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Hands are called on everything from heavy handling to precision finishing. Whether it’s hampering, digging, lifting, assembling, sporting or fashion, our hands serve a critical connection between us and our work. Moreover, keeping our hands fully functional means keeping them dry, warm and secure from physical hazards like cuts, crushing, vibration and impact. Whereas gloves hold a special position in the fashion world, adding sophistication and grace to attire.

By definition, a glove is a garment covering the whole hand. They usually come with separate sheaths for each finger and thumb. They protect and add comfort to hands against heat, cold, chemical or abrasion and disease, etc. Today they are of many different types and serve different purposes. Likewise, they are made of different materials. Hence buying a glove should start with understanding the need and purpose of the glove. For instance, a surgical glove is different from a ski or winter glove. Likewise, the style of leather driving gloves will be different from women’s fashion styles. Today we will talk about some common types seen in the market.

Reviewing  common uses of gloves in the modern world

There are literally more than 1000 different styles utilizing a multitude of materials. From protecting modern-day employees to set a fashion ablaze, gloves have become more of a necessity in many disciplines. Brands now offer more than 40 material options where each of these offers a different level of fit, comfort, and protection. The list of materials runs from natural fibres (cotton and bamboo) all the way to synthetic string knit materials (DuPont and Kevlar). With such a variety of options, we cannot discuss all the possibilities here. Keeping it short and precise, we are going to discuss common uses and types with a higher selling number.

Women’s fashion gloves

They are part of the fashion world since the 1950s. Back then, women use to wear long white gloves as a style statement. However, later years introduced more colours and materials. Today they are available in different stuff like silk, net, lace, leather, knitted, woollen, embroidered and patterned styles. Just like the variety of materials, the women gloves have different styles, cuts, and lengths. At times when knitted women’s fingerless mittens are best to keep hands warm and stylish, the long fibreglass or net mittens are ideal with a nightgown.

Winter gloves and mittens

Also known as ski and snowboarding gloves they are made of unique material. At the time when mittens come with two compartments (adjusting thumb in one and fingers in the other), they have five sections (adjusting each finger separately). Both styles are made of wool, leather or high-quality synthetic fibres with natural down or synthetic insulation material. Other specific characteristics of them include water resistance and insulation with reduced evaporative heat loss. Mostly skiers, snowboarders, and people involved in winter sports use them to keep their hands warm while playing.

Leather driving gloves

Commonly the bikers and race car drivers use them. Commonly they are made of high-quality leather. They offer better control and grip on the steering and handle while driving hence greater control and safer event. Many users claim that they act as a barrier and prevent abrasion between bare skin and the steering wheel. Apart from the functionality, they help users to look cool and stylish. Moreover, the leather surface reduces vibration and hand fatigue. They have a layer of breathable mesh or holes in the knuckles that offer ventilation to keep the hand’s cooler. They are ideal to use in summer sporting activities.

Sports gloves

The grip is an integral part of almost every sport. So, if you are playing a game that involves holding or catching any item, you need a stronger grip with added hand protection to avoid slips, drops, and mistakes. Meanwhile sporting activities like kayaking or canoeing, sailing also call for using sports gloves. Here they not only offer better grip but protect hands from injuries. As a result, the user offers better performance and can implement techniques during the game. Commonly they are made of bamboo, leather, and latex. Whereas synthetic material includes Vinyl, PVC, PU, Neoprene, polyester, EVA, Polyamide, etc.

Tips on how to buy Gloves on sale in the UAE

No matter what the type is, they are essential to keep your hands secure. Unfortunately, with the limitation of time and space, today we cannot talk about all these available types. Hence today we will talk about the most important type – Thinsulate (winter gloves). Despite they are of great importance to secure your hands in a freezing environment, buying a winter glove is still an overwhelming process for many of us. To help those who are not clear about the buying process, today we are sharing some handy tips to make your purchase process easy and convenient.

  • The insulation – Insulation ability is a crucial property of mittens. It will help you keep your hands warm and cosy. Here you can choose either from natural down or variations of synthetic insulations. Better is to look for a lightweight and water-resistant material.
  • Dexterity – While choosing the insulation, consider the fact that having control over your hand movement is essential. To get a better ability to start with focusing on the stretch of the fabric. It will help you decide how well it will suit you in cold weather.
  • Coverage – Winter wear come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. A smaller size may end at the wrist, which can be handy when you are working in the cold. But if you are using them for snow sports like skiing, you may need to check the one with full coverage.
  • Choose brand – Branded products are always better, no matter if you have to invest a few more bucks in the bill. Hence, look for reliable brands to buy men and women’s Thinsulate fleece made mittens online.

At the end of the day, important is to know which glove type and material to use. Plus, it must also be according to the activity you are going to perform. At times when winter wear needs to be warm and insulated, the ice-climbing venture will need them with leather palms. However, choosing the right pair of mittens can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your hands dry and toasty all winter.

Question & Answer

What size glove should I buy?

At first, it is crucial to know the right size. To measure your size, start with your dominant hand with a measuring tape around knuckles in inches. The size that you measure is your glove size. So, if you get it at 9 inches, medium size will fit you well. To interpret the measured size into the glove fit, you can consult the sizing chart at the brand you are planning to buy from. However important to keep in mind is that women’s sizes are entirely different from men’s sizes.

What glove do you wear in golf?

An ideal golf glove is one that serves the user with tackiness beyond what human skin can achieve. Plus, it has to be flexible, durable, comfortable and useful in different ways. Mostly recommended golf appropriate are made of Cabretta leather, and they are soft, durable and tacky. Some of the bestselling items currently available in the market are; Mizuno Pro Golf Glove, Finger Ten Rain Grip Golf Glove, Callaway Dawn Patrol Golf Glove, Callaway Golf Opti-Color Leather Glove, and the MG Golf DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Glove.

Are leather or wool gloves in fashion?

Yes, apart from exquisite and delicate silk fibres for special occasions, wool and leather-based items have become an important part of street styles of this age. Besides that, they are ideal for activities like water sports, mountaineering, hiking and snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. The leather made items are the most luxurious clothing accessory that adds comfort and class to the overall attire of the user.

Where to buy fashion gloves?

For those who are looking for lace wedding wear fingerless to buy, online stores are ideal. These stores offer you access to more options to explore and choose from. is one such retail search engine online that offers you easy access to more than 500 top glove manufacturers and brands online. Some to name here are; Maxiflex, Moncler, Mechanix, H&M, Red Wing, Reebok, Fendi, Manokhi, Gucci, and Valentino. Apart from fashion here, you can also find one for sports, racing, and other activities.

No matter what the occasion is, loving yourself is nothing you should compromise on. Let’s start loving yourself by protecting your hands. Explore our site to find the possible options of such fashion accessories for any occasion or need and make your hands feel loved!

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