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If you’re one among those who spend plenty of bucks on sunglasses or prescription glasses, then you ought to make sure that they stay put while you’re on the move. To keep them damage-free and safe, you should invest in a good pair of glasses cords. If you’re an active person, you’ll love the way these eyewear retainers hold your glasses in place. But many of us see them as normal straps. They’re far more than that. In this guide, we will give you an insight into the various aspects of eyewear retainers. Plus, we also bring you the best eyewear retainer recommendation to invest in. So, brace yourself for an informative ride! 

So, the big question – what exactly are glasses cords? Glasses cords or commonly known as eyewear retainers are additional fashion accessories that hold your spectacles in place. It makes sure that the glasses you’re wearing stays to yourself during work, sports events, or break time. In fact, they also ensure that your specs do not leave your sight when you’re out for some urgent work. So how do they work? Well, this usually depends on the design of the glasses cords. And you must know that these eyewear retainers come in all possible designs, lengths and shapes. That said, let’s look at the top-selling glasses cords that you can invest in, in the next section. 

The popular glasses cords to choose from 

The glasses cords are literally items that are for anyone who wishes to maintain their glasses safe and keep them near while engaging in sports activities, or any other work task. Usually, adults benefit more than children, as most of the models made are in large sizing. However, you can find a plethora of models that is apt for both adults and children. And people should invest in at least one. Especially, people who frequently lose or drop their spectacles shouldn’t hesitate to try an eye retainer for their advantage. In case, you wish to buy glasses cords online in UAE do check out the following models that we’ve listed below. 

The ONME sports a unisex eyeglass strap

If you wish to own a sporty sunglasses neck strap when you’re out for your personal work and summer trips, go for this glasses cord from OMNE. Made from polyester material, this product forms a braided cord that has fine longevity and even looks fashionable for many occasions. Besides, it ensures to soak up that extra sweat if perspire a little more than usual. Furthermore, their unique design enables you to hang your glasses safely on yourself or rest them on your head. And yes, the manufacturer offers you around six identical cords in a single pack. 

Chums original cotton standard sunglasses cord

These cotton glasses cords come in stylish and vibrant colours like teal. The main material used to construct this strap is premium cotton. This ensures to give you a sense of soft touch and doesn’t rub onto your face or neck in a disturbing way. Moreover, they come in a knit design that forms a tube shape. These surgical tube ends allow you to insert these cords into safety glasses temple arms. Besides, it also minimises slippage while being used. This enables the workers wearing them fully enjoy their activities. 

PilotFish no tail adjustable glasses string

An adjustable glasses cord is always a boon in many ways. If you’re looking out for such a model, then go ahead and buy this glass strap from Pilotfish. You can extend this string to a reasonable length of up to 16 to 16 inches. In this case, you can extend them up to a 14-inch model. Their custom fitting nature provides enough comfort without being too tight or too loose for your neck. Also, the product isn’t gender-specific, and anyone can use them, provided you pick the right size. And yes, you can also find different colour choices for the strap. 

Luxe performance premium glasses retainer

Like the straps from Pilotfish, the Luxe performance model also removes the tail and comes with only silicone with steel coating cable strap in black colour. Actually, this product tends to be a sustainable option as it handles the pressure quite well because of its elastic material. Moreover, it doesn’t lose its original form after you stretch them. You’ll find the shortest extension of this sunglasses strap to be 9 inches while the longest is approximately 13.5 inches. Moreover, the entire design of the strap provides a feather-like touch on your neck.

Tips on how to buy Glasses Cords online

Finding the right glasses cords that suit your taste is actually easy if you’re fully aware of what you need to assess and look for in the retainers. Fortunately, you have us to do that for you! Here are a few smart tips and some key points that should influence your decision of choosing the best eyeglass cord online.

  • Know your lifestyle first – Even before you start your hunt for the perfect eyewear cord online, it’s important to know your lifestyle. Do your wear your glasses on regular basis? Or do you wear them occasionally? Also, keep in mind the kind of activities you do in a day. Are you more likely to drop and misplace your glasses? If yes, then you should invest in the cords.
  • Have a look at your facial shape – Your face should also contribute to your final buying decision. Note, the shape of your face influences the kind of glasses you buy. And thus, you ought to buy a cord that matches your frame. This means, your face shape indirectly determines the eyewear retainers you buy.
  • Keep an eye on the style – The style and material of the glasses cords must be the two vital factors that you should consider before buying the cords online. Your choice must be stylish enough and one that meets your fashion sense. However, you should also make sure that the glasses cords you buy make you feel comfortable.
  • Assess the material – The comfort of an eyewear retainer depends on the material that it’s made of and the design. Make sure that your choice of cords is of comfortable and durable materials. In most cases, the retainer comes in neoprene materials. Try buying them in this material as it makes the cords more functional and easier to use.
  • Check out the length extension – Generally, you can expand most of your glasses cords from at least 9 to over 25 inches. It also depends on the model design. However, we advise you to choose a strap that comes with a medium length extension. By the way, you can split the sizing of the cords into children and adult sizing.
  • Take note of extra functions – Besides being an item to hold your glasses in place, some of the models also come with additional features that prolong their longevity. For example, waterproof and stain-resistance features are the most common additional features that you’ll find. They’re both beneficial to your pair of glasses.
  • Check out the price – The cords usually aren’t as expensive as the glasses themselves. However, you can find both expensive and cheap sunglasses cords out there on the market. The price generally depends on the place from where you buy, the brand and the quality of the cord. Hence, it’s best to set aside a budget for yourself before you buy one online.

The best eyewear retainers are definitely the fashion accessories that you must invest in if you do not want to deal with the hassle of having your glasses lost or misplaced. Fortunately, you have a seamless range of premium quality options out there. This increases your chance of finding the one that suits your fancy. And we hope the above tips shall help you get them online in a hassle-free manner.

Question & Answer

How to attach glasses cords?

Most of the cords have a hook-style attachment that sits right on the temple of the frame. A little precision and following the manual will make this process super-easy. First of all, you must carefully attach the glass cords to your glass’s temple ends. For this, you can apply some hand cream to the ends. This allows smooth injection of an eyewear retainer, particularly those in tubing form. Once you have that sorted you can easily you wouldn’t experience difficulties in attaching the retainers to your spectacles.

Which glasses cords is the best?

The best glasses cords are something that’s stylish, comfortable, durable, and affordable. Moreover, the purchase depends on your preferences. You can prefer cotton over leather or other materials like neoprene, silicone, stainless steel, or many others. You may also like the feature of adjustable length. Finding such models isn’t that difficult, considering the number of choices offered these days. Check out the marvellous options from popular brands like Oakley, Ray Ban, Chums, Cablz, Specsavers, Croakie, ICU, and Wedgees.

Where to buy glasses cords?

Shopping for the glasses cords seems to be quite easy these days, as there are several places from where you can buy them from. Although you can buy them from an optical store or from the optometrist, nothing satisfies you as getting them from popular online stores, at your convenience. If you’re into buying them, then do check out the options on Our shopping search engine brings you several stylish and durable models of glasses cords from different online shops and top-rated brands.

We hope this well-collected user guidance will motivate you to get the best glasses cords out there on the market. So, get started and browse through the various options available here on! While you’re here do frisk through various other products too!