About Suspenders

It is quite rare to see a well-dressed man without a belt nowadays. However, every man thinks about it occasionally—how would it be like to ditch those belts and go for something else that solves its purpose. But if not belts, then what would keep your pants up and sturdy at your hips? Well, it is simple, embrace the suspenders! They are pretty great and are a formidable replacement for those boring leather belts.  

But really—what exactly are suspenders? The suspenders for men and suspenders for women, also known as suit braces, are leather or fabric straps invented by Albert Thurston. The straps fall on your shoulders, and they help hold your trousers up in place. The straps form an X or Y shape on the back when you wear them. You see them either fashioned entirely out of an elastic material or devised from woven cloth with elastic attachments. They also have leather tabs at the end that you can attach to your trousers using buttons or clips. Surely, belt and suspenders have their differences. The suspender belts were once a wardrobe staple for each man in an era where men’s trousers were high cut, and the belt proved to be futile.  

Defining the characteristics of the suspenders 

Suspenders are now a sure shot way to add some spice to your wardrobe. But while no longer mainstream in fashion, they have maintained a place in the industry throughout the decades. Though they still serve their most basic function, they’ve also emerged as a new fashion trend preferred by most men. These suit braces can span a lot of styles, from traditional to rockability. Thanks to the detail-oriented stylish dressers who love suspenders for their unparallel combination of class and comfort. However, if you are new to wearing these suspender belts, you might not realize just how many options are out there for you to choose from. So, let us explore them first. 

The type of suspenders 

These suit braces usually are available in two types – button suspenders and clip-on suspenders. The clip-on attaches your pants with clips while the button belts button on to your pants. Let us have a closer look at them. The clip-on is versatile enough that you can attach then to just about any type of pant. They are usually a bit more casual and look great if you pair them with shorts, jeans or any other modern casual style trend. However, button braces are more formal. This is why the pant that you wear with these belts require a six-button sewn inside the waistband onto which you’ll button the suspender belt loops.  

The width of the suspenders 

The width of these suit braces paly an essential role in creating your look and also providing you with the desired comfort. This is especially true if you are a suspender newbie. A primary rule of thumb while looking at their width is that; the skinnier the suspender is the more casual look it creates. For example, skinny suspenders or very thin suspenders with buttons are ideal attire for an evening with your friends rather than a business meeting. Alternatively, if the suspender is more comprehensive, then it most often falls under formal or classic categories. You could pair these types of suit braces with formal pants and wear them to business events or meetings.  

The suspender shapes 

You will usually find suit braces in two primary shapes – the X-back and the Y-back. Both of them do the primary job which they are assigned, i.e. holding up your trousers. Then what is the difference? Well, X-back offers a bit more support than the Y typically because they have an extra strap at the back. This is why they are the most favourable work suspender. Alternatively, the Y shaped suit braces do not provide as much support as their counterpart. However, they do look much better at the back. Experts say the key to wearing the Y-back stylishly is to attach the strap at the centre of the back of your pants.  

The suspender fit 

The best part about these trouser braces for adults is that they are adjustable and customizable to almost every man’s unique proportions. Most of these suspender belts have metal clips attached to the front. You can slide up and down these clips to get the right length of the suspender for your particular frame. However, you can wear suit braces that are made of leather are slightly in terms of adjustment. They are loosened or tightened via a buckle and hole, just like the belt you wear on your pants. The hole in the straps helps you adjust the height of your trouser.  

The suspender fabric 

The material of suspender belts is paramount. This is why a suit brace made from elastic represents the workhorse of the suspender stable. They are versatile, are economical and come in many varieties. Usually, the basic elastic suspenders come in solid colours while their style may vary. They come in styles such as X-back, Y-back or even H-back. You can readily go for these solid coloured belts if you are heading out for casual and formal events alike. Apart from the elastic fabric, they also come in leather and cotton and have diverse patterns too. You could pair some of them with the tuxedos too since there aren’t separate tuxedo suspenders there.  

Tips to buy Suspenders online

Suit braces as they are also known, are not precisely the foremost choice when it comes to must-haves for the average suit-wearing gent. Most men think that they are just useful for holding up your pants or they’re only a banker’s trademark. But if such is your thought process, then we are here to tell you that you couldn’t be more away from the truth. Today, men’s braces are an incredibly versatile style statement that can completely change your look by simply being there. But how should you buy suspenders online in UAE?

  • Know the styles – Consider their forms such as the X and the Y backs. Both perform their primary duties of holding your pants up. But your choice is purely a matter of personal taste. Also, consider various styles based on their fasteners. Be it clip-on, buttons or combined they all connect your pants to the braces. So, choose them wisely.
  • Consider the designs – From stripes to plain solid colours, you could grow a beard of epic proportions in the time that you could browse through their designs. Like a tie, the braces with different designs are an extension of your personality. Therefore, have some fun choosing them and choose colours that contrast well with your shirts.
  • Pick the right size – Of course, suspender belts are adjustable, and one size quite fits men of all sizes. But in terms of width, they can be anything and everything from chunky to super slim. If you are of a thin structure, go for skinny braces. Whereas for men with a bulkier build, go for the extra-wide suit braces. They also give you a casual look.
  • Know when to wear them – A pair of patterned ones with a clip-on is ideal for holding up your chinos or vintage jeans for a casual occasion. Alternatively, a formal event calls for a couple of button braces in a contrasting colour business shirt. For example, tan braces with a pale blue shirt. Undeniably it is a great formal look.

A belt is a belt, no matter what. They do not come in different styles and patterns. It is not like you could put on your party belt and then change it to your work belt. There are subtle variations, but basically, straps are all the same. So, does that make you an ardent suspender fan? We hope you have at least opened your wardrobe doors to the possibility of trying out a pair of suit braces. As of now, you know that they are undeniably one of the most versatile iconic fashion items any man can own.

Question & Answer

Are suspenders out of style?

The suit braces were once a wardrobe staple for every man. It is during this time that the pants were mostly high waisted, and the belts proved to be an impractical solution. The braces lost their popularity post-world war I. Men succumbed to the convenience of the straps. But they were soon revived and made iconic by Hollywood. Celebrities donned this look and made them a trendy must-have. Now they are available in an endless variety.

Are suspenders fashionable?

They have been ‘in’ for quite some time now. For them to look fashionable, the trick is to know how to wear them right. Wear appropriate pants and shirts to look dapper in the suspenders. Surely, they are one versatile piece of clothing, but styling them right is the key to enhancing your personality and looking best for any event or business occasion. Know when to wear them. Don’t just barge into any occasion wearing suspenders that do not go with the event aesthetics.

Can suspenders be worn with a suit?

Indeed, suspender belts offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. They provide an additional style to the wearer’s outfit. And therefore, can be worn with a classic suit. But let us face it! Not every man is familiar with a suspender. Consequently, you should be aware of styling them properly when paired with the suits. Just remember that you need to choose the right style, fabric, colour and type of suspender with the outfit.

Where should suspenders cross in the back?

When you thought that the right style is just looking dapper in the front, the suspenders might awaken you. The back matters too, especially in the case of suit braces. With most trousers, the fit of the suspenders is assessed based on how the straps of a suit brace cross at the back. There are many types such as X, Y and H. Each one of them crosses at the back differently. But, all of them offer the essential function of providing support but with small variations.

Which suspenders are best?

This hosiery is practical, functional and trendy, but there are less than 1% of men who own and wear them. What are the reasons? Well, that is because they are in the dark about their types and functionalities. Do you know that there are a wide variety of these suspender belts available in the market? Most of them differ based on style, colour, pattern and much more. And the best part— each of them offer a versatile look to your overall aesthetics. Therefore, considering which is the best one depends on personal preferences. However, you need to understand and know deeply about them for an accurate judge.

Now you know that suspenders are like shirttail garters. Therefore, you’ll be glad if you own one. But how and where to get the suspenders? Well, you have, the best shopping search engine as your saviour. You can never go wrong with picking your pair of hosiery & socks online from 500 plus online stores. It features a massive range of suspender belts collection from the finest brands like Chanel, H&M, ASOS, Polo, Marks and Spencer, Versace, Ralph Lauren Debenhams, Calvin Klein, and Hermes. So, which one would you be buying next, a belt or a suspender?