Parein saw the name “Trade Union Corporation” in some newspaper. It is a peculiar story for those who put so much time into picking a name for their brand. On the other hand, their products are rich in grains and have slowly developed many flavours. Among many flavours, some include cheese sandwich, barbecue, garlic & herbs, paprika, salt & pepper, pizza, samphire, and roasted chicken. There are lots more you can find online on our shopping platform that is

Skyflakes crackers

Skyflakes is another popular brand you can explore to buy crackers. These are very airy, dry, and crispy. Probably, that is why the name is skyflakes. Although the original ones without flavours were bland in taste, they were still comforting with a mild saltiness and yeast flavour. You can eat them plain or with recipes, as you like. While shopping now, you can find them in flavours like garlic, cheese, oat fibre, onion & chives, and more. There are also cracker sandwiches with chocolate and condensed milk fillings. If you like cream-filled crackers, sunflower is another go-to brand for that. Ritz crackers, green crackers, and whales crackers are a few other types to explore too. Whether you like them seasoned or just with original salt flavour, you can find all of it within these variants mentioned. 

Tips on how to buy Crackers

Conscious eating and conscious buying include you putting more effort into reading the specifications before buying. What you are eating and where you are spending are two considerable discussions. It can be a small packet of crackers, and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know your nutritious intake. Of course, there is no need of fussing over every small bite you take, and snacks are usually cheat foods that you want to enjoy amidst your daily routines. Only if you can notice and read a bit about the product before buying, that would be all.

  • Baked or fried – This is usually the first thing you may notice while buying crackers. Since the time healthy food options are overpowering the marketplace, quotes like “baked not fried” are often seen on the packaging. It is up to you to decide! If you like the fried variant, go for it. If you can eat them moderately and balance your meals in such a way that you already have eaten fried and you do not repeat it for the rest of the day. It is just that you know and understands what you are eating and what should follow after.
  • Diet based – You may be following a diet plan like keto or vegan based on which you must choose the products. Also, you may have been given daily nutritional intake by your nutritionist, so you must take care of that. Any other diet limitations include cholesterol-free, fat-free, and gluten-free. You can find the right product if you read the ingredients and nutritional information only.
  • Flour type – The main ingredient of any cracker is the flour. Although you may like the savoury or other flavours available nowadays, you cannot ignore the taste of the flour. The most common ones are wheat and all-purpose flours. You can experiment with nut-based flours, plant-based flours, rice flour, seed flours, and many others. If you have always eaten wheat flour, you must try any other and taste the unique flavour. You might like them more or not. Find out by buying one!
  • Flavours – The most peculiar one is the pizza flavour available. Others are cheese, onion & chives, paprika, garlic, roasted chicken, and many others. Apart from these flavours, you can also go for the fillings based crackers. Cream-filled or chocolate-covered crackers are most common. You can also go for different seasonings. Salty and sugary are the most common. However, herb seasonings are something to experiment with. You can buy small packets of different flavours to see what fits your taste buds.

You can buy crackers of different flavours, flours, or seasoning from some popular brands. These include Ritz, Skyflakes, Carr’s Nabisco, and Fantastic. There are indeed more brands you can find on our shopping platform, We have got multiple brands and online shops for you to explore everything you need for your shopping cart. A flexible budget range is another advantage you will get here, along with a seamless shopping drive.

Question & Answer

What crackers are keto-friendly?

A ketogenic diet is low in carbs and high in fat contents. By that definition,  crackers do not actually fit into the diet because their main ingredient is flour, which is full of carbs. So, you need grain-free, rice-free, and soy-free crackers with organic ingredients. That is a general reference. There may be more ingredients to add and ignore. Coming to the products, you can choose flax seed crackers with the product name flackers. Another product is Hu Paleo vegan crackers and cheddar crackers. You get the general idea of how to find ketogenic crackers; just go for plant or seed-based ingredients.

Which crackers have the lowest carbs?

The main ingredient of any cracker is the flour used in it, which is the main source of carbs. If you want to explore crackers with low carb content, you actually need flour with low carb content. Instead of searching low carb crackers, you can instead search for coconut flour crackers. Likewise, other flours with low carbs include almond, flax, oat fibre, chia, and many others. Nabisco is one brand you can look for. For example, nine cookies from justice league teddy graham snacks include 21g net carbs and 4g fat. The whole package of wheat thin crackers from Nabisco includes net carbs of 15g and 3g fat.

Do crackers help heartburn?

In a way, yes! Some crackers are best for upset stomach, heartburn or acid indigestion. In short, they are GERD-friendly treats. GERD is gastroesophageal reflux disease – a digestive disorder. It affects the muscle between your oesophagus and stomach. As a result, you can get heartburn or acid indigestion. You need a GERD-friendly diet in case you are experiencing such a problem. Large meals, fatty foods, alcohol, or coffee can further trigger the problem. In contrast, crackers with any nut butter, baked chips, high-fibre meal, low-fat dairy, non-citrus fruit, and many other food items can help prevent the problem to occur any further. Instead of making your own diet plan, you should consult a dietician because moderation is the key here that only an expert can plan. You can also buy best crackers for diabetes or crackers for weight loss – all depending on your purpose of buying.

Where to buy crackers online in the UAE?

Individuals’ needs are different and unique when it comes to snacks or treats. Staple foods or typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner remain the same with all similar ingredients. Especially if you are all in a healthy diet routine, you often look for snacks to get a taste of your favourite ingredients. The reason is to keep moderation in your diet plan and do not stuff yourself with too much sugary food & beverages. You may need keto-friendly crackers, chocolate flavoured graham crackers, sandwich crackers, or crackers made from nut flour. As there are unique expectations, you do not have to stumble upon different stores to grab your favourite snacks. You can explore them all on our shopping search engine. You can also check out crackers for sale online in the UAE for a good start.