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About Breads

What is good bread though? A loaf that is tasty even without adding additional sugars and flavours. Also, the one that has balanced nutritional value. The online marketplace is loaded with brands, and it is quite confusing to pick the right one. You may already have your favourite brand fixed, but it is fine to look out for better options once in a while. Even if you are buying the same brand, always scrutinise the product if they are maintaining the quality standard or not. All of it sums up your responsibility as a conscious buyer.

You are what you eat, and there is no doubt in that. But what if you don’t even know what you are eating? In that case, you just have to flip the package and notice the ingredients list and calculate the calories, carbs, and fat available in the product. And that can give you an idea of the quantity you should intake in your meal. Also, if you do not understand something that is written, you can contact customer service. The contact details are always mentioned on the package. You see, there is more than one way to choose the right food item. However, the first thing you can do here is spend some time exploring the options available in the online marketplace.

Types of bread

You can divide the varieties according to your food choices, medical issues, and diet plans. For example, if you are following a keto diet plan, you should buy bread for the keto diet. Likewise, you may have celiac disease, due to which you got to buy gluten-free. Also, if you don’t like your bread without flavour, you can buy products with sesame seeds on top or other toppings that you like. Depending on grain also, you can choose the product like multigrain and whole grains are some of the product most popular. You can explore our retail search engine as we have showcased almost all kinds under our authentic online shops.

Brioche bread

Any bread is all about the proportion of ingredients used in the process. In that case, Brioche is most famous for its fine balance of eggs and butter. They are a highly enriched pastry with a dark, golden, and flaky crust. Along with this original form, there are other variations of this product like Brioche Saint Genix, Cougnou, Brioche Tressee de Metz, and many others. You can use them in various recipes or eat them with butter or jam. We have a dedicated section for bread for sale online in the UAE. You can explore and find one such variety for your shopping cart.

Banana bread

If we talk about adding flavours to the bread, banana is one of the favourites amongst consumers across the globe. If you don’t like normal bread and often find yourself in a situation thinking of what to eat with it – you can have banana flavour. Just spread chocolate hazelnut, sprinkle some coconut, and enjoy your hearty meal. You can experiment with different spreads or recipes to enjoy your bread. Also, you can buy flavoured bread for the diabetic to avoid sugar content. There can be other flavours to explore. You can find the list on our shopping platform,

Chapati bread

Chapati is the Indian version of the bread and is prepared at home in all households. It is a mixture of your favourite grain and water. You can also put some salt or vegetable to flavour it. This bread is versatile, so you can make it a wrap and even enjoy it with curry recipes. You can also buy readymade chapatis from online shops. Then, all you have to do is heat these chapatis or follow the instructions as written, and the chapatis will be ready to eat. Talking about varieties here, you can choose the type of grain you like to eat. However, authentic chapati bread is made from whole wheat grain.

Keto bread

You have to mind carb-eating in keto plans, so the product you need right now should be low in the carb or none at all. Also, the keto diet is a high in fat diet, so this is another factor associated with it. Almond bread is one such option. You can also choose plant-based bread. Although these are vegan options, they can go well along with your keto plan. After all, you got to balance the meal throughout your day to not make your nutritions go more or less than required. In that case, we suggest going through our shopping platform and checking out some of the best low-carb bread.

Tips on how to buy Bread

All the households might have one favourite bread, and everyone has acquired the taste of that one type. However, experimenting with food once in a while can make the family meal-time interesting. However, choosing amongst various brands, ingredients, or sometimes the flavours is troublesome. In that case, you can consider a few factors written below. You can also search some recipes or spreads online that go along with the chosen product to further narrow down your purchase in the best way possible.

  • Understand the products – Do not fall for false advertisements. Even if the label says freshly baked product, do not resist reading the manufacturing date before buying. Likewise, there can be other descriptive words mentioned. You may feel like the brands are being deceptive. But believe us, marketing nowadays works this way. So, it is better to scrutinise the products first.
  • Check the fibre content – Each slice should not have more than 3gram of fibre. If the product you are buying labels itself as high-fibre, then it is highly possible that they are getting the extra roughage from additional ingredients. Now, it becomes more imperative to research these extra ingredients and see if you are fine consuming them.
  • Sodium and sugar level – Every product’s taste is a little different from each other due to the manufacturing process and the variety of ingredients used. However, if the taste is due to the high sugar levels added by the manufacturer, you must notice that. As per the health experts, you should not have more than 2gram 200mg of sodium per slice.
  • Follow the storage instructions – Bread contains different kinds of starch, and if you store it in the fridge, the temperature inside makes the bread stale. So, read the package instructions and do as directed. Most of the time, you will find the instructions that the product must be stored outside and not in the refrigerator.
  • Emphasise less on appearance – Perfect looking bread is often compromised with the ingredients. For example, caramel colouring makes a loaf more brown and appear healthier. After all, who wants fake colouring. So, keep an eye on the brand’s reputation as well while buying.

We are sure you put special efforts already into your food choices. However, expanding your knowledge by reading the current trends and new ingredients can make your kitchen more versatile. And as the world is fusing cuisines together, you are more likely to see different products every now and then. You can find almost all kinds of bread varieties on our shopping platform, Why not start exploring some of the best gluten-free bread first? You can also visit our food & beverages section to filter the product as you want.

Question & Answer

What bread is used for shawarma?

Pita bread is the one used for making shawarma, which is a very straightforward bread of flour, yeast, salt, and water. It has pockets in the middle that you can stuff with whatever you are craving. However, the original stuffing of shawarma is lamb or mutton and hummus. With the fusion experiments across the globe, this middle eastern dish has now seen multiple varieties. You can even make it at your home with ease or order it online with options of bread and stuffing.

Which bread has the lowest calories?

You are often suggested to quit packaged foods, especially bread, when starting a healthy lifestyle. However, it is not necessarily required to quit things you like. You can just find healthy alternatives to it. For example, instead of normal bread, you can start buying Capricorn low-calorie bread. While shopping online, you can read the nutritional value under specifications and compare every product with each other. This way, you will be able to choose the healthiest version. You can find almost all types of bread on our shopping platform,

Which bread is good for a diet?

It is not just the calories that you have to scrutinise when on a healthy diet. However, fats and carbs are also a hindrance to your healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to find food items with nill nutritional value, but you got to balance your meal throughout the day in a way that these nutritions do not go beyond the required quantity. Considering all these factors, you can explore brands like Modern Bakery and Lusine as they have got different varieties out of which you can choose the one suitable to your lifestyle. You can find more varieties suiting your lifestyle on our product search engine.

Can bread cause bloating?

Bread can cause bloating to you only when you have a sensitivity to one or other ingredients listed in the bread. Most of the time, it is gluten sensitivity, or in medical terms, it is known as celiac disease. It may also happen that you have weak immunity or a weak digestive system due to which you are not able to digest grains. If bread cause bloating to you, then it is highly possible that other grains may do the same. However, do not come to conclusions by reading online or listening to what friends or family are saying. You should consult the doctor and get to the root cause of your problem.