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About Hair Bows

One of the cutest hair accessories, hair bows look amazing on just about anybody. This fashion fad is not only for baby girls, but women and teenagers love it too. It is the perfect way to add a touch of style to your everyday outfit.

Fashion accessories are no more a choice that works only for people of a particular age gap. Plus, it’s not one of those things that suit only a specific occasion. Be it as a bridesmaid, for work or a vacation, hair bows look just as cute! If this is not enough, how about because they have impacted as one of the most-loved hair accessories? Yes, a style that was introduced just a few years ago is not in every woman’s wardrobe. Hair bows have made their way to it, be it the clutch-type clips, hairbands, side-clips, or even diadems. A lot of hair bows for girls have animated characters and can also be personalized as per their first name or initials, that adds a special touch for sure. 

Different types of hair bows for dressing up your hairdo game 

The concept of hair bows is new, but they have been around for long enough to make an impact! Plus, the nature of their effect is remarkable too! They add a special touch to your look instantly, without having to do much at all. Plus, you don’t always need a hairdo to make them work, unlike hair accessory options like the tiara. The best thing probably is that you can find them as part of so many accessories that you can choose the best one as you’re comfortable. With different sizes, textures, styles and colours, the sky is the limit to how you can wear and flaunt hair bows. 

Hair bows for girls  

For little girls who love to dress up, there are several hair accessories options. However, a lot of them can be tricky to wear and cause discomfort. Well, hair bows for girls are probably the best of the lot. They’re unique, look great and feel comfortable. Your little one can buy her hair bows when you go shopping with her, and probably pick up a new one for every outfit. The best part is that these are inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about buying them only, so they get lost later. You can also teach her secure options like hair bow ribbons that she can do by herself and will be glad to. 

Baby girl hair bows  

Babies look adorable without having to invest in fancy accessories, clothing or baby shoes, but still, for certain occasions, you may like something different. Baby girl hair bows are probably the best hair accessories for your little ones. They look cute, its easy on their head and doesn’t irritate them. The best thing is to opt for baby headbands with bows, that fit snugly but won’t cause any inconvenience. However, make sure you pick quality stuff, and nothing with sparkle or beads etc. that may fall. These bows again come in different styles and colours so you can choose to match their outfits. 

The bow headband  

For those who adore the classics, how about a lovely bow headband? Yes, its probably the way bows came into the picture. With those, you can have a single large or medium-sized bow on one side, or tiny ones all around. They look super cute for a holiday or day party. Even babies and little girls can wear it. They are easy to find online and in retail stores. Make sure you buy the ones that are of good quality. This will ensure they fit well, and if they’re of metal, they won’t hurt your head. For young girls and babies, stick only to the cloth ones. The hard headbands can cause inconvenience over long use. 

Hair bow ribbon  

A lot of women don’t like the concept of the headband, for them the next best bow accessory, without a doubt is the hair bow ribbon. These are simply bows attached on a ribbon that is loose with its ends open. They have Velcro on the ends that you can fasten on your nape. This way, the band fits around your head. It looks great with any hairstyle, or even with loose hair or a high ponytail. It looks sophisticated with formal outfits too, where a hairband may not fit the picture. The long ribbons are meant to be tied like a knot at the nape to secure them.  

Tips on how to buy Hair Bows online in Dubai

Be it buying a Minnie Mouse hair bow for your girl baby or toddler hair bows, they all have an undeniable charm about them. The best part is that you can easily shop for them online. If it is for your baby, make sure you go for the soft material ones, so keep a look for the product details before buying. Buying from reputed brands and stress guarantees a good fit and look. For adults and girls, you can choose the fancier ones that are also readily available.

  • Choose the right size – The bands can run tight or loose, depending on the brand. Plus, toddlers have a separate collection to ensure a good fit, so choose well.
  • The style of the bow is essential – Whether you pick a large, medium-sized or small bow, it should work with your outfit and the occasion. As adults, it is best to stick to simple, whereas babies look cute with large bow headbands too.
  • It should not feel too tight or loose – The bow accessory should not fall off while wearing it, nor feel like a strain after wearing it for a while. This is especially crucial while considering for babies.
  • Don’t spend a fortune on them – Accessories are cheap and very common. So, don’t get sold on expensive ones. With kids, since they will end up continually losing these things, its best to pick the reasonable ones.
  • Mix and match with outer accessories – You can team a simple bow clip on a plain hairband or match a ribbon bow with clips to create a unique accessory if you love playing with them.
  • Keep it simple – When in doubt, always choose the simplest style unless it is for little girls or babies, its easy to look overdressed with too much.

It is effortless to find cheap hair bows for sale everywhere in Dubai. Most baby stores have some fantastic options for your little ones. However, if your child is tiny, it won’t be an excellent idea as it can interfere with their sleeping etc. It is best to watch how your child reacts to new clothing, shoes and accessories and take a call whether to continue using the same ones or not. The best thing is that it’s easy to find out the perfect one, thanks to the magnitude of choices we have.

Question & Answer

How to make DIY bow headbands?

If you don’t want to waste money buying headbands, the best thing is to DIY. It is also an excellent activity to do with your little girl for some bonding time which she will love. To start, get some good-quality plastic hairbands, or the cloth ones, whichever you prefer. Next, with pieces of colourful satin ribbon, create bows. You can make them large, medium, small or oversized. You can also make them in different ways. Just stick these onto the headbands with fabric glue or stitch it on. You can further decorate with slipper, sequins etc.

How can women flaunt bow clips?

Bow clips look super cute, however when it is for adults, it’s essential to buy the ones that look sophisticated. The best way is to use them on clutch-type clips. If you want to stick to the bow clips on their own, buy the embellished or the rhinestone ones that look excellent on party wear. You can also get them on a comb-pin to side-sweep your hair and attach it there. Choose satin ribbons or solid colours if it is lace or natural fabric to avoid it looking tardy.

Is there a way to repurpose big hair bows?

Big hair bows are great to use as decoration, wedding décor, table centrepieces or even sewn into other pieces of clothing. For kids, you can sew them onto a skirt, dress or blouse. They make for the best décor for Christmas and Thanksgiving. You can further work on them with glue and some glitter in different colours before hanging them up. For wedding décor, incorporate on the walls, tables or into the centrepiece or cake-cutting table.

Where can you buy cheap hair bows online in Dubai?

Dubai is home to some of the best fashion and hair accessory brands. There is probably no design or style you will miss here. With stores across malls and for shopping online, it is straightforward to get your hands on whatever you want to buy. You can check out, a great product search engine with more than 500+ stores that you can check at once. You can browse their collections, get the best pricing and shop without doubts.

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