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Earmuffs are a winter essential and a fashion accessory too. From keeping your ears warm to making you feel comfortable, they do the trick correctly! The very fact that they have been in use for so many years and are used till today goes to show just how effective they are. 

With ear warmers, you can be relaxed whenever you want to step out, and you’re worried that it might get cold. Even if you heave your scarf or muffler at home, the earmuffs do the trick and keep you warm. It is said that your ears, head and feet are three ways how cold generally reaches you. Thus, if you manage to keep them covered, you won’t get subjected to severe and there are fewer chances of you falling ill. Therefore, a cap, earmuffs and of course, boots or shoes are some of the most common winter essentials. Plus, there are so many brands that create ear warmers today that you don’t have to worry about them looking old-school. You can even pick up designer ones if you’re willing to shell the amount! 

Different types of muffs to keep you feeling warm through the winter 

With so much having been said about ear warmers, it is a common fact that we may have at least one in our wardrobe. It may see the light of the day in early November when the winter breeze starts, and the climate gets colder. However, there are people even today who have never used this classic winter essential. For them, and also for those who are not too sure of the ear warmers that they own, shopping for one is a terrific idea. There cannot be a better time than today because the classic earmuffs have undergone a transformation and are now better than ever. Here are some variations to pick from.  

Earmuffs for women  

For a lot of women, warmers are also a fashion statement, so it kills two birds with one stone. You can find earmuffs for women in many different styles, including lovely colours and materials. The faux fur ones look stylish, including the ones with pearls and stones. However, if going too overboard is not your style, then stick to the regular warmers that look just as great and do a brilliant job in keeping you warm. Be it snow or just a rough, chilly breeze; the ear warmers do an excellent job in keeping you going for long. Pair it with a heavy, warm jacket and some functional boots. 

Men’s ear warmer 

For men, ear warmers are also available in many different colours and styles. However, most guys choose to stick to the basic form and that is a good idea. If you’re looking out for one, black, brown and blue are the right colours to start with. While it’s not a fashion accessory, making sure it keeps you warm and comfortable are the right factors to consider while choosing warmers. You can also match it to your sweater or jacket. However, black and white are the two primary colours that work well when it comes to men’s ear warmers. You can check out all the options before picking the right one. 

Crochet ear warmers 

Crochet is an art and a trend that has always been a hot favourite amongst brands. While the traditional crochet was still a hand-knitted piece of art, with the growing demand, the need to use machines for this have also arisen. Crochet warmers provide you with the warmth and comfort that matches to none. The real knitted ones may be pricier than the machine-made crochet muffs but are worth the price. It is also easy to make them for yourself and your family since crocheting is common and not very difficult once you practice a little. It is also great for babies. 

Ear warmer headband  

For those who don’t like earmuffs, or don’t like how they look but still want to use them to bear the cold, the ear warmer headband is the next best thing for you. These make for the best and most warm ear covers for the winter. Think about it as your good old hairband; however, this one wraps around your face, covering the and fits snugly, as compared to regular headbands. They protect your ears completely and avoid any breeze from getting in. They’re excellent while driving, trekking or any activities in which the regular muffs can be challenging to wear.

Tips on how to buy Ear Warmers online in Dubai

The concept of using earmuffs for winter is not new, but slowly being forgotten. With boots, trench coats and fancy sweaters coming in, sometimes we tend to forget the right old clothing that works. One such is surely muffs. Something that even our parents used back in the day, some even today, these do a spectacular job in making you feel comfortable, sometimes in the harshest of winters. Here are some tips to make sure you buy the right ones.

  • Go for comfort not style – Although you may want to look good, sometimes the not-so-attractive ones are most comfortable, and there is nothing wrong with that. Ensure they fulfil their purpose.
  • The headband earmuffs are the best today – For a more practical approach, the headband ear cover for winter is the best design today. They’re not bulky, do a better job and look great too!
  • Don’t buy in bulk – Go for a single, solid coloured earmuff when you start shopping, even though you may be tempted to buy a few to keep in your car, at work, at home etc. See how one works for you and then decide.
  • They should not block your hearing – The muffs should be comfortable, fit well and avoid the breeze from entering, but not be so bulky that they prevent you from hearing. This could be dangerous so consider it well.
  • Ask for options – Don’t settle for the first one you see. Ask for some options and brands and find the one you feel will work the best for you.
  • Check online – Some of the best earmuffs for winter are available online, and at most times at a hugely discounted rate too. It is the best way to shop when you don’t feel like stepping outside!

If you’re still not sure if you would be wearing them after buying a pair, it is easier to borrow one from a friend and see how it works. Do this before the harsh winters strike, during which they might need them too. You can try wearing it for a few days. As it is not a very common accessory like hats or shoes, some people do feel a little uncomfortable, but that is only in the beginning. If the sample pair works fine, go ahead and buy one for yourself.

Question & Answer

Are muffs needed while running?

Running in winters definitely call for muffs. If you live in a cold country, it can start snowing, or the breeze can get harsh while you are on a walk or a run. Continuing to exercise in such conditions can make you ill. So, it is better to invest in a warm tracksuit, muffs, gloves, socks and good shoes. This gear can ensure you keep exercising without it having an ill effect on your health. Ear warmers are a much-needed accessory for the winter, whether you’re exercising or not.

Which are the best brands for warmers today?

Today, there are several well-known and local brands that deal with good earmuffs. You can make a choice depending on several factors like comfort, warmth, practicality and size. Online shopping is the best thing you can opt for when it comes to shopping for earmuffs or just about anything you want to purchase. Some of the good brands for warmers are – 180s Fleece Behind-the-Head Earmuffs, Surblue Unisex Cashmere Winter Earmuffs, Simplicity Women’s Knitted Faux Fur Earmuffs, Ear Mitts Bandless Earmuffs For Men & Women and Trailheads Ponytail Headband.

Can you use earmuffs for babies?

Babies have lower immunity than adults, and they tend to catch infections more quickly than adults. Thus, it is essential to make sure they’re wearing the right gear during all seasons, to keep them warm and safe. Earmuffs for babies are available, and a lot of brands have introduced them over the years, due to their popularity. However, you can consider them for a baby who is two years or older. For the younger ones, a snug fit winter cap, preferably a woollen one will do the trick!

Where can you buy winter earmuffs online in THE UAE?

With so many great brands who have made the market in UAE one of their many homes, it is certainly not difficult to make the right buying decision. Winter shopping is excellent when stores launch their winter collection, and you can get your hands on the best picks of the season. For a truly terrific way of shopping, check out It is a brilliant Dubai product finder that will help you find the best deals among the thousands of products available on several online stores.

Lululemon Athletica, Nike, Ugg, Barbour and Turtle Fur are some of the best brands when it comes to shopping for earmuffs and winter clothing and accessories. You can check out online stores on to find the best options. Are you looking for affordable options? If yes, then you have landed on the right place. On our product search engine, you can compare prices to find cheap varieties. So, go ahead and explore!