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The fashion of wearing hats has diminished from day to day lives a long time ago. However, special occasions and purposes call for the availability of variants of hats. If you are up to buying one, the product must complement the place and your outfit. And amidst the diversity, it becomes crucial for you to spend a little time exploring the world of hats.

What we see today as one of the fashion accessories was a prominent part of an individual’s daily outfit. We have also heard many scandals from the past where men and women fought for not covering their heads just to justify their cultural acceptance. And it took a long time to make the decision of wearing a hat independent irrespective of any region or religious boundaries. Let’s not dig deep into the past and think more of reviving your wardrobe through the addition of a perfect hat. You could have a special occasion, purpose, or outfit in your mind for the purchase. So, keep that as a baseline and start with your research.

Women and men hat styles

This is a diverse subject to discuss as it involves different parts of the world and their incredible cultures. Besides that, an underlying purpose of covering the head is protecting the hair follicles from sunlight and air. Hence, we have sun hats, buckets, boater, and berets for women. Check out the black floppy hat for women online in UAE. Also, fedora, dad cap, bowler, and flat cap are some popular men’s fashion hats. One thing that fascinates the diversity of this product is the tiny variations you will see across regions. For instance, the stetson’s hat commonly known as the cowboy hat is a symbol of western pride and bravado. It is also a modified version of the sombrero, which is a traditional Mexican hat. Likewise, you will see similarities in products from different cultures and your pick should not be limited to a few boundaries.

Love for the Beach hat

Vacation on the beach should have everything set according to your style and mood. If you want all the bright and shine, you can go for an oversized beach style with a large brim. However, you can also keep it minimal by opting for bucket styled. You can look at Barbours and Armani’s beach hat to get an idea of what we are talking about here. On top of that, our shopping search engine has more brands for buying women’s hats online in Dubai. And about men’s hat styles for the beach, a straw beach or floppy hat can keep the face shielded and look stylish. Also, materials of beach hat like straw, palm fibres, or raffia have the purpose of providing ventilation as beach weather could be sweaty. Therefore, buying a headpiece for the beach means picking appropriate material and slightly loose size.

Variations of Fur hat

We could not remember a time when fur accessories have been said to leave the fashion fraternity. Not even once! There are two variations of the fur headpiece to be particular. One is a cowboy hat where fur is used in the raw material but it is not visible in the final product. In this, beaver, rabbit, or wild hare pelts fur is used. The second variation is Russian Ushanka in which your headpiece is all covered with fur. Well, both look entirely different from one another, yet made up of the same material. To get one for yourself or your dear ones, check out Billabong’s brand at You can also explore fitted hats for the big head during online shopping if that’s what you are looking for.

Men’s fashion hats

Men wear hats to keep their head warm during winters or protect it from the sun rays, but there is one more reason why men wear these headpieces. They often hide their receding hairline through it. Dad caps or snapback styles are the most common for the purpose. Be it any reason, you can still try different styles like beanie, hoodie, and newsboy styles. Here at, we have straw trilby men’s hats for sale that you might not want to miss. Other than the styles you wish to buy, it is important to note the kind of fabric, colour, and face cut before the purchase. As simple as it sounds, picking a hat is not an easy job if you don’t know a few details about the product. For that, we suggest looking at the tips we have compiled for you.

Tips on how to buy Hats online

You buy garments and shoes every other day, so you know the basics of it. But when it comes to fashion accessories, especially hats – we sometimes fall short of basic information related to them. For instance, do you know the components of a basic hat? If no, then we see an urgent need for you to know before you buy. There are versatile options available in the market, and we urge you to be a smart shopper, not an impulsive buyer.

  • Brim – The brim is the horizontal part of the hat that keeps a shadow on your face protecting it from the sun. It can be turned up, turned down, or up in the back & down in the front. The technical term of brims that are up in the back and down in the front are snap brims. When we say oversized beach hats, a large brim is what we refer to.
  • Crown – The portion that covers your head is the crown. There is this diversity you will find in crown styles, such as teardrop, centre dent, cattleman, open crown, round crown, telescope, bubble, and lots more. It matters a lot when your hat is stiff, otherwise, winter fur hats mostly have flat tops. Or bucket styles just hug your head and mould the shape accordingly.
  • Hatband – This is where all the embellishments go and beautify your hat. Of course, if you like it that way. You can make it minimal by having a subtle colour band wrapped around the crown. Also, you can go extra with a wide bow in the front along with a bright coloured band. Usually, party hats or special events call for experiments within the hatband.
  • Sweatband – The sweatband is a lining inside the hat, which you can see by flipping it over. And this feature has two functions. The first is to provide a comfortable fit and feel, and the second is to prevent sweating. This is one of the specifications that tell you about the quality of the product.
  • Lining – The interior of the crown has a fabric lining, usually of satin for a comfortable fit. It creates a separation from your head to the original fabric of the hat, thereby protecting both from stains and sweat. However, you might not see summer hats with lining as they have to be breathable.

We hope the tips would help you in picking the right hat. We would also love to suggest some brands to consider. These include Borsalino, Lock & Co. Hatters, Vans, New Era Cap, Tommy Hilfiger, Oakley, Quiksilver, Dakine, and U.S. Polo Assn. You can easily explore all these brands at our retail search engine, which is one of Dubai’s best product finders. The smooth navigation, genuine reviews, advanced filters, and diverse online shops make this shopping platform one of a kind. Explore and see if you find something of your liking.

Question & Answer

Where to buy cheap dad hats?

Dad style hats are comfortable and stylish. They have panels on the crown, curved brim, and cotton fabrication, and all this justify the comfort we are talking about. And these are so common that nobody likes to invest a hefty price for it. So, whenever you want to buy a dad hat, it has to be economical. We get it and therefore showcase different styles of dad hats in our shopping platform, There are multiple variants and brands so you don’t get bored scrolling and looking at just one style. The varieties actually make your shopping drive fun. So, we have made sure we present plenty.

How much is a cowboy hat?

AED 18 to AED 1321 – it is the typical range of a cowboy hat. This range depends on the material, brim, and embellishments. The material could be felt and straw but the brim style is endless. There are turned up brims, full taco, pencil roll, buckaroo, or just flat, and many more. On the other hand, embellishment could be a small piece of ribbon with a knot. It can be more funky or lavish as you like. All these customisations will then set the range you can opt.

What women hat should I buy for a wedding?

We would totally recommend the hat with a veil. But make sure that it does not block the shot. Or whenever there is a photograph to be taken, do not forget to adjust your hat. Another piece of advice with wedding hats is to remember that bigger is not always better, especially if you have a petite figure. You can also consider a hat with a feather clip by choosing between a small and larger than life-size. Also, make sure that you consider matching it with your shoes to balance the start and end of your attire.

When to wear thick wool men’s hats?

The human body is thermoneutral, which means that the heat it generates matches the heat lost. But inside the head, the situation is different. So, if you are all wrapped up but bareheaded, your body will lose much heat. It’s important to wear a thick wool’s hat when the temperature is above 70 degrees. But the cold sensitivity is different to different people. Men often ignore wearing hats as they flatten their hair, but winter still makes you do that.

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