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Hair bands or headbands as they’re commonly known, have been around since as long as we can remember. This hair accessory is very common with everyone from young girls to teenagers and even women, who choose to wear it on several occasions.

The best part about the hairband is that it does not fall into any specific category. Hence, it is straightforward to use a hairband, whether it is for casual or formal events. Whether you have long, medium or short hair or if your hair is straight, curly or wavy, you can conveniently use a hairband any way you wish. Plus, it is not only restricted to women but even boys and men also use hairbands on several occasions to match their style. With such a multi-purpose accessory, it would be a shame not to own at least a couple of pairs. If you get bored of regular fashion accessories like pins, clips and bows, put on a hairband, and you can leave your hair open or tied into a ponytail – it all works wonderfully well.

Different types of hairbands you can use to add a stylish touch to your tresses

Hairbands are not new. They are, in fact, the oldest type of hair accessory that is popular and loved even today. Little girls and even babies look adorable while wearing it. For a lot of women, it is one accessory that they cannot complete their look without. The good old hairband gives it a creative touch especially if you have a fringe or bangs hairstyle. Plus, unlike accessories like hairpins and bows, these are not time-consuming and very easy to wear. You can also pick one for every outfit because they’re readily available and so affordable. With choices in colour, texture and style, the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing good hairbands.

Flower headband

Beautiful and casual, the flower hairband is a popular option in both young and adult women. For adults, the bands with tiny flowers look real; however, all of them suit babies and little girls well. It is also comfortable for babies since these bands are soft, delicate and won’t harm their scalp. It is the easiest way to dress up without having to do much at all. The classic black hairband with flowers is also a popular choice. The base is generally light, solid or pastel colour, and the flowers work in a contrasting tone. You can choose the best type that works as per the dress and occasion.

Baby headbands

Aren’t baby headbands the most adorable hair accessory of them all? This type looks great on babies and little girls as well. They are made of soft cloth, generally cotton or silk. They may have flowers, bows or any other design on them and look very cute. You only need to put it around the baby’s head. If it is of good quality, it will sit tightly. A lot of babies also pull them out, and if you see this happening frequently, you may want to lose them as they may irritate the baby’s skin. A lot of options in baby headbands are available in retail and online stores.

Wedding hairband

If you don’t want to go with the old-school tiara, the wedding hairband is the best choice. These are designed in satin or lace. They generally have glitter, sparkles or rhinestones sewn on them or could be plain. You can wear them while keeping your hair open or creating a hairdo that works with it. It is the best way to keep your veil secure. These look gorgeous; they’re light and very comfortable. Plus, you don’t have to do away with it after the ceremony and can still wear it to other events. These bands are easy to travel with and store too.

Hairbands for men

Buying hair headbands for short hair online is very common. Men with slightly longer hair look great when they wear a hairband. Although it is not a formal accessory choice, it makes sense when you love wearing tees, jackets and cargo pants. They also look great for clubbing. For men, hairbands as accessories are slowly growing in popularity, but there are men over the world who love to flaunt them. A lot of models and actors are also the reason behind this popularity. If it is your first time, it is best to try it out while in a smaller circle before flaunting it at a significant event.

Tips on how to buy Hair Bands online in Dubai

Be it buying hairbands for long hair or short, they work well with any style and for multiple occasions. With the limitless choices, you can keep trying them out until you find the perfect one. When it comes to women, you don’t need to have a set of rules to wear headbands either. Even if it’s your first time, it looks terrific. Your hair could be left natural, curly, wavy or sleek and straight and the band will look just as great!

  • Cloth or metal – While the metal hairbands look stunning, there isn’t a more comfortable choice than cloth ones. Depending on the outfit and events, you can choose the right one.
  • The occasion is essential – For an evening party or wedding, a sequinned or band with rhinestones will work. For a day party or holiday something simple, maybe a flower headband will do the trick.
  • Your attire – The headband should work with the overall look. If you want, you can choose a contrasting colour or match it with a dress.
  • Check on the quality – Hairbands are not a one-time wear accessory. You can reuse them later. So, always go for quality stuff that will last you for some good time. They’re also more comfortable.
  • Match the other accessories – Accessories like your shoes, purse, jewellery etc. should work with the headband. It should not look overdone or effortless.

If you have never worn a hairband before or it is for an important day, then taking a second opinion is the best way to be safe. Sometimes, deciding on our own choices may not be as fruitful. In this case, ask your sister, friend or mom to step up. They could be with you while checking out online choices or even go with you if retail is your reference. Once you’re sure, merge it with the outfit, and you’ll be able to get the complete look in front of you.

Question & Answer

What should men consider before buying and wearing a hairband?

The baseline here is that not all men look good while wearing a hairband. It is essential to get accurate feedback from your stylist or hairdresser if a hairband would suit you in the first place. If yes, then check your hair length. Very short hair is not a good thing here, but hair that is 2-3 inches long is a good start. Very long hair also works well. Go for primary and solid colours like black, blue and brown. Make sure you try it out and see if it feels comfortable. The significant intention here is to keep your hair out of our face.

What should you remember while buying hair bands for babies?

With babies, a lot of things change, and you need to consider the fact that their skin, hair and their body is very sensitive as compare to ours. While buying hair bands for babies, make sure you buy the softest ones you can find. Cotton is the best material and ensure you do not go for shimmer and glitter ones as they can get into their eyes. Small beads and flowers are not a good idea either. The hairbands should not fit too tight, and if they’re not comfortable, you should avoid using them.

Which hairband looks good on a formal outfit?

When it comes to formal attire, a lot of women get afraid of using accessories to avoid looking over-dressed. Well, the good news is that with a hairband, you can put this doubt to rest. Go for the simplest one you can find. Both cloth and metallic ones look amazing. Colours like black, grey, brown, navy blue and dull silver work well, depending on the choice of your outfit. It is also best to use a hairspray to ensure your hair stays in place, or else, opt for a high ponytail.

Where can you buy hair bands online in Dubai?

There are so many brands and stores in Dubai that will make shopping for any accessories and clothes a natural choice. It is fun to shop online because of the large variety of options you can access. In retail shopping, the use of sold-out articles is very common., a brilliant search engine is here to make all your shopping troubles better. With over 500+ online stores under a single platform, there is no need to look anywhere else. Some of the best brands that you can find today for hairbands are DIOR, Gatsby, Claire’s, ASOS, Kenz Laurenz, Scunci, ELACUCOS, Goody, Calbeing, Styla Hair, Ordenado and Janecrafts.

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