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About Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereal is a conventional breakfast that has various cereals in it. The cereals are grains that are processed and have various nutrients like minerals and vitamins. It is also our saviour when we are in a hurry and don’t have the time to cook. It is usually consumed with milk, fruits, nuts, yoghurt, and other creamy ingredients, making it a traditional breakfast. A traditional breakfast has both food & beverage. It may be called a breakfast cereal, but you can eat it at any time of the day!

Breakfast cereal for kids or breakfast cereals for adults is a convenient option to save time. The brands claim that it has several minerals and vitamins. The product comes from rice, oats, wheat, and corn. Due to the presence of these grains, it has some health benefits. Simultaneously, other nutrients are added like yeast, preservatives, sugar, and salt to make it healthier. All of these ingredients make the product less fit for regular consumption. To eat a healthy breakfast of cereals, you need to select healthier options for consumption. The two types of breakfast cereal are warm and cold. Warm grains like porridge and grits must be cooked and consumed hot and fresh. They are the best sugar-free product if you are following a diet. In comparison, cold cereals are ready to eat and consumed with milk.

Grains in breakfast cereals

As mentioned earlier, Cold cereals and warm cereals are two types of breakfast cereal. Both the cereals come from various grains that you must know. Each grain has its benefits, disadvantages, and taste. All the grains are nutritious enough to provide a high-protein, fibre, and tasty breakfast for you. You may be wondering how people make cereals from some grains. The makers follow five steps in the preparation of this product. The makers first convert the grains into flour and cook it. Then, they add ingredients like water, cocoa, and sugar to the flour. After that, they shape the cereal in a machine with the help of a high-temperature process. Then the cereal is dried and sold. The following are some grains that help in making a cereal.


Corn is also known as maize. It has nutrients like vitamin E, B, C, A, and minerals. Along with vitamins, it also has thiamin, magnesium, and fibre. Not only does it help in making breakfast cereal, but it can also make cornmeal, popcorn, cornbread, and more. Some of the breakfast cereal that uses corn is Kellogg’s cornflakes and low fodmap cereal. These are some of the most popular cereals for a healthy breakfast. Corn has various health benefits that are less known. For example, skin maintenance, bone strength improvement, heart disease prevention, improved eye health, improved overall health, and more.

Brown rice

Brown rice is the healthier form of white rice as it is whole grain rice. You can use it as an alternative to white rice and for breading, baking, and thickening sauces. You can make a hot breakfast cereal using brown rice on your own. It is one of the best breakfast cereals for weight loss, and you can also use them as cereal for dinner. They are highly beneficial to babies as well as adults. The other health benefits are reducing the risk of heart disease & cancer and managing diabetes. The cereals made from brown rice are the best diabetic breakfast cereals.


You can find wheat worldwide as it is the most cultivated. The most common use of wheat is making bread. However, it can also make cakes, breakfast cereal, pasta, pie, cookie, and many more. Like other grains, wheat also has healthy nutrients, including proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It can reduce the risk of breast cancer, coronary disease, and diabetes. Wheat also has antioxidants that aid in increased absorption and easy digestion. It is also an anti-inflammatory that may avert the risk of dark spots and discolouration. It also improves the health of the skin. Nesquik cereal and fortified cereals made from wheat are some of the breakfast cereals for sale online in UAE.


Oats is a cereal grain and a best-selling cereal worldwide. They have the lowest carbohydrates and the highest protein. Oats are easy to find and are one of the cheap breakfast cereals. You can make cookies, cake, flour, and oatmeal from oats. You can also make breakfast cereal from oats yourself, or you can visit our product search engine to buy online. Here, on, you can select from over 500 brands and online shops. You can even consume oats if you are following a diet or just trying to eat healthily. You can make some of the best vegan breakfast cereals from oats.


Barley is a part of the grass family and a typical cereal grain after wheat, rice, and corn. It is a vital ingredient in foods like stew, soup, cookies, bread, casserole, and more. Barley can also make super healthy breakfast cereal. It has many health benefits like diabetes control, improved immune system, improved skin, reduced risk of cancer, and more. It also improves blood sugar. These benefits are due to various nutrients in barley. Some of the nutrients are dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins, thiamin, and more. To purchase breakfast cereal with barley, you can check cereal brands like Nesquik, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Alpen, and Weetabix.

Tips on how to buy Breakfast Cereals

Breakfast cereal is the heart of a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast should include dairy, proteins, fruits, and healthy carbs. When you go shopping for the best cereal, you don’t always check about it in detail. We are here to aid you in making the right choice and in avoiding processed grains. You can purchase a breakfast cereal from as that would save you a trip from the store! Along with cereals, you can also buy cereal bowls and storage containers from our online shops. For purchasing the best for you and your family, you must keep in mind the following tips.

  • Ingredients & fat – Before purchasing any cereal, you must check the ingredients present in it. It would be best if you don’t buy one that has artificial colours and flavours added to it. You can purchase plain cereals and add natural spices and fruits as per your taste. Similarly, some cereals have added fats in them, and some have high-fat content naturally. Some cereals still don’t have added fat, but if they do, it should not be more than 2.5 grams. It would be best to buy cereals that have less trans-fat and normal fat.
  • Whole-grain & high-fibre – When you are checking the ingredients for content, also check for words like whole wheat or whole grain. Whole grains and processed grains are the two types of grain. Wholegrains have protein and fibre in them, whereas processed grains don’t. At the same time, you must select a cereal that is high in fibre. The fibre content should not be less than 3 grams in each serving. You will find high fibre in oat and wheat cereals. The cereals that have added sugar have significantly less fibre in them.
  • Size – The size of each serving of the cereal determines the number of calories you eat. Always buy a size that you can finish in time based on the servings you consume. If you are going to store your cereal in the refrigerator, you can keep it for 2-3 months. You should not buy a big size as you will not be able to finish it within 2-3 months. If you are going to store the cereal in a freezer, you can keep it for 6-8 months. Then you can buy a big size and enjoy your cereal every day.
  • No added sugar  The makers of cereals did not have to specify the added sugar separately. They just mentioned the total sugar, which includes good and bad sugar. Added sugar is usually sweeteners such as dried cane syrup, fruit juice concentrate, molasses, agave syrup, and more. The sugar that does not harm your body is naturally present in milk and fruits. Naturally occurring sugar is also present in dry fruits, but sometimes they are coated with additional sugar. It is not easy to identify the added sugar in the ingredients. Choose a cereal that has 5 grams or less sugar in each serving.

The bottom line is that breakfast cereal is a convenient and healthy breakfast. Sometimes the cereal is processed and not as healthy as it is supposed to be. In that case, reading the ingredient list and following the tips should be your primary step. We hope we could help you in choosing the appropriate breakfast cereal for you and your family.

Question & Answer

What are whole grain breakfast cereals?

Whole grain breakfast cereal comes from barley, rye, oats, corn, rice, and wheat. Wholegrain cereals have three layers of grain which are crushed to a fine texture to make wholemeal foods. Wholegrain cereals have more antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fibre. These cereals even help in maintaining weight. You can make wholegrain cereals part of a healthy diet, but you should not consume them in excess. Whole grain cereals have dietary fibre that improves digestion and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. If you want to lose weight or eat more vitamins and fibre, you must buy wholegrain cereals.

Why are cereals good for breakfast?

Cereals are good for breakfast for so many reasons. They are a healthy choice that makes you feel full for a long time and reduces your hunger pangs! You can consume cereals with low-fat milk, and they fuel your mornings with lots of energy. Cereals have less fat content in them (depending on the grain you choose). The two major nutrients that you get for choosing cereals are vitamin D and calcium. The milk consumed with cereal fulfils your need for calcium each day. The milk and cereal together meet the requirement of vitamin D.

What are the healthiest breakfast cereals?

The healthiest breakfast cereal is the one that has whole grains and less salt, fat, and sugar. The best cereal may not taste very yum, but it has high fibre and vitamins to keep our bodies healthy. The healthiest cereal will reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. To select the most nutritious breakfast cereal, you must check the label and ingredients before buying. Reading the label will aid you in choosing among the best brands and in determining the healthier cereal. To make a cereal healthier, you can also add fruits, dry fruits, dried nuts, and more to the cereal.