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About Scrunchies

Scrunchies are fashion hair accessories that are trending all across the globe. They are fabric covered elastic hair tie that is used for fastening medium to long hair types.

Scrunchies exist in a wide range of colours, fabric, prints and textures. With a humongous, elaborate style and diminutive, unassuming forms you can try them with a wide range of accessories and attires. Although they are commonly used in hair, they are also worn around the wrist as an accessory to enhance any outfit’s feel. More than five hundred designs of scrunchies are available across the globe and are offered by top fashion brands and stores. Therefore you can be sure to find at least some designs in brick and mortar or product search engines online. But before you buy, you should consider how you would like to wear it.

Ways you can wear a scrunchie.

As scrunchies come in a wide variety including, plain cotton, fur, satin or velvet and designs like metallic or neon, you are free to try your creativity. These air accessories also have variations in shape. So you will see everything from scrunchies bows on one or both sides. Likewise, you can opt for anything like tie-dye, leopard print, or polka dots. Some brands also offer hair scrunchies with prints of animal or floral. So when you wish to style them for a special occasion, keep in mind that a silk scrunchie can give a feel entirely different from a satin hair tie or ribbon scrunchie. If scrunchies are something new for you, here are some ways you can style your hair using these hair accessories.

The braided looks

This style is ideally perfect and easier for girls with long, healthy hair who want a cute look. To style, you can gather your hair on one side and do a medium tight braid using a hair tie to secure about 4” from the bottom of the hair. Now slide the hair tie down an inch and use fingers to pancake the braid by pulling the sections in opposite directions. Doing so will loosen the brain and make it look wider and fuller. Now take a small to medium-sized scrunchie that can mix or match your outfit or other accessories to cover the hair tie. Depending on the bands or layers you have, you can leave pieces out in the front or pin them back into the hair as needed.

Messy bun or ponytail

A messy bun with scrunchie is the most popular style girls love to carry on a shopping day or a coffee meet-up with their girlfriends. Doing so is simpler, quicker and quirky for each length and texture of hair. You can style your hair in a loose bun and leave some shorter bands and pieces hanging out. Now slide a medium to large scrunchie around the top of the bun. Make sure it sits well at the base. But for a ponytail gather your hair into a medium height loose ponytail and secure it with a regular hairband. Now put your fingers in the top crown of your head and pull parts of your hair looser on the top to create a little volume and add a medium to large scrunchie around the ponytail.

Top-knot or back twist

You will need to pick a small to medium size scrunchie to put on the knot of hair for a top knot. To make a knot, you can look at online tutorials. Likewise, you can use a scrunchie on a back twist. Here you will need to take two even sections of hair that fall right above your ears and twist them towards each other, after twisting secure them together at the back of the head with a common hairband. Now you can add your favourite scrunch over the top of the hairband. This twisted style is ideal for thick, long hair is making an ideal combination with any dress in summers.

Tips on how to buy Scrunchies online in the UAE

The way you tie and accessories your hair plays an important role in looking on a special occasion. Even in your day to day life, from getting ready for office or a day out with your girl’s gang, hair accessories play an important role in making and maintaining your charisma. And hair accessories look stunning when you wear them right. Be it a simple scrunchie for hijab or the statement-making best scrunchie for curly hair; you must choose carefully as per the occasion and your outfit. But with so many choices, it is not difficult, however, can sometimes leave you a little confused, especially if you are not a fashion fanatic. Here are some tips to make the process of finding the best hair accessory easy for you.

  • The outfit – When it comes to hair accessories like scrunch your outfit for the night/day should be the base idea for you to determine the pick. Therefore the scrunch lover’s girls like to own cheap scrunches sets to be ready for any event. But don’t let too many things go, even if it’s your wedding day. Sometimes simple is best.
  • Makeup and other accessories – For sure you will be putting on some makeup, a delicate rearing and some bracelet and boots. The makeup and other accessories like necklaces, bracelets etc. should also complement the hair accessory. Luckily with so many brands online, you can easily find a perfect mix or match. If you think it is looking too much, you could go for simpler ones.
  • Consider the occasion – If you are not dressing according to the occasion, even a small item like a scrunch can make you look awkward. Is it a wedding, a prom, a festival or a party? This aspect is so crucial while considering your choice of hair accessory. You can play with colours if it is a casual setup.  Or you can check some fashion tutorials or ask your expert friend for what will be suitable for the occasion.
  • Match the overall look – Make sure there is a symphony in whatever you are wearing on the night/day. The outfit and the accessories should look in sync when you look at yourself. Once again asking for opinions will not be a bad idea. Otherwise, you can explore some dressing ideas with scrunches on Pinterest or YouTube to master the skill on your own.
  • The material and look – These hair accessories come in a wide variety of fabrics. Each of these materials will give you a unique look. Likewise, you should be careful about what prints you buy. If you are wearing them often, look for subtle, self-prints in lighter tones. Shades of navy blue, black, white and tiger prints can do fine for various looks.
  • The budget – Although items like hair scrunchies don’t cost much, some options can be expensive. Here the price can vary based on the brand, material and textures. So the best way to find an economic item is to look at product options from more than one brand before making a final choice. With a little bit of research, you can find cheaper items and unique blends of colours and textures.

Just like ever, scrunchies are highly in style. They are versatile and a precise mix of nostalgia and novelty for some people. Therefore girls with all types of hair can wear and slay them. Plus they are ideal for use in every situation, from office to party night. However, it would help if you were careful while buying some options for your collection. And you should know how to slay and tie your hair in different designs of scrunchies.

Question & Answer

What colour of scrunchie should I wear to work?

When it comes to work, there are some limitations. You cannot wear bright colours wit bedazzling accessories in the office; it will look awkward and overdressed.  The same rule applies to scrunchies. So if you want to style them in the office, you can wear khaki’s off-white, white, black, navy blue and other shades in a plain and single tone. Such accessories will go well with your office attire and can make you look elegant.

Which scrunchie is best?

Experimenting with patterns and prints is a fun way to express your personal style while staying creative. Modern scrunchies offer you a variety of textures, colours and prints. Hence it is easier for you to contrast, mix to match them for any particular look or outfit. For instance, if you want to style scrunchies for work, go for steer clean neon colours. But for a day on the streets in summers or spring, you can opt for bright and vibrant shades to stand unique.

What are scrunchies made out of?

Besides colours and textures, these hair accessories come in a wide range of fabrics. So you can choose anything from silk to velvet. But if you are a beginner, we will suggest you opt for cotton. It is an easier material to work with and can go with a variety of styles. Likewise, velvet can give you a luxury look. So if you are a pro in making loose buns, you can style it for a special evening. Other fabric options will include fur and satin scrunchies.

Where to buy scrunchie online in the UAE

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