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About Clarified Butter

Clarified butter is milk fat condensed from butter to separate milk solids and water. Generally, it is produced by melting butter at constant temperature and allowing the components to separate by density.  

With constant heat, the water evaporates and solid contents float on the surface. These solids are later skimmed off. The remainder of the milk solids sinks on the bottom leaving the butter fats behind. This fat remains on the top and is separated with separator funnels or fat separators. This final content is known as clarified butter or ghee butter. The Commercial preparation involves direct evaporation but is also accompanied by centrifugation, vacuuming and drying. Clarified butter has a higher smoke point as compared to regular butter. Therefore it is best for certain cooking procedures like sautéing.   

Reasons you should start using clarified butter now 

Purified butter is one of the most precious food items. It comes with amazing healing properties. According to experts, clarified butter contains fat-soluble vitamins that aid in weight loss. It also plays a major role in balancing hormones. Its use is also associated with maintaining healthy cholesterol. AS the clarified ghee has a higher heat point it can prevent the production of cholesterol and free radicals that can damage the natural functioning of cells. In its purest form, it contains sufficient omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin A. and beyond health benefits, it also holds importance in beauty care rituals. Here are some common benefits that can give you a reason to use ghee and clarified butter on daily basis.

Organic ghee butter- Source of energy and fats  

Clarified butter contains a large amount of short-chain and medium fatty acids. Among many others, lauric acids are prominent as they contain antifungal and antimicrobial substances. Hence clarified butter can be an ideal option for nursing mothers. Likewise, individuals who are struggling to lose weight must add clarified ghee to their daily food consumption. It is the most comprehensive source of good fats that are necessary for the healthy growth of your body muscles. Hence you can continue your fat cutting diet plan without losing any needed content.

Casein-free and Vitamin-rich  

Individuals with lactose intolerance can get all the needed nutrients with clarified butter. Casein is one of the predominant proteins in lactose and milk. It is the main reason for most dairy intolerances. Clarified butter is free of such milk solids and thus is best for individuals dealing with such intolerance. Besides it is rich in vitamins like A, E, D and K. These vitamins help in promoting stronger brain and bone health. They also help in boosting the immune system. Additionally, it offers medium-chain fatty acids that are absorbed directly through liber and burned as energy which is good for your body.  

Healthy digestive tract 

The clarified butter is known to support and promote healthy activities in your digestive tract. It is because the ghee is rich in butyric acid and short-chain fatty acids. The bacteria in your intestine convert fibre into butyric acids and then use them for creating energy used by your cells and muscles. This energy is also used for supporting the intestinal wall. So by consuming clarified butter, you are actually contributing to a healthy and clean digestive tract. Additionally, certain components in ghee help in reducing internal inflammation. It once again helps in maintaining a healthy and speedy recovery of the digestive tract.

Tips on how to buy Ghee Butter online in the UAE 

The most important thing while buying edible items is the quality of the product. Today the best way to decide about the quality of any food and beverage is to check from which manufacture it comes. However, when you head to buy from brands expect a higher purified butter ghee price online. Besides price and quality, it is also important to consider your specific health conditions before using any product for the first time. Today we are going to share some points you will need to keep in mind while you head to buy clarified butter online in the UAE.

  • Consider your health – Edible products will have an impact on your body. So, professional advice is a must. If you are not feeling comfortable after eating anything particular, consult your doctor to know what types of products your body needs and buy accordingly.
  • Choose a brand – When it comes to ghee or oils, you should head to buy from trusted brands only. Most of these brands offer a wide range of cooking oils for customers with different needs. While buying online you can explore different brands to know what they have to offer.
  • Consider the type or style of cooking – As discussed previously, the fats change their formation while heated. So if you are looking forward to some serious frying jobs, look for cooking oil that can manage its properties at the highest temperature.  It is safe for your health.
  • Consider your budget – A high quality, daily use cooking oil is not expensive. However, some organic fats and oils can cost you a bit on your monthly or weekly budget. However, this is not where you should compromise on quality. But a bit of market search can help you find cheap oils.
  • Always choose healthy fats – As discussed earlier, fats play a major role in your health. So for daily use experts recommend cooking oils with saturated fats. You can read the list of ingredients to know what type of fats the oil contains.
  • Check the quality of ingredients – The quality of original ingredients like grains, seeds or nuts is important in determining the quality of fat. In this regard, organic oils are much better than non-organic. So as a health practice you should go for oils titled organic.

If you are about to use any specific product for the first time, read and understand it carefully. You can get all the information about the product in the product description section. Here you can also read about the ingredients and the benefits of using particular oil. For further assistance, you can consult the customer review section. Here you will find out about the real-time experience of consumers. A rule of thumb is to pick products with a higher rating as it means higher quality and better return of your money invested.

Question & Answer

Is clarified butter healthier?

It is important to have a variety of fats in your daily diet.  A considerable consumption of clarified ghee can help you consume all the needed saturated and mono-saturated fats necessary to stay healthy. With such unique properties, high quality clarified butter is believed to be healthier for your body. They are also good for maintaining the health of your body parts and internal organs to work properly. Hence we can say that clarified butter is healthier for both your body and mind.

Is ghee the same as clarified butter?

No, clarified butter is a bit clearer form of ghee. Butter consists of three things: milk solids, butter fats and water. Most of the generic store-bought butter has about 80% butterfat. It also contains 16 to 18% water content and about 1 to 2 per cent butter solids. Whereas the clarified butter contains no water content and the milk solids are also removed from the final delivered products that you can find and buy at stores like

What is clarified butter used for?

Clarified butter is used in several ways. It is a dietary item as well as used in health and beauty rituals. For example, you can use clarified butter to dip cooked seafood like shrimp or crabs. It is also best for sautéing fish, making hollandaise, cooking vegetables and different types of sauces. It is also ideal for cooking buttery popcorns to enjoy with your friends. You can also use them for superficial applications, as in making face masks or hair masks.

Where can I buy clarified butter online?

If you wish to buy the best branded clarified butter online in UAE, explore a comprehensive retail search engine. This is where you can find all the top global brands without any hassle and get the product delivered right to your doorstep. For example, at you can find baking products from top brands like Organic Valley, Nanak, Instant Pot, Kerry gold, Coop, or Gea. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare and buy cheap products with ease.