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About Baking Mix

The baking mix is a pre-mixed formulation of specific ingredients that are used for cooking baked recipes. These mixes can be homemade or available in commercial packaging.   

With several manufacturers, you can now easily find a baking mix for several specific needs like the kosher baking mix, gluten-free muffin mix or sugar-free brownie mix. The baking mix is used for preparing specific foods like quick bread, bread, cakes, muffins, pancakes, pizza dough, biscuits or brownies. You can also find some all-purpose baking mixes that can be used for preparing types of baking goods like muffins, cookies, and biscuits. There are also special types of mixes to use in bread machines. Basic ingredients in any of this baking mix are flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, yeast and flavours.   

Tricks how you can make your baking mix taste better   

As most of the baking mix comes with basic ingredients, as mentioned above, you can enhance the taste and performance by using some tricks. As most of us use the baking mix to make cooking easier and when we are short of time, a unique taste in our bread and cakes is what we all wish for. So before we head to buying the best baking mix for your next venture, let’s have a look at how the professional bakers add ingredients of their own to make unique cakes and pastries quickly using a ready-made baking mix.  

The magic of eggs  

Do you have an original Bisquick mix on shelves?  Let’s grab some eggs from the fridge and do some serious magic. All you need to do is to take an appropriate amount of eggs yolks and stir them well before use. These yolks will help you add a moist and rich texture to the cake. Save the white for making meringues. If you want an airy and lighter cake, use egg whites only. This time your egg yolks will be a part of crème Brulee. However, keep in mind that taking out the yolks decrease the number of fats in the cake. So make sure to replace it with one tablespoon of melted butter for every yolk you remove from the recipe.   

Say a no-no to water   

Water will add no taste to your recipe rather can ruin the flavour and texture of the end product. So while baking swap it with any other liquid – think of a flavour and some fats (clarified butter). Also, substitute the whole milk or non-dairy milk with coconut or almond milk. But if you want to make an extra rich cake, swap the milk with buttermilk and get ready to enjoy something extraordinary. But if you are not willing to add dairy products to your dairy-free brownie mix, replace water with soda (cola etc.) or juice. You can use orange juice in yellow and vanilla cakes.  Stout beer is also ideal if you are making chocolate cake.   

Remember the rule of fats equals flavour   

The more you add fats, the richer will be the flavour of your final baked product. Most of the boxed cake recipes ask you to add canola or vegetable oils. The only issue is that these oils do not have any flavour. So for added taste and richness, you can replace these oils with an equal amount of certified oil or liquid butter. You can also add a pinch of salt if you are using unsalted butter. It will surely boost the richness. If you want an extra decadent cake, add two tablespoons of mayonnaise. Remember, mayonnaise is just a mixture of oil and eggs- two ingredients that are already in your cake. If you want a tangy twist, add one-fourth cup of full-fat yoghurt or sour cream.   

Think about more tasty bits  

If you add the vanilla powder to the boxed cake mix, it might be past its key taste and features.  You can bump up the flavour by adding half to one tablespoon of vanilla extracts in the mix. But if you are going to make a spice cake, add a little rum, orange extracts or almonds along with vanilla. For making a yellow or white cake, adding one to two tablespoons of lime zest or fresh lemon juice can do wonders. You can also add all the goodies from your cupboard that you are otherwise using in your brownies, cookies and other types of cakes. You can also throw in chocolate chips, dried fruits or nuts and make an extra special cake.  

Tips on how to buy Baking Mix online in the UAE  

When it comes to serving your guest with something unique and delicious, you will need to put in a little more effort and money. Good quality and tasty baking mix will always cost you a bit more than many ingredients that you will need for baking. But if you have a limited budget buy cake mixes online from a trusted seller. At you can find several brands selling the best cake mix to buy.  However, while choosing the best product online, you need to be careful about certain elements. Here we are going to share some thoughts on how you can make a smart purchase online.

  • Quantity and weight – First of all you need to decide the quantity of cake mix you will need for baking. It may depend on if you are using it along with other ingredients or you want to make some plain cakes. The quantity of the end product will determine the weight you will need to buy.
  • Look for the trusted brand – When it comes to food and beverages, quality is always important. Settling for lower quality to save some bucks is never a good idea. Always look for products from top-rated brands. Check for the available options on different brands and choose one that suits your needs.
  • Price – When you head to buy from brands, there will always be an additional cost. But paying a bit extra is worth it as it will save you from many issues and embracements. However, at we are keen to help our customers find the best products at lesser rates. All you need to do is to use the unique price comparison tool to find cheap items from top trusted brands online.
  • Expiry date – Cake bakes come with expiry and change taste with time. Even if they come with strong preservatives, they will have a limited life. So it is better to buy a limited quantity that you won’t need to store for long.
  • Customer reviews – There are dozens of companies selling baking mix online. Each comes with its  USP. Besides choosing the best brand, you should also pay attention to what users have to say about the specific product. Try to buy a   product with higher customer reviews and ratings online.

In the end, you should also consider the ingredient sensitivities, if you have any. At you can easily find the best Bisquick biscuit mix price online in the UAE. So, you will not need to settle for a low-quality product just because you have spent a lot on other ingredients. It would help if you also kept the fact in mind that there will be a change in taste according to the ingredients. To find a variety of products online, explore and buy the best possible flavour for your next gathering.

Question & Answer

What is a baking mix made of?

A baking mix contains four main ingredients. These basic ingredients are flour; table salt; baking powder; and shortening. You can use these raw ingredients to make pancakes, biscuits, waffles and other essential baking recipes.  For special taste like we enjoy in chocolate muffin mix, you will need to add ingredients like chocolate or lime, depending on what flavour you want to make the cake in.

What is the difference between baking mix and baking powder?

Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda, starch and calcium acid phosphate. This mixture is used as leavening. Baking flour is ground wheat that covers all flours that are used in the baking process. It also includes cake flour, self0rising flour, and all-purpose flour. With different ingredients, the two serve entirely differently, and you cannot use them alternatively in any way. Baking mix has nothing to do with leavening as the baking powder is meant to.

What can I use instead of the baking mix?

If you do not have baking mix available, you can use alternative methods to complete the recipe. For the sweet baking mix, you can use sugar, powdered milk, salt, and baking powder. If needed, you can also add cream of tartar to your mix. The mix also needs shortening or vegetable oil, whatever is available. For low dairy or low-fat mix, you need to revise the portion of powdered milk and use shortening with reasonable fat content.

Where can I buy baking mix online in UAE?

When it comes to buying products in the food and beverage category, you should head to buy from a reliable retail search engine. At you can find dozens of brands online. Some to name are Bisquick, Bob’s Red Mill, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, and Krusteaz. Here you can also use the price comparison tool to compare the price of different baking mixes and buy one that suits your budget and needs.

Other brands that you can find to purchase from are Hodgson Mill, Simple Mills, Annie’s or Glutino. Enjoy using unique tools to find the best option in just a few clicks.