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Umbrellas are one fashion accessory that comes out in both rain and summer to shield ourselves from the harsh weather conditions. With them, you don’t need to worry about the day and continue your activities like normal.

It is said that rainy days are enjoyable only when you’re at home. Yes, a hot cup of coffee, chocolate cookies and an excellent book is everything you need to spend a day without even having to step out. However, when work calls, you need to, and it is not the best thing to get caught up in the rains and have your day turn out bad. So, the best thing to do, especially if you go by public transport is to choose a sturdy umbrella to shield yourself. Buying a folding parasol online in Dubai is very easy because there are so many stores that sell it. Be it the classic clear umbrella, a mini umbrella or a unique designer umbrella, you can find them all right here in the UAE. Plus, online shopping will be your best friend to target them at the lowest price! 

Different types of umbrellas to make the gloomy days better 

Umbrellas are a rain accessory different from the rest. Sometimes, we forget just how useful they are because we have been using them for so long now. Plus, be it rain or sun, it’s your first choice to make sure the umbrella is in your bag when you head out. With smaller and comfortable versions, it is so easy to have one in your purse, the car, in the office and take it wherever you travel. They are sometimes better than raincoats and other rain gears too, as you can pop it open in a second and get going with your day. Sun parasols are also a popular trend, and people all over the world have taken a fascination with it. 

The clear umbrella  

The clear parasol is a classic choice for rain umbrellas that never gets old. They look great, work with any outfit and are super convenient to carry. The plastic, waterproof cover can be transparent or with micro-prints to add a little designer quotient. Most of the better brands have this one as a classic in their collection. Perhaps some minor changes now and then are needed. As a fashion accessory too, a lot of photoshoots use clear parasols as they look fantastic! You can also DIY your art if you pick a transparent one. However, make sure the paints or the ink you use is waterproof. 

The sun umbrella  

Rains are not the only season when a parasol comes into the picture. A lot of hot countries often see people carrying a parasol to shield themselves from the heat when the temperatures soar. It is the best thing as it avoids sweating and making you uncomfortable. As compared to long-sleeved shirts and jackets, they’re brilliant. You can also put it away when the sun sets, so it is not a big hassle to carry it. The sun parasol is very similar to the regular rain one. However, you should buy something that is not as curved, but broader, to protect yourself better. Check out the exclusive summer umbrellas by brands. 

The windproof umbrella  

Do you live in a country that is very breezy during the rains or the summertime? Well, a windproof parasol should be on your to-buy list in this case. With the ability to shield the carrier from harsh storms, they are the best umbrellas to invest in. A lot of people often face the issue of umbrellas flying away with the breeze or turning upside down. The rainproof parasol is sturdy, designed to stand firm in the presence of the harshest of winds. It is just as convenient to carry as any regular umbrella. The sturdy structure may attract some higher costs but is worth every penny you spend. 

The designer umbrella  

Love a little style quotient in your accessories? Well, a designer umbrella should be on your list in that case. A good number of elegant designers have taken the regular umbrella concept and have managed to transform it into a spectacular accessory! Yes, everything from Swarovski stones to lace, corduroy and satin parasols are sold in stores over the world! Of course, using them to bear the rains would not be the best thing to do. But they’re perfect for photoshoots, as a collective or for a special event like a birthday or anniversary. A lot of them are also custom-made if you want.

Tips on how to buy Umbrellas online in Dubai

It may seem odd to come across a topic like this because buying accessories as simple as a rain umbrella does not call for research before you buy it. However, you’ll be surprised at the number of people who use the wrong kind of umbrella even today. While some use the same for rains and sun, others don’t even know what a windproof parasol is. Over time, a lot of things have changed and have gotten better, so these tips will help you analyse the best one you need.

  • The essential requirement of the umbrella – Is the umbrella for use in the sun, rain or just as a fashion accessory? Determining this in the start is the best way to start your shopping. Adults or kids’ umbrella – The kid’s parasols are smaller but work just as well as a regular one. Toddlers can use one by themselves, and it also teaches them the right way to use and hold an umbrella.
  • Compare the one you own – You may have owned or held an umbrella at the moment and comparing it with the negatives will help you buy the right one.
  • Browse the internet and research – With hundreds of new choices, there may also be umbrellas that you never knew of! What better way than the internet to get all the deets?
  • Don’t wait until you need it – Don’t keep ignoring the shopping for a parasol until the first shower strikes, this is also the time they’re most expensive. Buy them when you spot a sale, even if the rains are not anytime soon.
  • Check online options – With tons of online shopping options, it is your best bet to get your hands on a parasol that is cheap, efficient and will be home-delivered to you! Isn’t that a win-win situation?

With terrific choices like a mini umbrella, kids’ umbrella and the birdcage umbrella, it would be a shame to settle for the basic ones. Thus, first understanding every choice out there and then making a decision is the right way to do it. It’s easy to find a horde of options online, and sometimes you may be able to grab the best discounts if you’re lucky! Salespersons are also reliable resources for advice and to help you out when you can’t decide on the right products.

Question & Answer

How can you DIY on a simple umbrella?

This is the best activity on a rainy day or if you have toddlers. First, you need a clear parasol. Make sure it is a sturdy one. Next, get some waterproof paints or colours and a few brushes. You can work scenery, birds, block shades or cartoon characters onto the parasol. Make sure you don’t touch the wet surfaces and allow sufficient umbrella time (at least two days) once done. You can also do this with kid’s umbrellas. Other additions like lace and sequins along the borders is also a good idea.

Which are the best umbrellas for the rain?

The Blunt XS Metro, LifeTek New Yorker Umbrella, Davek Duet Umbrella AmazonBasics Automatic Travel Umbrella with Wind Vent, GustBuster Pro Series Gold Golf Umbrella, ShedRain e-Motion Motorized Open & Close Golf Umbrella and the Certain Standard and Hackney Large Umbrella are some of the best choices today. It is also easy to compare your options after picking the top 5 or the top 3 that you like. Make sure it suffices the base need, i.e. shielding you against rain, sun or breeze as per your needs.

What is a birdcage umbrella?

Just like a birdcage, the birdcage parasol has lower sides, to help shield you from the rain altogether. It is perhaps the best umbrella today. With lower walls, the chances of rain coming in or even the residue drops from the sides. This way, they don’t make their way onto your clothes. The style because it is so popular on the internet today, is filled with so many options of the birdcage style. It is beneficial in heavy rainfalls and is highly recommended for frequent parasol users.

Where can you buy a personal shade umbrella online in Dubai?

Personal shade umbrellas are readily available by many brands and in a lot of stores too. By browsing online, you can check the styles that they have. If they have an online store, you can shop there also. It is the best thing as compared to retail as you end up saving both time and money. Make sure you check out, an excellent product search engine that helps you locate the best deals and prices from the hundreds of online stores listed under it.

You can check out popular brands like Ikea, Fibrella Umbrella, Senz, Knirps, Samsonite And Tommy Bahama. If you consider the above factors, you will be able to pick the right models. So, are you ready to embark on your online shopping journey? Well, the best part is that you do not have to move anywhere else to begin the search. At, you can find an extensive range of options. So, go ahead and enjoy your journey!