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About Hair Extensions

For sure, a good hairstylist is cheaper than a good therapist. However, what we can call cheapest comes in plastic packing – Yes, we are talking about stylish hair extensions. Loads of stress, work and home life balance, unhealthy diet, and pollution are the reasons why not all women have good hair now. Hence, they are heading back to the Ancient Greek alternative to have good looks with artificial hair. Hence the need for time has made hair extensions a popular fashion accessory in women’s collections.

Hair extensions or hair weaves are artificial hair accessories that are a temporary solution to add volume to your natural hair. These artificial and Remy hair extensions are available in different types including glue, clipped or sewn into natural hair. Commonly these extensions are made of synthetic fibre or natural human hair. While for the style of application, a beautician offers the best assistance. She assists to use tape hair extension, clip-in or clip-on extension, weaving or fusion. No matter what type and method of insertion you pick these extensions always work well. Surprisingly weaves are the easiest and quickest method to alter the appearance of any person for both a long and short period. Here are some more style ideas for you.

Different types of hair extensions

With the popularity of the idea, the hair extensions come in different styles colours, lengths, styles and application methods. Tape-in, clip-ins, pre-bonded, fusion, weaves and micro-link, a fashion-forward lady might have heard about all these names. Today more and more women are adopting artificial hair integration to enhance their look and cover up their messy natural hair. The following discussion will help you clarify what different types of extensions available in the market are. We hope this discussion will help you make better choices for your hair on a special eve. So, get comfy, tie your hair at the top and let’s get right into it.

Synthetic vs real human hair extension

In the first step, you should understand the make of your extensions. As said earlier, they come either in natural human hair or in synthetic fibre. A natural human hair extension consists of real hair that is collected from the donors. These extensions are smooth, allowing no tangles throughout their lifetime. Meanwhile, synthetic extensions come in different types and blends of artificial fibres. Usually, these fibres include fine plastic that is processed to mimic human hair. Both types are available in a variety of styles, colours, lengths, textures and forms of applications. Unfortunately, the freedom of styling and colouring that you can enjoy in natural hair extension is not possible in synthetic types.

The clip-in hair extensions

These types of extensions come in strands of contoured pieces attached at the base with silicone or fabric. Special styles of hair clips are attached at the base of this fabric that making them easy and ready to use. All you need to do is to snap clip these pieces on your natural hair. These are the least permanent hair extensions as they can easily be removed and added to natural hair. Thus, they are best for the girls who do not have any helping hand and want to add bulk to the hair on their own. Another reason for the fame of clip extensions is that they are the least damaging. They come with no chemicals, pressure, heat or other techniques of installation.

The tape-in hair extensions 

Just like what they sound like, this type of extension comes with glue tapes to stick on your hair. Here you will need the help of a professional hairdresser to apply for these extensions. The application process needs to heat the glue and adjust it close to the roots of your natural hair. Likewise, you need to remove them using the glue remover. The amount of time, effort, and assistance, along with the use of heat and chemicals, is the reason why many women avoid using this type of extension. However, the tape-in type is semi-permanent extensions and thus stays for almost 4 to 8 weeks. After that, you will need to remove and reinstall them using the same method as discussed above.  

Weaves or Sew-in hair extensions

A weaved extension is applied by braiding the natural hair into cornrows and last for about 6 to 8 weeks. In the second step, a needle and threads help to sew the artificial weaves into the natural hair braid or the cornrows. This type of hair extension is predominantly best for people with thicker hair or the ones who wish to apply for heavy curly hair extensions. Comparatively, this is a very long process and takes hours to complete. Meanwhile, it also demands a high level of professional experience. Additionally, it puts a strain on your body scalp, which can make you feel uncomfortable and heavy. For this reason, experts do not recommend this type of extension for ladies with thin or lighter hair. 

Tips on how to buy Hair Extensions online

Are you having issues with your look due to lack of hair on your head? Or your ponytail looks dead without a reasonable amount of hair in it? A quality yet cheap hair extension in a solution for all your hair problems. For a first-time buyer, it is important to know the different types of extensions available in the market. It is also important to understand the difference between a standard and quality hair extension. Perhaps today’s discussion will help you get hold of all the information that one may need to buy quality hair extensions online. With these tips not only, you can determine the quality of extensions but can also make sure how convenient you will be using them.

  • Check the type of hair – They come in a variety of colours, textures, lengths and make. I prefer choosing a Remy human hair extension. These are of high quality, classy and look best. Plus, they are natural, have a better texture, are heat friendly and are easy to style.
  • Check the weft quality – It is a great handy tip while buying new extensions. Check for each weft style while buying. Make sure each of these wefts is professionally sewn with high standards. No strands must be sticking out of the sides.
  • Check the shedding – A quality extension, specifically the one from brands like Easihair Pro, Donna Bella, Balmain, Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, and Hotheads keratin will not shed. Remember better the quality more wills that stay with you.
  • Check the thickness of extensions – Do not forget you are using extensions to add volume to your hair. What is the purpose of use if they are sleek and volume-less? That’s why important is to look for an extension that has an equal thickness from top to bottom.
  • Check the clips – Clips are the final and most important aspects of a hair extension. For it is the clips that define how easy to use extensions are. Hence, if you intend to use this extension on your own, pick a type that comes with snap clips as they are easy to use.

Here at we have more than 500 brands selling hair care accessories. As coloured hair and clip-in extensions are some of the most sold items, we have an abundance. Here at you can find dozens of lengths, styles, colours and types of extensions to choose from. Thus, finding the right style of extension online in Dubai has become easier than it ever was. We at offers the best quality and cheap hair extensions in Dubai. Explore what you need and get it delivered right to your doorstep in no time.

Question & Answer

What is the cost of tape in extensions?

Often made of real human hair, the tap extensions are high in demand. With the increasing trends and resulting demands, the tape extensions cost around $200 for a partial extension and application with the help of professionals. However, other types of extensions for thin hair cost a bit more than that. The reason for this cost difference is because of the time it takes to adjust the extensions into natural hair. However, compared to other types of extension, the tape-in are affordable for their ease of use.

What length hair extensions should I buy?

The length of your hair extension depends on the purpose or reason you are using it. For example, if you have short hair and you want it to look fuller and thicker naturally, you must go for a hair extension with a length of about 6 to 7 inches. This length will help you dab those extensions like natural hair without leaving a hint of artificiality. However, if you intend to adopt a new style or haircut without cutting short your naturally long hair, you can style them with short length wigs. By doing so, you can get back to your natural hair length whenever you wish for.

How to choose a hair extension colour?

Brands offer extensions in many different shades ranging from Jet Black to Omber and Platinum Blonde to Balayage. These extensions are multi-tonal to adapt to the colouring system. It means that these shades are subtle with highlights and lowlights, with the darker and lighter strand. It is thus better to consult your hairstylist before buying any hair extension colour for you. Here important to note is that hair or extension hair colours give you different movements, depths and dimensions to your personality.

Where to buy hair extensions in Dubai?

Here at you can explore the most variety of extensions available in the market. However, some brands that you can get a look at including Easihair Pro, Donna Bella, Newchic, and Balmain. While other on the list are Great Lengths, Hair Dreams, Hotheads keratin. Here you can use simple tools to search and compare products from different manufacturers, sellers and global brands. So explore now to make the best buying decision of your life.

With a quality hair extension, it is never too late to add style and elegance to your outlook. Now is the right time to search a retail search engine, book and enjoy the best look of all.