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About Cookies

Cookies are cooked or baked food items. Typically, they are sweet, flat, and smaller in size. Usually, they contain sugar, flour, added flavours, fats, and oils. Some types of cookies also contain oats, chocolate chips, raisins or different types of nuts. 

In most parts of the world, cookies are also known as biscuits. Some options may also be named by their shapes such as bars or date squares. Cookies and biscuits have variations including custard cream, bourbon, sandwich biscuits, or Oreos. You can also find them with jam fillings and marshmallows and at times dipped in chocolate or another sweet coating. They are often served with milk, tea, or coffee. And based on the flavour and approach, they are also dunked in different beverages. With exclusive commercial make, you can find a variety at vending machines, grocery stores and online stores.  

Types of cookies 

Overall, there are eight basic types: drop, fried, no-bake, moulded, bar, refrigeration, sandwich, and rolled cookies. However, some are commonly used, while others are ideal for special occasions. Here we will talk about some of these types in detail. When choosing such snacks for a special occasion or guests, you should check different aspects like shape, size, colour, taste, and ingredients of the cookie. All the aspects vary based on the types and processes they are made with.  

Bar, sesame seed and benne wafer cookies  

Bar cookies are distinctive in their shape. At a time when mostly they are in round or square shape, bar cookies stand different in the crowd. They are made by pouring batter on rectangular pans. They are then baked and cut into smaller servings. At the same time, wafers and sesame seed biscuits are especially famous since colonial times. The sesame seed biscuits are also known as benne wafers. They are very thin and make with toasted sesame seeds. Plain benne wafers are also served with cocktails. At times they can also be made into sandwich biscuits.  


Italians use the term biscotti to refer to any type of crunchy biscuits in square, round, or any shape of biscuits otherwise. The term biscotti came from ancient Romans and is referred to as dry, long, and hard twice-baked biscuits. At times they are also known as cantucci. Although initially, they were only available in almond flavour today, we can find a variety of tastes in biscotti. So, you can enjoy these crispy biscuits with amaretto and lemon flavoured dough. Or you can enjoy them with raisings and other dried fruits. They are also available as chocolate chips or a variety of nuts and butter cookies.  

Breakfast cookies  

Maybe while looking for an excuse to eat biscuts, someone created the granola cookies. These are made of wheat flour, molasses for sugar, and substituted honey. This combination is believed to be healthy for use at breakfast. However, with time, the recipe became much more elaborate, and now you can find a hint of cherry almond granola, chocolate chip granola, or orange pecan granola. Although many do not consider it a type of cookie, they still stand in the list of most basic types you can find around the globe.  

Butterballs and butter cookies  

Butterballs are meltaway shaped on small sized balls. At times chopped pecans are added, and they are known as pecan balls. At the same time, butter cookies are one of the simple types. They are made of basic ingredients: flour, sugar or butter. You can find several variations in butter made options. Some are crumbly shortbreads, while others come in light bread. You can also find them as powdered sugar-dusted tea cakes, and here they are known as meltaway or wedding cakes. Here fresh butter is the core ingredient.

Tips on how to buy Cookies online in the UAE 

When it comes to buying food and beverages online, quality is of core importance. Just like any other edible item available online, you can use a retail search engine to find the best chocolate chip cookie companies. At you can find the best coconut macaroons for kids in the UAE. However, not all options are suitable for all age groups or occasions. This is why buying an appropriate option can be a task to deal with.  In this section of the article, we are going to share some thoughts on how you can buy cookies from available options online.

  • Look for an age-appropriate option – Age is of great importance as not all types, flavours and ingredients are suitable for toddlers or kids at an early age. So before starting your search, consider the occasion and the type of age group of guests you are buying.
  • Look into ingredients – Always read the product description section carefully. This is where you can find the complete list of ingredients that are added to the product. For kids, it is always better to buy products with lesser preservatives and more organic ingredients.
  • Packaging – The look and feel are important if you are buying for a special occasion. If you want to buy it for daily use, go for smaller packaging. It will help you keep the remaining product sealed and fresh in their airtight packaging.
  • Focus on details – Here you will need to consider the size and shape. Luckily at you will have the freedom to pick different flavours, sizes and shapes. For variety on your table, pick different sizes and shapes.
  • Brand – As we are talking about edible items, quality is of great importance. Low-quality items can cause any harm to the consumer. However, buying high-quality items can cost you a bit extra, yet still, it’s worthy to invest in pops from top brands.

In the end, you should consider the ingredient sensitivities if you have any. There can be some added or raw ingredients in coffee that will cause you allergies. So, if you are keen to use marzipan in your baking, look for products that do not contain any harmful materials.  It would help if you also kept the fact in mind that there will be a change in taste according to the ingredients. To find a variety of products online, explore and buy the best possible flavour for your next gathering.

Question & Answer

What are good cookies?

According to experts, the best options are one that includes both brown sugar and granulated white sugar. The combination of two gives a crispy yet chewy balance. Many bakers use more brown sugar than white for added taste and crispiness. Some of the bestselling items that you can buy online are Oreos, frosted animal, Lofthouse, Amos chocolate chip, fudge stripes, wafers and a few others.

How do you make easy chocolate chip cookies from scratch?

The simplest recipe is to start baking them by melting the butter. The butter should not be very hot, make sure 90% of the real butter is melted. You will need to whisk it until it finishes melting. Once real butter is melted, start whisking the sugar until its well combined. Now mix vanilla extract and eggs. Next, you will need to add baking soda, flour, and salt. Make sure you are not overmixing the dough. Now add chocolate chips and scoop the dough. Place equal weight about 2 inches apart on the baking sheet. Bake until they are ready for serving.

What are sugar-free cookies?

Any cookie or baking item that has less than 0.5 grams of sugar per serving is known as sugar-free. At times sugar content is entirely replaced by artificial flavours and ingredients to add crispiness and taste to the baked items. Here it is also important to note the actual number of servings in food because there can still be a small amount of sugar, even in the items that claim to be sugar-free.

Where can I buy cookies online in the UAE?

When it comes to buying high quality yet cheap food and beverages online in the UAE, always find a reliable retail search engine. Just like many users across the UAE, you can trust This is where you can find top brands like Oreo, Lotus, Hershey, Keebler, and Chips Ahoy. You can also use the price comparison tool to compare products with brands like Nabisco, Betty Crocker, Famous Amos, Great American, and M&M.