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A pretty tiara is one of the best hair accessories for any woman. Especially when it comes to your wedding day, there cannot be a better fit than diadems to make you look and feel like a princess!

Hair accessories come in many choices today – hairbands, bows, tiaras, hairpins, nets, berets and more. It is also easy to find affordable wholesale tiara crowns on sale for events and parties. The internet is full of excellent fashion accessory options. You can find sparkly, gold, silver, colourful, crystal, beaded and many more types of tiaras as per your needs. They look excellent with gowns when you feel like you need a touch of something elegant. You can quickly ditch your regular accessories like earrings, neckpiece, bracelet etc. and opt for a beautiful tiara. They come in various types, and each of them has its beautiful features. The simpler, delicate ones look amazing without overdoing your look. 

Different types of gold crown headbands you can find in the UAE  

The unique thing about using a tiara as your accessory is that not many people will be wearing it, so it will surely be your unique look for an evening. They work well for a wedding, prom night, party, evening dinner or any high-feature event. The one thing to remember here is to let it be the main attraction in your outfit. If your outfit is statement-making, go for a simpler tiara, or preferably the band-type, which is more comfortable to wear. If your outfit is rather simple, jazz it up with a crystal, gold or silver tiara, depending on the different factors. Out of many choices, the princess crown tiara looks the best. However, it all comes down to the dress and personal preference of the wearer. 

The tiara headband  

For those who love flaunting the tiara but don’t want to feel uncomfortable with the weight, the next best thing is the tiara headband. Think of a regular headband, but this one is made to look just like a tiara, without the weight. You can wear it like the hairband, and it sits beautifully, especially if you have a fringe or bangs. You can go for a hairstyle considering the accessory. There are many variations of the same, but the headband style is the simplest and looks excellent. You can pick these for semi-formal and casual parties. Although it is prominent that it’s a headband-style tiara, it does look superb.  

The princess crown  

The most beautiful and royal-inspired hair accessory of all times, there is absolutely nothing that beats the beauty of the elegant and classic princess crown tiara. The best one for weddings, you can go as simple or lavish as you want. A lot of vintage options are also available for these. Although they are pricier, they have a finishing that no other can match. They look great on beautiful gowns and outfits. Even with these, you need to go with something that matches or works in contrast to what you’re wearing. This one has a structure like a crown and will sit comfortably on top of your head.  You can ask your hairstylist to use an excellent hairdo to match the beautiful crown. 

The bridesmaid hair crown 

These look prettiest in pastel colours and are decorated with flowers. They’re nothing but a wreath in a circle shape with flowers or beads all along. They may also have a ribbon closure at the back to adjust it as per the size of your head. They’re great for a summer party or pool party. The famous term bridesmaid hair crown is because a lot of women choose this one as the best option for their bridesmaids on their wedding day. Match it to the outfit, the shoes or the theme of the wedding. These are girly, chic and very pretty. You can wear it with pretty much any kind of hairstyle or hairdo. 

The comb diadem 

For those who don’t like the hassle of a tiara or even the wreath, the simplest thing to wear is probably the comb-shaped diadem. This one has the classic comb scales, so you can ‘comb’ it into your hair, and that’s it. This one will sit in your hairstyle or only in your hair if you want to keep it simple. Since it is so minimalistic, the best thing to do is to opt for one with rhinestones, glitter or beads to make it a little attractive. It does not usually have to sit on top of your head like a crown. You can comb it on the side, with a bun or at the bottom of the hairdo. It looks just as spectacular. 

Tips on how to buy Tiaras online in Dubai

Shopping for accessories is so much fun! The best way to do this is to keep your outfit as the hero. Decide whether you want it to match what you wear or contrast it to your outfit, its entirely your choice and looks excellent wither way. However, what is important here is to take into account the shoes and bags you will be completing your look with. Make sure you don’t go overboard with anything. When in doubt, the best thing is to keep it simple.

  • Check the options – You don’t have to settle with the first one you see. There are thousands of different types of diadems, so consider as many as you can to make sure you make the best choice.
  • Choose the right type – Do you want a hairband-style diadem, a princess crown or a simple wreath? This depends on a lot of factors like the occasion, your outfit, personality etc.
  • Consider other accessories – You will be wearing shoes and carrying a bag with your outfit. So, pick a tiara that works well in sync with all of these. The accessories shouldn’t clash.
  • The kind of event – If it’s a wedding, you need a statement-making tiara. However, you can tone it down for an evening event for prom night. It all comes down to the occasion and attire.
  • Ask for advice – Be it a friend or your sister, if you know someone whose style you admire, a second opinion is a good idea. This can happen while shopping online or going with you for retail buying.
  • Carry the dress along – You will get a better idea if you have the attire with you. Instead of having to imagine in your head how it will look, it’s better to match it there and then.

If it is your first time wearing a diadem, then you should surely try it on a couple of times before the big day, especially something important like the wedding. Wear it at home for some time at least for two or three days. This way, you’ll allow your body to get more comfortable with it. A lot of times, you look conscious while wearing new shoes or even a new dress. This is very prominent in pictures. To avoid this, getting familiar with everything you have chosen to wear is an excellent way to start.

Question & Answer

What are rhinestone crowns?

Rhinestones are imitations stones with excellent finishing. They can be clear or coloured and are primarily used in accessories, for decorations etc. They resemble gemstones, and this is the reason for their popularity. They’re the closest thing to the real deal, with a stunning finishing and excellent visual appeal. Fitted into crowns, they look gorgeous and can immediately take it from average to beautiful. These crowns are incredible for special occasions like parties, dinners, weddings etc. You can easily find them in retail stores and a lot of online stores as well.

How should you store the tiara?

After buying the tiara, a lot of stores will provide a velvet bag to store it. It is best to use the same for storage, even after having used it. Try to keep it in a closed and secure place like your cupboard locker. Do not cram it in between clothing and other things, as it can fall while searching for something, and this can cause the stones and beads o to become loose. A drawer is best to keep it safe. If you are travelling with the same, opt for a sturdy case to protect it from any damage.

Which diadems look best for little girls?

With little girls, small diadems probably look the best. Since a tiara can have edges that feel hard or sharp for them, the hairband style tiara is the best option. One can also use hairpins and incorporate them along a front braid to give the illusion of a diadem. This is a famous trick for flower girls who need to wear it through the entire wedding without feeling uncomfortable or messing it up. The natural flower tiaras are also a great option and a pretty popular DIY one too.

Where can you buy unique wedding headpieces crown in Dubai?

With so many accessory stores, there are endless choices when it comes to buying unique wedding headpieces crown in Dubai. Online shopping is probably the best aspect and works well wherever you’re located. You can also find many variations and choose as per the prices, quality etc. as compared to regular retail shopping. To make it easier, it is best to use this Dubai search engine, This spectacular platform makes online shopping a breeze!

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