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It is rare when the hottest trend in beauty and fashion is functional, flattering and affordable for everyone. A hair clip can be one such item on your dressing table. This year the known fashion designer Alexander Wang, Donatella Versace was among the few who revived the style. Meanwhile, many designers sent their models down to the runway wearing pins, clips, headbands and barrettes etc.

As a result, this granny’s favourite hair accessories became the top fashion trend of the year. Hence, when you head to buy hair clips online, you can find a whole new world of these fashion accessories. No matter what colour, style or material you pick, they will always make you look flattering. With a nostalgia of the 90s, these clip ties keep your hair nicely done and protect them from getting tangled into other accessories you are wearing. Today girls are mix and match their hair clips and pins with other ornaments to get any look. Hence more and more brands are launching new designs, colours and materials to fulfil the trending fashion needs.

Trendy ideas to wear a hair clip to look lively

Hair clips have always existed in women fashion. However today they come with much more than just styling them on either side of the head. Moreover, now, it is not reserved for little girls. Today we can say professional ladies are styling them to the office and on a club or girls night out. However, we can see that not all can style them correctly. Slaying fashion accessories is the key to remaining the apple of every eye. Feeling the need for generating awareness about the styling variety of these hair accessories, we are here to assist. Today we will talk about different types of hair clips, how to style them and their suitability for different occasions.

Hair clips trend for business casual

Do take it from the guru of designer accessories like Michael Kors. He believes that a cute hair accessory is an exclamation point for any women’s outfit. No matter what your 9 to 5 are about, everyone has a go-to hairstyle that gets us up and out ASAP! Whether it is a run through hair iron, pure waves of the topknot, Monday’s to Friday mornings are about styling in speed. Hence, hair accessories are much needed to incorporate into your daily and quirky work look. For a professional peek, you can go for metallic bobby pins or barrette. They look best on all lengths and textures of hair. However, if you have voluminous hair, prefer going for pins bigger in size and intricate styles to stand different in the crowd.

Silk flower hair clips for a chic and girly look

From brunch to a day at a mall, or even if you are going out to grab a coffee with girls. Pearl and floral hair clips add a simple touch of personality to an otherwise casual look. So, if you want to be Instagram worthy (round the clock) it’s time to grab a nice pair of hair clips. You can also try them in layered looks. Just grab all your hair on one side and add a pair of clips one below the other. Likewise, for a glamorous look, try mixing and matching different textures and colours. Remember, girls fashion is all about confidence. Hence don’t ever be afraid of mixing and matching the hair accessories to try new combinations and styles. Likely these are the times when you can do experiments with buns as well as open hairdos.

Try colourful hair clips to look edgy and cool

If you are looking for an edgy look at a night party, let’s say in a club, slogan barrettes and statement clips are perfect for an edgier look. Like many others, the British designer Ashley Williams’s ramp styled a lot of statement clips this year. Mostly these clips were made of crystals with words or single alphabets on them. If you think these are expensive for you to use, you can visit to get economical branded styles of hair clips online in the UAE. You can wear them with a motto or LDB jacket as you need. Appreciated is to pin them into sleek and straight hair making a ponytail or side bun. Another way to style them is by making the long, thick braid and adding multiple pins throughout.

Pearl hair clip for romantic date or wedding

Sensuality and pearls are the most admired combination for a romantic date night or a lavish wedding occasion. Designers believe that for a date night, pearl hair clips are purely passionate and sexy. Although metallic are preferred whatever you choose, make sure they accompaniment your whole OOTN. Likewise, depending on your plans for the night, you can think of adding a bit of glitter to these metallic pins. Add them just above the ears to enjoy a nice feminine touch. However, if the occasion is more on a fancy side, go for a heavier clip with some embellishments on it. Hair clips for a wedding are also trending however strictly aloof for the bride and her maids. So, don’t wear them otherwise.

Tips on how to buy Hair Clips online in the UAE

Most women see their hair accessories as hair tires and use them to keep their hair being naughty and to put them neatly pulled back while many prefer using barrettes, bows and headbands to style hair in a specific manner. One or another, today, the market is flooded with colourful hair clips for women of all ages. You can easily find a wide range of romantic, polished, sophisticated and fun looking clips in the market. With such a wide range of choices, it is always tricky to pair the right style and colour with your dress. However, buying a flattering pair of clips is more overwhelming. Today we will share some tips with you that can help you find and buy one perfect pair of hair accessories for you.

  • Know your needs – As discussed already, a pair that suits a wedding occasion will be overdone if you wear it to the office. It is thus important to define the occasion of use. Also, consider the dress that you will be pairing with the clip. Look for what suits your entire accouter.
  • Get inspired – If you are not sure about what to buy, go to social media. Explore some fashion brands, stylists or vloggers to see what they are wearing with what dress. You can also google tutorials or guides to find what styles of clips can harmonies your dress, hair overall look.
  • Search brands – Buying one quality pair is better than buying dozens of cheap hair clips. Branded products always have their unique ricochet that can kick your personality to a summit. At you can find all the top brands selling hair accessories online. Look what inspires you.
  • Check price – Although buying quality products is important. It simply doesn’t mean you can spoil your bank account for a fashion accessory. Hence it is important to consider your budget limitations while buying hair clips online. Always research products according to price.
  • Consider colour and size – Here, you need to consider your age, face cut, and size of your head. Buying an extra-large size for a smaller face will be a disaster. Similarly, buying a teeny tiny style for a plus-size lady will be weird. Find a clip that gives a balanced proportion to body and face.
  • Check product description – The product description section will explain to you everything about the products including size, material, pinning methods and other details. Reading this section will help you make wiser shopping decisions.

Here at we have more than 500 brands selling quality hair clips and accessories online. Some to name are Pearl Bridal House, Scunci, Goody, Toni & Guy, Shopkins, and Babyliss. Here you can find all types of kids and adult style hair clips online in the UAE. Hence, if you are looking to add any type of hair accessory to your collection, our retail search engine is where you can find it all. From hair bows to ribbons and scarves and from clips to barretter, here you can find it all.

Question & Answer

Where to buy hair clips online?

Here at you can find the most variety of hair clips and other accessories online in the UAE. Here we are selling products from more than 500 top brands. Some brands on the list include; Shopkins, Babyliss, Revlon, Habibie, Sankuwen, Prett You, and Nykkola. Hence this is where you can buy everything, including a butterfly hair clip online or a silver hair clip for the wedding. Here you can explore and pick products according to price or brand preferences to make your searching easier and quicker.

How to choose bridal hair clips?

Bridal hair accessories are important; thus, they need additional care and attention to detail. Today bridal fashion wear brands have their collection of bridal accessories from head to toe. At the time when choosing these accessories is easy, the cost is much higher. At the same time efforts are needed to get the dress matched with the hair clip. Today you can easily find a clip embellishment matching the embroidery, colour or fabric of your dress. Better is to pick solid shades; it will help you look sophisticated. Also, consider the length and style of your wedding dress. Some options you can consider are hair combs, bridal crowns and tiaras, Hair wines, clips or pins etc.

What are the best hair clips for a baby girl?

Sparking sequin blow clips are trending for baby girls these days. These styles are generally made of soft fabric like a net. Otherwise, you can find them in crochet and knitted styles. These are easy to put on and off and help to keep the head of your little princes safe from pain or any scratches. Such clips are available in different embellishments like lace, feathers, diamante and such. Some hot selling items include; 2 inches tiny hair bow, Ruurya bows, chiffon pin-bows, Polka dot and sequin bows and clips.

How do you keep hair clips from slipping?

The best way to keep your clip on your hair is to use hair spray while adjusting the clip. It is better to divide the hair into clear sections right from where you want to add the clip. Add a little spray and do a bit of backcombing to create a tangled mess in the hair. Apply some spray again. Now adjust the clip or pin the way you like to. The spray will keep the hair in its position for a long while. As a result, the clip will stay at its place without slipping down.

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