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Do you know scarves have been around since ancient times? The Statue of Ashurnaspiral II from the 9th century BC features an emperor wearing a scarf. In the time of Ancient Rome, the scarves were mainly used for cleaning purposes. However, now they have become more of a fashion accessory that is occasionally used to keep the neck and shoulders warm.

A scarf is a one-piece fabric that is worn around the neck. They are used for many reasons like cleanliness, warmth, sun protection, as style accessories and for religious reasons. These uses are common among both men and women. Today they come in different types of material, lengths, prints and patterns. Being the most common type of neckwear, they have their own style statements now. Hence this versatile clothing accessory has the potential to make or break any personality or look and feel of an outfit. This is the reason why it is important to be carefully playful with your scarf. Today we will share some style ideas to try different styles of the scarf.

Style tips for wearing scarves for women with different prints and patterns

They are an eternally and effortlessly chic accessory that you can wear round the year. Surprisingly, they dress up any look and are an easy way to add graphics and arty kick to your ensemble. With endless style possibilism, you are tying a scarf without looking sloppy or bulky needs some great skills. This is what made us write this post to help you wear the scarf in the right visual way. To the fact, scarf tying is a skill which you can acquire with assistance. With the right style of scarf, you can add a feminine touch to your personality while the colours can help you enjoy added fun or sophistication. Here are some ways you can be playful with your scarf.

Making a headband with your summer scarf

If you are a teenager, a college-going girl or planning to hang out with girls on a summer day, the headband will look cute. A common neck scarf on the head gives your face a look brighter without interfering much with the patterns and clothes you are wearing. However, if you need to make a headband, pick a scarf in light fabric material. It must be around 4 to 5 inches wide. But if you already have a wider scarf, you can fold it in triangular or linear shape until it ends up with a width around 5 inches maximum. A scarf hairdo works well for all textures and lengths of hair. Hence if you want to enjoy a girly look with minimum accessories, a neck scarf can do just fine.

Wrap it or create a unique belt

If you own a classic broch passed right from your granny and a fine scarf that matches any of your outfits, pair them. It is an easy to do style and looks classy on women of the middle ages and with bigger busts. To enjoy it, you can wrap the scarf around your upper body and pin both sides with a brooch. Another great way to use your leopard print scarf is to wear it around the belt. To enjoy it as a belt, you need to roll the scarf lengthwise and wrap it around your waist. Tying a nice knot can complete the look.  Here an extra-long scarf can be used by cutting short, but what if you have a shorter length scarf? Consider knotting it with any of your handbags to add spice to your accessories.  

Wear your pashmina scarf as a skirt

Yes, with certain exceptions, you can wear your full-length scarf as a skirt (as midi or wrap). With a nice belt, you can keep them on the waist by giving them a look like that of a standard wrap or flared skirt. Wearing it with a plain top like white or black can complete the look. You can use ankle boots and leather accessories like jackets to add charm to your overall outfit. To make a skirt, you can simply fold the opposite corners of the scarf to get a triangle shape. Now keeping the pointed edge of the scarf downward and tie it around your waist. Otherwise, you can simply drape and wrap it around your waist and tie it around the waist using a belt to get a skirt-like look.

Accessorise your headscarf

Neck styles come in various styles, colours and patterns. Each works differently for any outfit and look. It all depends on how smart you are to play with different colours, patterns and materials to create a cohesive look.  Today brands like Gucci and Burberry offer a wide range of Sober, checkered cashmere made that can mix and match with any colour of top or base layer. To be more playful and versatile with your scarf, pick a print and shade that compliments most of your wardrobe. Likewise, you can visit brands like Hermes, Fendi and Chanel to find the one matching different occasions. Think to mix and match your head and neck scarf with accessories like bags, boots, belts or coats etc.

Tips on how to buy Scarves online in the UAE

They are amazing and an inexpensive way to add a dollop of luxury to your lifestyle and personality. They are easy to style and help you keep peace with trending fashion styles at any time of the year. The versatility and fame are the reason why there is a variety available in the market now. With a plethora of options to choose from buying decisions can be overwhelming. In short, there are certain key factors to keep in mind while you head to buy scarves online. Here are some helpful tips that one should keep in mind while looking for a neck or waist scarf online.

  • Consider the material – A scarf must be high in quality and softness. Material like silk will not only make you feel pampered but will also drape nicely, giving you a luxurious look. Other suitable options include soft knit, charmeuse, cashmere or chiffon.
  • Check the back – Online store gives you a complete look of the product inside out. For a scarf, the back is important. Remember that both sides of the scarf will show when worn. It is thus important to check the flip side and make sure that it is equally appealing.
  • Look for longer length – It is the time to embrace length scarf as they are chic and makes you flatter. The longer it is, the better you can style them. They can also help you in disguise a shorter waist and neck. Likewise, they can give an elongated look to buxom women.
  • Choosing the colours – Prefer choosing a scarf that tune is with most of your wardrobe. You can go for subtle or dark tones for work or pick some vibrant colours for casual wear. However, patterns are best for hipsters, but animal prints are something that can work in many ways.
  • Read product description – When it comes to online shopping, buying a well-researched product is important. This is the reason why you must always go to the product description section to know about the make, size, material and other specifications of a product.

Regardless of if you are looking for some quality winter scarf to protect yourself from cold or want something like a headband, they are useful. Brands from around the globe have invested a lot in making them cheerful and useful for you. It is thus important for you to look at each product carefully to be sure of having hands on the most appropriate one according to your needs.  Here on our retail search engine, you can find the most variety and styles of trending scarves online in the UAE. So, pick your choice now before the trend goes out without entertaining you.

Question & Answer

How to wear an oversized blanket scarf?

Oversized blanket styles are trending in this current fashion wave. These styles are normally available in a square shape. Mostly ladies like to wear it in loop style. You can do it by folding the scarf in half, lengthwise. Now gather it together and place it around the back of your neck. Make sure you are leaving one side longer than the other. Now take the long side and wrap it around your neck, bringing the end to the front. Another style is known as a poncho. In this style ladies simply drape the scarf over their shoulder from the back, bringing the ends to the front. The choice of styles depends on your mood and ease.

What colour scarf should I buy?

A rule of thumb is to pick a colour that flaunts your natural skin tone. The colour of the scarf must flatter your face and personality.  Here another important consideration is the colour of your hair. With a suitable style a colour of scarf you can even wear the dresses in colours that fail to compliment your personality. In any such case, you can cover the neckline with an attractive scarf, making you look elegant and attractive. Additionally, the colour of the scarf becomes more important if you are buying a multipurpose style like an extra-long silk scarf online.

Where to buy Burberry lightweight scarf?

Looking for a luxury scarf your friend was wearing? The solution is simple; you can visit the stores in your nearby area and buy whatever you like to. If you don’t have time for a physical visit, go online. But what if you can enjoy even better styles, colours that are giving a competition to Burberry scarf online? Comparing products before buying is always a good idea. This is the reason why more and more women like to visit retail search engines online. It is where they can find the most variety of trendy products from different manufacturers. This is probably the best idea to buy a unique fashion accessory for your style needs.

Where to buy scarves in Dubai?

Here at you can find the most variety of trending products online in the UAE. Here we have more than 500 brands selling quality fashion accessories online. Some brands names are Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Fendi, and Chanel. Meanwhile, other trusted brands include; Balenciaga, Versace, Coach, Zara, and Tory Burch. Just click on the price preferences and get a wide range of options from these brands in one click. Pick the best blank silk made from wholesale in the UAE. Or get whatever suits your taste and get it right at your doorsteps.

These fashion items are globally appreciated by hair accessories. From east to west, these neck covers are a must-have for every man and woman in winters or sometimes summers. This is the reason why our retail search engine strives to offer all that is held on top retail search engines. However, making the right choice from these many available options entirely rests with you.

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