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Sunglasses, power glasses, or protective glasses – glasses or any other form of eyewear is the most expensive investments you can make. Which means, you ought to protect them dearly. Of course, your eyewear does come with basic protection. But, with the right glasses case in hand, you can go that extra mile to protect your eyewear with ease. That said, you cannot just purchase any form of protection that looks fancy. You must be careful when you get them online. Luckily, we’re here to help you. In this guide, we’ve highlighted a few popular models that you can consider buying, along with a few smart tips on how to buy glasses cases online in UAE . So read on!

Fortunately, today manufacturers have brought in a plethora of case types that come in various designs, colours, and shapes. This is a boon but is also a bane when you have to pick the top spectacle case from the lot. For that, you must first know the advantages and disadvantages of the glasses case. Regardless of which eyewear case you buy, they all enable a high eyewear protection rate. Besides, most of them tend to be compact and come in universal sizes. However, in many cases, the cases can become fetid after usual sun/rain exposure. So you might have to replace them when needed. But the durability depends on how you maintain them and the brands that you buy from. That said, we’ve compiled a list of trending and premium quality glasses cases that you can buy online.

Premium quality glasses cases for best eyeglass protection

Any usual case used for any form of eyewear features an internal design that holds your glasses. In most cases, the glass features a moulded interior. This helps the lens and the nose bridge of the glasses to remain damage-free. Several varieties of glasses cases now exist in the market. However, you can categorise them into three major types – the soft case, the semi-hard case, and the hard case. Each one has a different property, merits and demerits. While they come in various forms and types, they serve the same purpose, and that’s to protect your eye wears in the best possible way. So, let’s now take a look at some of the popular glasses case models that you can buy online.

OptiPlix Shell hard eyeglass case

The best eyeglass case often tends to be hard models. And there are a lot of good reasons for this. Take, for example, this model from OptiPlix. The case has a simple yet highly sophisticated style. Its flexible and versatile interiors and exteriors suit different shades of glasses of standard sizes. By the way, their compact design also makes them the best glasses case for backpacking. You can easily slip them into your backpack when you’re travelling. Besides, their sturdy and hard design makes sure that the arms and frame of your glasses remain intact when inside the case. Today you can buy glasses case hard online in UAE of various designs.

OptiPlix sunglasses box

Yet another product from OptiPlix that you should check out is this sunglasses case, that’s compatible with sports eyewear, usual glasses, and sunglasses. The case falls under the semi-hard category and protects your eyewear’s lens and frame from getting scratched. The interior building of the case comes with a soft lining and is, therefore, a big help in maintaining the cleanliness of your glasses. What’s even better about these models is that it works best for children, men and women of all ages. Besides, their versatile colour options ensure that you find one that tickles your fancy. Above all, their small size is a boon to many when you’ve to carry the cases around.

Birch 4X Microfiber sunglasses pouch

Were you hunting for an easy to use sunglasses case? Then this pouch from Birch is your best bet. The unique construction of the pouch suits not only for glasses, but allows you to store other items like watches, mp3 players, and other gadgets. The pouch tends to be big and spacious enough to accommodate even those big, bulky glasses. And since it uses microfiber material for its construction, you can even use them for cleaning your glasses. Furthermore, the product comes in different colours, mainly four of them. This is certainly an appealing advantage for those who love to add a funky touch to the glasses case.

OptiPlix Extra-large leather eyeglass case

OptiPlix does bring you a versatile collection of glasses cases. It brings you small, medium and large cases. However, if you want something bigger than the usual size, then go ahead purchase this extra-large glass case from OptiPlix. One favourable and impressive trait of this model is that it’s very stylish. Besides, it comes with a unisex and versatile style. Thus, it tends to suit everyone, even children, men and women of all ages. Apart from that, the case boasts a smooth interior that ensures to give your eyewear the best protection. And yes, it does have a frenzy leather exterior for extra zing.

Tips on how to buy Glasses Case online

Yes, it gives you peace of mind when you’re storing your glasses in a sturdy and well-designed glasses case. But we just now saw that there are numerous options for the cases out there. So how do you know which one suits your eyewear? Well, it isn’t easy, but it’s also not impossible. All you need to have are a few smart tips to pick the right case that suits you from the wide range of options out there. Below we’ve laid out a few such tips that’ll help you buy the best glasses case online.

  • Extensive research is required – Even before you start your hunt for the best glasses case online, you must get to know the product first. Doing a bit of research about the product you intend to buy always helps. For instance, please get to know their types, different design options, top-selling brands and manufacturers. The more you know about the product, the better it is.
  • Explore the types – It’s always advisable to get more familiar with the different types of eyewear boxes before you start your online search. We did see some of them in the above section. But, there are more in the market. So carefully observe your various options and before you make the final call on your desired choice.
  • Look out for the size – You must always formulate a buying decision based on the size of the glasses case. It would be best if you avoid cases that are too big for your eyewear. An extra-large size of case puts your eyewear at risk of jostling too much when on the move. If you purchase a correct fit, the glasses stay intact.
  • Keep an eye on the look and style – If you love more fashionable cases, then rest assured you’re to find a plethora of styles online. However, you should check the look and style of the glasses case before buying them online. Go for the attractive one – the one that’ll surely motivate you to use them often.
  • Check out the interiors – You should check the interiors of the cases. Even if you choose to go for hard cases, it’s still imperative to look at the interiors. Indeed, you cannot physically check the interiors when you’re shopping online. However, advanced technology nowadays allows you to have a 3D view of the cases. So be sure to check out those.
  • Set aside a budget – You’ll find all sorts of glasses cases Which means, they’re available to you at different price ranges too. The price of the glass usually depends on the quality, the design, and the place from where you buy. Therefore, you can find expensive as well as cheap ones. Of course, quality is primary, but you could buy cheap glasses case for sale if you’re an economiser.

One way to properly care for your eyewear is to store them in the best possible glasses case. By doing this, you can minimise the risk of damaging your eye wears. However, for this to happen, you must pick the right one. Do not just look at the design and style, but also look out for quality and durability when you buy them online. We hope the tips above shall guide you to the right case without any hassle.

Question & Answer

How to fix glasses case hinge?

One of the most common repairs on plastic glasses case hinge is the broken hinges. Most of the glasses case indeed has metal hinges. And in such cases, you can easily remove and fuse in a new hinge instead of broken hinges. This means that you should always head out to an expert to get the hinges fixed, unless and until you have an innovative idea to keep your hinges intact to hold the eyewear inside without damages.

Can you recycle old glasses case?

It’s easy to donate your old glasses, but it isn’t for the glasses case. The glasses case probably aren’t recyclable because most of them come in plastic materials. So your choices are to upcycle them into something trendy and creative or to toss them into the waste stream. We think you should upcycle them, as you can make quite a few things out of the old glasses cases. A few such examples are a sewing kit, travel first aid kit, clutch, animal clutch, jewellery holder, or even iPod storage.

Where to buy glasses cases?

Purchasing a perfect glasses case is fairly easy nowadays because you can find several online shops and physical stores for it. In most cases, you could get them from your optometrist or chosen optical shop. You can also buy them from reputable brands like Gucci, Rayban, Oakley, D&G, Armani Sunglasses, Tiffany, Versace Sunglasses, Burberry, Chanel, and Dior from their official websites. Another easy way is to look for legitimate online suppliers and marketplaces. If you’re in search of such an online platform, then do not miss to check out the wide collection on Our product search engine brings you a sophisticated range of glasses cases.

Investing in top-quality cases should be your top priority, especially if you want to make sure that your eyewear is well-protected. And if possible purchase more than one glasses case, as you’ll have spare when one succumbs to the usual wear and tear. Get ready to delve into several fashion accessories and some of the best glasses case online right here on!

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