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Do you know that all the passports of the world are in 4 shades; red, blue, black, and green. So, if pink or brown is your favourite you need to do some customisation with your passport. Hang don’t ever think to play with the actual binding of your passport. The safest and legal way is to add a stylish removable passport cover.

If you are a frequent traveller, you might have an idea about the importance of a passport and its sensitivity. Besides the gold lettering on the front rubbing off, the chip inside an e-passport can break easily. Can you imagine what will happen if your passport breaks? Let me tell you, the next few days of our life will pass in the queue of manual checks at the immigration. Let’s not forget about the money you will have to invest in making a new passport. Now, let’s speak of an intangible hassle that you will face in the process, mental stress. So, till now everything was about the problems. What is the solution? It is a quality passport cover that can protect your passport from the inside out.

Four good reasons to use a passport holder or cover

To many, having a passport cover is like extra bulk to your already overloaded luggage. However, as a major form of identification across the world. Your passport deserves some additional attention. A damaged passport can put an end to your vacation plans in just a second. According to the US state department a significant tear, missing page, ripping or water damage on your passport can deny your boarding or entry in a foreign country. Now imagine any such damage occurring to your passport while you are on a connecting flight. You might end up being a real-life example of “Tom Hanks” from “The Terminal.” Don’t let it happen to you. If you are still not convinced here are some really good reasons to pick a passport cover right now.

Protection with leather passport case

We all know leather is a sturdy material and this is the reason why it is most demanded and common in accessories. You can easily find leather accessories, including belts, bags, wallets, shoes, and now passport covers. This strong material protects your passport from scratch, burns, water and other types of wear and tear. A frequent traveller can better understand the legitimate threats a passport faces while moving here and there. Another major damage most of the passport face is due to water spills that normally comes with unexpected weather conditions. A paper book can easily get into pieces. But a high-quality passport cover can help you avoid all such issues.

Ease of a personalised passport cover

Slight personalisation can help you easily identify your passport in masses. It is most helpful for ladies who generally carry lots of stuff in their bags. A personalised passport cover can help you identify and grab your passport from the bag. However, to make a personalised passport, either you can go to a brand that offers services for making personalised accessories, or you can explore the existing products online. At we have more than 500 brands that can offer you unique passport covers with exclusive designs. You can pick your favourite colour to keep your passport identifiable, eye-catching and secure while carrying it with dozens of other stuff. 

Add a Plethora of styles to your personality

Let’s imagine for a second that you are wearing an expensive three-piece, polished oxford, a laptop case in the right hand and a leather case with a passport in the left hand. Yes, you are right, a small accessory can add a plethora of style and elegance to your overall outfit and personality. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc and Gucci, have a wide range of embossed leather passport covers for the purpose. Moreover, you can mix and match these covers with other fashion accessories that you are planning to carry on a passport. Thus, the right choice in a men’s passport holder can help you enhance and polish your overall outfit and look to another level.

Security with passport protectors

The world has changed, the crimes are advanced, and the criminals need your personal information to rob you. Exactly this is the reason why everyone is keen to keep their credit cards, debits and bank history highly confidential. In such times what make you believe that your passport does not need any such protection. Specifically, when it is the guru of all the personal identification documents. A Passport cover can disguise and thus protect it to get in the hands of criminals easily. In the heat of the moment, the thief will not understand if it is an ordinary notebook or a passport in your bag. This way, the passport will be overlooked, hence secure from the hands of bad guys.

Tips on how to buy Passport Cover online in the UAE

Finding the right passport is extensively about the function and form of the cover. You can go for a luxury Italian leather made the cover. But it’s important to consider the fact you will have to carry the boarding pass side by side. Some passport covers forget this basic need of the user. Hence important is to pick a passport that comes with built-in special sleeves. While many other offers special slots to keep the cash and bank card handy. Here at our retail search engine, you can find the whole range of cute passport holders for personal use or sober collection for business class. However, here are a few points to keep in mind before you start to buy a leather travel document wallet in the UAE.

  • Know your needs – Are you just looking for a small pouch to carry your passport in? Or you would like to have additional features and pockets so that you can keep your boarding pass, and some cash handy? Define your needs clearly before you step ahead to search.
  • Know what suits you – Although a leather or suede passport cover can work well for a college girl, a cute “Hello Kitty” themed passport in the hands of a businessperson will look weird. Hence, important is to know what suits your gender, age and personality.
  • Know your budget – Luxury never comes in cheap price tags. However, it is still worth looking for economical options. We at ae offers products from top brands like Victoria Secret, Coach, Herschel, and Michael Kors that sell high quality at a reasonable price. Try to pick an economical piece.
  • Read product description – When shopping online, product details are of core importance. Once you can find a good product in an online store, check the details. In the product description section, you can know about the material, size, features and other details about the product. Knowing the details beforehand can help you save a lot of time and money.

Our retail search engine offers the best bargain facilities for the online shopper. With the most comprehensive range of top brands from around the globe, we can offer competitive prices. From home decor to clothing and accessories, you can find cheap products in all. Moreover, you can compare the price of products from different brands before deciding. Even if you have any issues with the product quality, you can return or replace it until you are not satisfied with the quality of your purchase.

Question & Answer

Are passport covers allowed?

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with a handy passport cover. It is an optional accessory that helps to protect your important document from getting hurt. Moreover, there are no legal laws passed on abstaining from the use of passport covers and marking them as illegal. Thus, if you are willing to add additional care to your important document, you can pick a passport cover. However, if not, daring a risk is worth giving a try.

Where to buy customised passport cover in the UAE

Here at you can find the most variety of passport covers that are available around the globe And each available design can mix and match with all other fashion accessories that you may carry. The top brands that you can explore here include Chanel, Tumi, and Smythson. Meanwhile, other options are Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Gucci, Victoria Secret, Coach, Herschel, and Michael Kors. Here at you can compare and search for products according to the brand. Otherwise, let us know your price limit, and we will show you the best options from top brands that are within your budget.

Where to buy customised passport cover in UAE?

As we discussed already, passport covers can be customised. It means that you can have your group tag, name or logo printed on the passport. Otherwise, you can also get your name printed or embossed on the passport cover. These minor customisations help you differentiate your passport from the rest of the pile of documents and passports in a rack. There are many shops and stores offering customisation services for passport covers. Virgin Megastore, Laser Gallery Dubai, Montori, Valentino, Fendi, Coach, Gucci, Trader Nox, and Desercart are some to name.

What is the best waterproof passport holder of this year?

Waterproofing is one of the major and must feature for any passport. Leather passports are the best water-resistant among all other types of materials used. However, some of the topmost waterproof passports cover this year include; Witz Locker and the SpectraShell Case while some of the best-branded options include Zero Grid Family Passport Holder, Whitney Winkler Poise Passport Holder and Herschel Raynor Passport Holder.

A retail search engine is where you can explore products from top brands. Remember, it is never too late to adopt a good habit. A quality passport cover is a once-in-a-lifetime investment that can save you thousands of dollars and the hassle that you may face in an unfortunate situation.

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