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About Arrowroot

Arrowroot is a natural plant-based starch obtained from the rhizomes or rootstock of tropical plants.  

Arrowroot is famous in the Victorian era. Later, Napoleon used to say that the British love of arrowroot is to support the commerce of their colonies. It is consumed in the form of puddings, biscuits, cakes, hot sauces, jellies, beef tea, broth, or milk.  Certain type of arrowroot is also used in noodles in Vietnamese and Korean cuisines. Back in the Victorian era, it is was used in the boiled form with added flavours as an easily digestible food for kids and people in the diet. While at other times they are eaten with salts and oils. 

Potential health benefits of arrowroot 

Arrowroot is usually processed into a powder known as arrowroot flour. This arrowroot powder or flour is extracted from the plant’s rhizome and underground stem with multiple roots that store the energy and starch. This vegetable is mostly employed in the kitchen and works in sweet and savoury recipes. Besides, it has many beneficial properties. Estimated 1 cup of serving of sliced, raw arrowroot contains about 78 calories, 16g carbs, 2g fibres, 5g protein, and 0grams of fat. It also includes 102% of the daily value of folate with 17% DV phosphorus, 15% DV of iron, 11% DV of Potassium. That many nutrients provide several health benefits to the users. Here are some of them.  

Aid in weight loss  

Arrowroot powder contains 32% resistant starch that your body can not digest. It thus creates a viscous gel if you mix it with water. The solution behaves like a soluble fibre that has a positive impact on your gut. High fibre and resistant starch slow your rate of digestion, giving you a prolonged feeling of fullness. As a result, it will regulate your appetite, thus leading to weight loss. It also reports lower calories intake for up to 24 hours. So, if you wish to lose weight naturally, you might need to add arrowroot starch to your daily diet.  

Ararot powder to fight diarrhoea 

Ararot powder is also significant in treating diarrhoea. Here it works both by firming stool and by helping to rehydrate naturally. Severe diarrhoea can lead to fluid loss, dehydration and at times to death. It commonly occurs in vulnerable populations like children. Studies suggest that taking two teaspoons of arrowroot powder three times a day can result in lesser abdominal pain and other diarrhoea related issues. Also, the high level of arrow starch can help in increasing stool size and consistency. As a result, it will reduce the frequency of your evacuations. It will also help the body to rehydrate and make up for the related fluids loss.  

Supporting the immune system 

Ground arrowroot’s starch content can stimulate the immune system. It is a potential source of prebiotics that has a special type of fibre that feeds the bacteria in the guts. These gut bacteria can boost immune health as they produce multiple vitamins. They also absorb key minerals that are needed for the immune system to function correctly. Certain studies claim that they can also influence how the body responds to different diseases. Studies also suggest that it can increase the immunoglobulins A, G and M that create antibodies to protect you from toxic microorganisms. 

Ideal for a gluten-free diet 

Just like many other tubers, the arrowroot is also gluten-free naturally. Its powder can be used as a substitute for wheat flour. People with celiac disease – that is a common digestive disorder in which gluten inflames the small intestine – need to avoid this protein. Grains like wheat, barley, and rye contain gluten. Interestingly, arrowroot’s resistance starch is particularly applicable for gluten-free products because it helps in improving their crispness, texture, and flavour. Therefore, you can add them easily to any diet and can make up the best part of your daily diet.

Tips on how to buy Arrowroot online in the UAE  

When it comes to edible items, low quality and cheaper options should be out of your books. Unfortunately, many of us focus on buying more affordable products more than other features that have a direct impact on our health. Now is the time to quit the norm. Also, it is important to know your specific health conditions and purchase edible products accordingly. The same rules apply to when you head to buy organic arrowroot starch online in the UAE. Here are some tips on how you can make a healthy choice with the best possible arrowroot powder price online in the UAE.

  • Know your health conditions –  For anything that has a direct impact on your body, professional medical consultation is a must. So, if you are opting to use arrowroot for any specific health condition, consult your physician before making it a part of your diet. Also, follow the advice of the doctor and choose the type of powder or raw arrowroot as recommended.
  • Choose a brand –  When it comes to edible products like arrowroot, you should head to buy from trusted brands only. Most of these brands offer a wide range of arrowroot products for customers with specific needs. While buying online, you can explore different brands to know what they have to offer and choose accordingly.
  • Consider your budget –  A high quality, daily use of arrowroot powder is not expensive. But some branded items can cost you a bit on your monthly or weekly budget. However, this is not something where you should compromise on quality. Just a bit of market search can help you find cheap yet high–quality arrowroot starch flour online.
  • Always choose organic products – As discussed earlier, organic products play a major role in your health. It is always better to look for products with lesser artificial ingredients and that are more organic. To find such products, you will need to consult the peer for suggestions or do some market search on your own.
  • Check the quality of ingredients – When you head to buy items like bob’s red mill arrowroot online in the UAE, you need to accept some preservatives as well. Yet, if you are concerned about the ingredients in the box, look into the packaging or the product description section to know what else you will be eating with the ground arrowroot.

If you are about to use any specific product (like arrowroot starch flour) for the first time, read and understand it carefully. You can get all the information about it in the product description section. For further assistance, you can consult the customer review section. Here you will find out about the real-time experience of consumers. A rule of thumb is to pick products with a higher rating as it means higher quality and better return of your money invested.

Question & Answer

What is arrowroot used for?

You can use it as a dry shampoo to the scalp to refresh hair without water. You can also mix equal parts of coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and baking soda to make a deodorant. Likewise, you can use it to make your baby and talcum powder absorb moisture and increase smoothness. Or you can mix it will cinnamon, and nutmeg to make face powder or foundation. To use as a bronzer, you can mix it with cocoa powder or mix it with beetroot powder for blush.

Is arrowroot healthier than starch?

People generally make arrowroot flour from the rootstock of different types of plants in the arrowroot family. It is a healthy substitute for corn-starch because it acts just like corn-starch but with added dietary fibres. Also, arrowroot contains more calcium content than corn-starch. It is naturally gluten-free, making it a healthy alternative to wheat flour for people with celiac disease or one with gluten-free diets.

What can I use instead of arrowroot?

If you run out of arrowroot powder, you can try many healthy and viable substitutes. For both cosmetic and culinary purposes, you can use corn starch, or you can use tapioca flour for gluten-free recipes. Also, potato starch contains the same amount of amylose and starch compounds that can act as thickeners and are best for culinary processing.  If needed and the recipe calls you can also replace arrowroot with rice flour as it also contains a higher level of starch.

Where can I buy organic arrowroot online in the UAE?

It is better to visit a retail search engine to find top quality arrowroot products. This is where you can search and buy products from top brands. That many options at one platform allow you to know all the possible options that you can use for health and culinary reasons. At, you can find top brands like Bob’s Red Mill, Sprouts, Dr Oetker, and Plus.

Here you can also use the price comparison tool to find and buy products at cheaper rates. So explore now to buy the best quality food and beverages with everything else that you can need to live a smooth healthy life.