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About Headbands

From being practical to glamorous, a headband can play various roles depending on why you are buying them. You can choose a suitable width, colour, material, design, and style to make your outfit more appealing or any activity more comfortable. Further having embellishments or not is completely your choice or the call of the upcoming event. Above all, the diverse range this one accessory provides is commendable. If not yet, you must look forward to buying at least one piece of the headband in your collection of hair accessories.

Headbands have been around for generations, but previously they used to beautify the traditional values. Greek’s and Roman’s hair wreath, Arabic keffiyehs, Sikh’s turban’s, or Japanese Hachimaki, all are examples of headbands’ styles. But now they are either wrapped as fashion accessories or essentials. For example, athletes wear them to pull their hair back. Check out Nike basketball headbands for men to know what we are talking about. Other than that, men and women either stylise them to protect their hair from sun rays or just for fashion. But whatever is your purpose, do give a thought to your outfit that must match with the band.

Headwrap, sweatbands, and Bandanas

There are different names given to a headband. First, sweatbands are a great accessory for athletes that can manage hair and control sweat. They even have wristbands serving the same purpose. There are bands for swimmers as well to prevent water from entering the ears. If the swimmer feels uncomfortable with traditional earplugs, these bands are one of the alternatives. Folded bandanas that are usually knotted at the back are one of the trending fashion accessories. Coming to the headwraps, they wrap your head just like a hat. These wraps recently became popular as streetwear fashion. We hope you have now understood the basic difference between them all.

Custom headbands for special events

You already know the features and functions, but a few customisations can make it more diverse and apt for a special event. For instance, a spider net headband or a devil fork design can enhance your Halloween party outfit. You can also have a buckhorn headband for a Christmas party. Also, a rose wreath band for a romantic evening will look adorable. You can also check out and buy floral headbands in Dubai at our shopping platform, Upon visit, you will find more such unique products.

Explore cute baby headbands

Products for newborns, infants, and toddlers do more than managing hair. You can invest in embellishments like feathers, bows, knots, jewellery, or flower headbands to make your kid look adorable. Other than beautifying, wide bands even work as a warmer during chilly winters. Specifications that you need to note are double-layering, softness, and it shouldn’t be too firm. If you struggle to pass your one finger through the band when it is on your kid’s head, consider this as uncomfortable. Just remember these signs, and you are good to buy the best product for your kid.

Headbands for women and men

For adults, headbands can serve multi-purpose. You can check out brands like Under Armour or Asos to explore mini headbands of 0.5″ width useful to keep your bangs away during any sports activity. There are wider bands as well that further adds the features. Other than athletic activities, you may want a headband to make heads turn in an evening party. We think Gucci silk bands and Valet padded bands can do this job very well. You should also check out the towel headband during facial mask time. Not just this, you can also buy a bridal headband online at

Tips on how to buy Headbands online

Before you start scrutinising the products, we would like you to understand some exceptions. If you know that your hair texture is different or if your head is uniquely shaped, be sure to scan reviews. The comments from genuine customers who have already bought the same product will be beneficial for you. However, in the case of any dilemma between two styles, you can always go by logics. A few bullets points we have compiled will help you find one product reasonable over others.

  • The three functions of the headband – Sweat management, hair management, and warming are three factors your headband must be capable of. However, the third element of warming may or may not present depending on the climate or if you want to contour your ears or not. The other two elements are compulsory, though.
  • Apt lining material for anti-slip – You can choose to have cotton, satin, or polyester headband but do watch what’s in the lining. It is one of the ways to make your band anti-slip. Check out if the specifications list mentions the lining material like velvet and silicone. If yes, then you are good to go with that product. Just mentioning the anti-slip feature would also suffice by the way.
  • Deciding the width of the headband – If it is for a sports activity, we recommend going for a mini band with 0.5″ width. For other purposes, you have wider options or a headwrap. Wider headbands have 2″ width or the one that starts from forehead and end at the centre of the head. If you have a sweat problem, go for wider ones because these can control odour as well.
  • Fabric joints or knots – You can opt for scarf-like products that are actually a headband when tied behind or on top of the head. Another option is fabric joints that you can pull over. Both serve the purpose if you choose the material and width according to the size of your head.
  • Poor quality will lead to lots of itching – Itching, redness, small bumps are a few problems you may face because of investing in poor quality. Some of the products even make hair so tangled once you put the bands off. So, it is imperative that you shop from authentic brands and shops.

Talking of brands, you can shop from Prada, Gatsby, Claire’s, Asos, Namjosh, Scunci, Under Armour, David Charles, Jessie & James, and Valet, among others. You can find all these names or even more at our product search engine . If you are not brand conscious but do believe in quality, you can explore our online shops wherein multiple brands are enlisted.

Question & Answer

What headbands do footballers wear?

Football players mostly wear headbands to pull their hair back. These are usually elastic mini headbands without metal joint with 0.5″ width. There are also 2″ width bands available that looks equally good and are functional. You can check out sports brands like Under Armour & Asos, or you can also explore these brands or even more under online shops in our shopping platform, Not just football, other sports players also wear headbands due to their functions of sweat control, maximum ventilation, tough, and durability.

How to keep headbands from slipping?

There are three methods through which you can easily secure your slippery headbands. The first solution is by using hairspray and bobby pins. In it, you need to first use the hair spray on the part you are going to put the band. Then, wear the band and use two bobby pins, each side creating an X shape. The second method is by using puffy paint or hot glue. You can apply one of these on the reverse side of the band, and they will get locked with your hair preventing slippery situations. The third method is glueing Velcro to the reverse side of the band. Remember the width of the Velcro should be half to the width of the band. You can choose any method as all three are equally good.

Are headbands in style?

Be it sports, fashion, or loungewear accessories, this fashion accessory remains in style. They are functional as well as spectacular. You can see these bands on sports personalities that keep their hair locked. Also, sequin headbands look glamorous in parties and fashion shows. Other than that, you can have them pull those bangs away while at home. These multi-functional bands come in a variety of designs, materials, and size. They were never a secondary purchase, and we don’t think they will ever be.

Where to buy headbands for girls?

Buying cute little fashion accessories for your girl no longer wants you to search for a specific store. You can explore all on our retail search engine and see wholesome varieties under one roof. Partywear sequin headbands to functional cotton ones, flexible budget range awaits you here. Not just for girls, there are unisex products available as well. Along with that, you can explore more shops enlisting the headbands for adults also.

Research as much as you can about the product’s functionalities and see what features you can bring in one product. is an excellent platform to commence shopping headbands.